I found this website through blogger Queen Horsfall. I was a bit shocked to find dresses that looked exactly like Zara dresses for half off and more. This should not have surprised me though. These days brands are constantly copying each other. I'm not complaining though, its better for budget shoppers like me. Interestingly, Zara kind of copied or should I say was inspired by the Celine Ready To Wear Summer 2014 collection here. Hope you guys enjoy!

  ZARA  $59.90 /  BLACK FIVE  $27.99

          ZARA  $59.90 /  BLACK FIVE  $34.99

        ZARA $59.90 / BLACK FIVE $34.99

          ZARA $79.90 /  BLACK FIVE $36.99

           ZARA $79.90 /  BLACK FIVE $29.99

           ZARA  $79.90 / BLACK FIVE $32.99

             ZARA $119.00 / BLACK FIVE $33.99

What was your favorite dress? Do you like posts like this ?


  1. Wow, I love Zara! However, If I can find the same quality clothes for less that would be great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow im so checkin out this store! thanks 4 this. my fave dress is the off-shoulder dress in coral and black

  3. Love the prints of the dresses. I just love Zara, no question with that.

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  4. I love the second dress,would def go for Black Five version,though this is ♍y first time of hearing about it.

  5. Wow this dress are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Oh woow, they look very nice, no difference. My motto as long as am not naked am good and as long as its only me and the cloth knows where it came from am also good. I mainly shop in nameless stores yet people constantly ask me to take them to where i shop lool. guess its all about how you present it.

  7. WOW this is awesome!! Why will I buy Zara when there's a shop that sells for cheap. Bingo! Defo checking em out. Thanks for sharing Sarah.

  8. the first dress is so pretty xx

  9. I always do shopping from outlet store but this time I am thinking to buy Zara dresses from online sites. So please tell me which site is good and safe for online shopping.