Trends come and go all the time and today I thought I'd share some fashion trends that I feel should be left in this year.

Disclaimer: This is not to bash or insult anyone. This post is opinion-based and an expression of my style preferences.

1. Birkenstocks
I really can't stand these shoes! I don't care how comfortable they are, they look just odd to me (especially on men). Maybe its because I am not a big fan of showing the toes hence the reason why I usually wear closed shoes.

2. Mules
Another foot-wear that I don't get. To me it reminds me of an older lady's style "old mama style" as Nigerians would say.

3. Sheer Inserts
Ok ladies, this needs to stop! Less is really more. This is pretty much being naked, I rest my case.

4. Sneakers with Dresses
While I have seen a lot of people pull of sneakers with casual looks, nothing confuses me more than a lovely dress paired with sneakers. I get that it's comfy but it just looks so wrong to me.

5. Maxi-Shirts
This is one of those over-exposed or should I say over-worm trends. I quite like this trend but in 2015 I'd like to see less of a craze about it.


6. Dungarees
Not all fashion statements or items are meant for everyone. This is one of those trends that I admire on others but would never dare to wear.

7. Tartan/ Plaid
Don't get me wrong, I love plaid but I prefer it in small doses. While I have seen a lot people pull off a full plaid on plaid outfit, for the most part it just looks busy with too much going on.

That's it guys! What are some 2014 trends that you feel should be left behind?
Feel free to disagree with me, it makes reading the comments more interesting.
See you next year!
Hey guys, wow can you believe this year is pretty much over? 
It was a great year filled with so many new experiences and victories. Today I thought I'd look back at some of my favorite items from the year 2014.

 In life its important to look back to see how far you've come and where you can make improvement for the future. This year I have seen both my blog and style evolve. I am so thankful to each and everyone of you for taking the time to read my blog. 
I'm not the same person  I was at the start of this year and I thank God for being with me every-step of the way.

Favourite Shoes 
Get it here

Most Worn Skirt
Similar here

 1, 2, 3, 4

Favorite Blazer
Similar here

 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Favorite Ankara (African print)
Try this

 1, 2, 3, 4

Favorite Top
Similar here

 1, 2, 3, 4

Most Amazing Pants
Try this and this

 1, 2, 3, 4,

Favorite Clutch/ Belt
Here and here

Top Looks 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

What are your favorite looks?
See you in 2015


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Hey guys, wow can you believe this year is pretty much over?  It was a great year filled with so many new experiences and victories. Tod...

Merry Christmas guys!
Hope you all had a great time with family stuffing yourself senseless or maybe Christmas shopping with all the sales. On Christmas we ate the usual Nigerian rice and chicken and gave thanks for the birth of Christ but it didn't feel like Christmas though, I think staying in Thailand for that long has messed with my Christmas spirit. Oh well, it was nice being with my family again.

On boxing day we went for a stroll around Malabo ( I am currently in Equatorial Guinea). Malabo is actually a beautiful place. I was overdressed much to the annoyance of my siblings, especially my  nine year old brother who said " I have never seen a girl like you before Sarah" lol. 
We got some nice shots around and these photos were taken at the Sofitel Hotel. It pained me to see so many beautiful locations though, since one of my blogging challenges is finding good locations. I kept wishing I had brought different outfits to shoot but it was fun nevertheless.

Skirt: Bangkok Street Market (Here) // Top:Thrift Store (Similar) // Pumps: MBK Bangkok (Here) // Clutch: Zalora Thailand // Belt: Stradivarius (Here)

If you haven't already, follow me on instagram (here) for more shots from yesterday
How was your Christmas?

*I do not claim ownership of these pictures.
I always love seeing people with different styles rocking the same or similar pieces so I thought I'd add this new segment to my blog.
This Zara double buckle skirt is very popular among a lot of my favorite bloggers. Get the skirt on sale Here

I love the addition of the coat in Claire of The Fashion Bomb Daily's look.

Maryam of  The Price Tag Chronicles added some colour with a mustard top which goes nicely with the camel skirt.

Stella of J'adore Fashion went for a dressy look with the addition of a sleeveless coat and a pop of leopard print.

Fisayo of Mirror Me showed us two ways of styling this skirt, though I'm loving the first look.

Now the question remains, who rocked it better?

Hey guys so as promised, here is the ankara head-wrap tutorial from this look.

1.Create a bun to add more volume to the head-wrap.Without the bun, the head-wrap will be smaller.
2. For bigger wrappers fold them into two to get a square shape ( the bigger the scarf or wrapper the bigger the head-wrap).

3. Then fold it into a triangle.

4. Place the scarf over your head and tie the two ends over the middle piece.

5. Make it as tight as comfortable.

6. Then twist the middle piece with one of the side pieces and move it to the back.

7. Tie two knots in the back.

8. Then tuck the remaining pieces in and adjust to satisfaction.

9. Now rock that head-tie with confidence!

Note: The final look of the head-wrap will depend on the material of the scarf or wrapper and your current hairstyle. Hence the thicker the scarf, the better. For a smaller head-wrap, use a smaller scarf or go with a less voluminous hairstyle.

 I hope this was helpful!

Head-warp: Mom's Wrapper // Necklace: Born Pretty Store // 

Compliments of the season everyone!

Lately I have been loving ankara head-wraps. So I raided my mom's closet and was pleased to find this ankara wrapper. Of course I borrowed it and that is how this look came about.
I have to admit I was playing it a bit safe by pairing this colourful head-wrap with all black and a touch of red but I am loving the finished look.

Skirt: F&F (Here) // Belt: Stradivarius (Here) // Top: Never (Here) // Pumps: Zara (Similar) // Head-wrap: Mom's Wrapper

Stay tuned for the tutorial
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