Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great. So I was playing dress up and found this dress that a friend gave me a while ago. I cant believe I haven't worn it yet. Anyways I decided to show you guys six ways to style this dress. When changing up the look of a dress you can add a jacket, blazer, scarf, big belts and wear skirts over the dress. Since this dress is black and white, it was very to style. I really enjoyed being the producer,stylist, hairdresser, makeup artist and model of my very own mini photo-shoot at home.


This dress could be worn for a night out with the girls.Would you believe I made my own vampy lipstick? 

Dress: Gift / Earrings: H&M / Shoes: Thrift-ed  



This look is very classy, I added a pop of colour with my red heels. This can be worn to lunch or maybe church ?


Shoes: New look (Alternative)/ Bag: H&M / Necklace: Forever 21 / Skirt: Street Market / 


For this look I wore my maxi dress as a skirt and added a big gold plate belt.As for the shoes, pair a  black or nude ankle strap sandal  and your good to go. 

Dress as Skirt: H&M / Necklace: Forever 21 / Belt: Workshop / Earrings: Forever 21


This look is very young and free, I felt like an actual teenager.  

Vest : Thrift-ed / Shoes : H&M / Bag : Street Market / Beanie : Tesco 


This look is very chilled and casual. I'm getting a 90's vibe from it.

Bag : H&M / Belt : Forever 21 (Here) / Shoes : / Earrings : Forever 21


This look is very cute ,colorful and one of my favorites. I wore my basic tank top backwards so as to create a halter top.

Top: H&M / Shoes : Street Market / Purse : H&M / Belt : H&M / Bracelet : Forever 21 /
 Glasses : Street Market (Alternative)/

What was your favourite look? Let me know if you want to see more look-books. Till next post.


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Kapinda Butler said...

Look 3 is my favourite! Love how the blue stands out. All the looks are great.

xoxo Kellz* said...

wow i love it u look great my fav eis with the blue skirt

Twentie n Flirtie said...

Am so in love with the 4th look and btw i nominated you for a liebster award.

bUITI said...

I love alll....waoo

Ashley said...

All the looks are super cute but my favorite has to be the second look, I love the pop of color from the shoes!

Abbie said...

wow love this dress as a skirt! Its like the most versatile dress ever! xx

Vanessa said...

Wonderful looks...I like your blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets Nessa

MsJPetite said...

Great looks! I like look three the best and nice creative take on look 6!

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...


Sarah Enuwa Audu said...


Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I love the 4th look too its so young and free. Thanks

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...


Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Exactly what I thought

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

tell me about it, thanks

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks, following already

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks girl

Diane A said...

Wow they're all so great! Love especially look 3 and 4!!!
DeeVine Anonyme

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...


Yasmine Daas said...

Hey Sarah, I really like your style. Wonderful.

Yasmine Daas

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...


Benny Makachi said...

They're all cute looks. I like look 2 most. I'll carry a small bag/purse and use a different shoe. You got really creative with this. Well done!

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