I thought I’d share 10 facts about me so you guys could get to know me better.

1.       Most of you know I am from Nigeria. I am specifically from Makurdi,Benue state, the north central part of Nigeria. My native language is Idoma and I speak about 30 % but understand 60% of it. However, I am out of practice, hence, I am losing my little fluency in the language. I remember last year when I went back home, I had a hard time keeping up with my mom and aunt while they were talking.

2.        I have spent half of my life outside the country. Due to my dad’s work we move around. I have spent almost 6 years in Bangkok, Thailand now and I also spent 5 years in Israel.

3.       I am the second eldest of 6 children; I have an elder brother; who takes most of my pictures now.

4.       School is my thing; I have never missed a day of school in my life, even when I was sick. I have always excelled in school and I even graduated with a 3.9 GPA.

5.       I don’t know how to swim or ride a bicycle, I just never cared to learn but maybe I need to now.

6.       I absolutely love classical/Historical romance novels and my all time favourite book is Pride and Prejudice. I have read so many versions of the book and have watched all the series and movies of this book.

7.       I have never had a boyfriend

8.       I can eat almost anything but I can’t stand oats, ugh, it looks so disgusting.

9.       I have never worn a bikini, thing is I never had a flat tummy until recently when I started working out. 
Plus my parents are quite conservative.

10.   My family and I travelled to New York in the summer of 2003; I believe I was about 9 or 10 then. Anyways I don’t really remember New York but I do plan on going there again someday.

So there it is guys, 10 things about me. What do you think?


Ugo Ukam said...

Benue State??? Your name Audu gave you away!
3.9 GPA that is good

Esther said...

You have never had a boyfriend?!?!.. And the way you are beauty-full amd stylish?!?!

Kenyan Fashionado said...

Hahaha...you are so funny Sarah...how can a pretty chic like you not have a bf though? I'm with you on No. 4 but you are really good..mad respect. Make sure you try swimming and cycling


ann usman said...

nva had a bf part......its kinda suprising
im from jos!!! :)
its nice getting to know some things about you


Cristina Castro said...

un post genial.Un besazo

Maureen V said...

Wow what an awesome experience to be able to live within various cultures...
You are gorgeous Sarah!

♥ http://ahappinessundefined.blogspot.com/

Chineze Anigbogu said...

It's nice knowing these things about you. I used to hate oats, they used to disgust me too, but once an Aunt blended it and I won a prize by finishing a plate and since then have loved all the ways I found to have it. Hope you get past your dislike for it because it's really good and has lots of nutritional benefits. You have a lovely smile, btw.

Afolabi Tosyne said...

Interesting. I use to hate oats too. I like the no 4 fact! I like historial romance novels too

2piezas said...

Oooh, que bonita y curiosa tu historia, me encantado conocerte mejor.
Con el cuerpo tan bonito que tienes, este verano fotos en el blog en bikini y si puede ser montada en una bici, mejor jiji.
Genial post.
Besos mil princesa.

Effe coco said...

A good 10 thinghs :)

Ntobe Blair Linda said...

I have a friend who never had a boyfriend and doesn't see the need. Its nice to get to know the other side of you. You are a beauty though!

Jointy&Croissanty said...

Interesting facts about you, It's amazing that you were living 6 years in Bangkok!


Rose Uy said...

pretty blog! <3 ;-)

follow my blog http://justrosesarered.blogspot.com/ and i'll follow yours right away! xoxo ;-)

Diane A said...

I love that kind of post, it's nice to know more about you!! I really wish I could visit Thailand!!

damie alabi said...

Interesting facts.

Raliat O. said...

It's nice to know more about, I knew you were Nigerian but I did not know you are from Benue. 3.9 GPA? You are so smart...:)



Artemisleblog said...

Very nice and interesting post !
I'm glad to know these 10 things about you :)
I love classical/Historical romance novels too <3

Natasha Bernard said...

Love this post doll. So unexpected and informative. Learned some great things about you doll. xoxo

Oby Grace said...

Fellow Niger girl! Love this list!

Oby Grace

Serah Alabi said...

Very interesting facts dear :D

Serah x
Serah de Fashix

B. said...

The opportunity to experience these different cultures is truly a blessing! :))

Nequéren Reis said...

Amiga post maravilhoso
Blog: http://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com.br
Canal de youtube: http://www.youtube.com/NekitaReis

RaeSaysHey said...

I think this kind of post is a great way to learn about our fellow bloggers (: I just might do one! I'm going to New York City for the first time this summer, hopefully it'll be a fun trip!


Mz CocoH said...
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Mz CocoH said...

Very Impressive! Me too I had to learn how to ride in my late teens, a lot of people found that weird. I'm yet to learn how to swim to save my life too. Interesting read!



Mahoganie Young said...

Very interesting Post! I had fun reading this!

Marija Stojkovska said...

Interesting post, nice facts :))


Mumbi Shokey said...

I thought I commented on this one??Ok, cycling is a must!!Tried dating a Nigerian, didn't go so well lol!!I've never worn a bikini either *hidesface*


sophia La Style said...

Very interesting, but nober 5 is just like me.

Wanjiru Ng'ethe said...

you have never had a boyfriend?? OMG why? that got me to stop reading and ask first then i continued. and your parents must be proud,beauty and brains :) thank you for sharing.


created2worshipGOD said...

Thanks for caring to share a little of yourself with us. You have had such great experiences so far, and a your life is sort of just beginning...wow - with a boyfriend you may not done so much. When the time is right God will provide the right partner. You should really look into improving your mother tongue - its your heritage. Sure wish I knew another language.

Tuke Morgan said...

I think you're very lucky to have lived in different countries, getting exposed to a variety of cultures. What sort of work does your dad do? I would love to visit Thailand one day, are there many Nigerians?


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