Lately, I have been seeing this shirt a lot. I cant believe its about $1000, seriously? Oh well I found the steal for you guys, enjoy!

 Alexander Wang $995 (Here) $35 Here $34 Here

 Love of Lables boutique $50 Here

Which steal do you prefer? 

Happy Sunday guys ! Hope your all safe and cool wherever you are. Lately, it’s been as hot as a furnace in Thailand. Which is why rather than take a bus back home from church as I usually do,after a bit of deliberation I decided to take a taxi. I honestly did not want to deal with the heat or having to walk under the intense sun. I'm so glad my bother helped me take these pictures in the morning before church while it was not as hot. Anyways back to the story, I got into the taxi and had a nice conversation with the driver in Thai; guess my Thai language skills are better than I thought lol. Then, he asked me one of the silliest questions ever" is Nigeria far from Africa?" I always find it silly that Thai people think Africa is a country.

Moving on to today’s outfit, I adore flared skirts because they are so flirty and girly. I paired this skirt with a turtle neck top, I love how turtlenecks emphasis the shoulders. Finally, I rocked my nude Zara sandals which I recently purchased. I fell in love with them when I walked into Zara, decided I wanted them and never looked back. While, they might not be the most comfortable pair of shoes, they are one of my proudest purchases!

Skirt: Thrift-ed / Crop Top: Stradivarius(Alternative) / Shoes: Zara(Here)

What are some of the silliest questions that people have asked about your culture or country?
 Have a blessed week!


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Happy Sunday guys ! Hope your all safe and cool wherever you are. Lately, it’s been as hot as a furnace in Thailand. Which is why r...

Floral Dress: Day to Night

Today's post is collaboration with Modcloth. I was asked to style this dress so I decided to show you how to transform this dress from the day to night time. Firstly, I love this dress, the floral pattern and colour scheme gives it such a feminine feel. 

For the day time I would wear this shopping with friends, a day at the beach or a casual hangout. The key thing to note is comfort. I went with majorly brown accessories but I added a red belt to cinch in my weight and change up the look of the dress. Then finally I paired a floppy hat and cute cat eye shades which are perfect for the intense Bangkok sun.

Now, for the night time look I played to the girly feel of the dress by pairing it with a white lace jacket, a simple rose necklace and a floral clutch. I also kept to the soft colour tones of the dress. I opted for these cute pink wedges so as to be comfortable. This look would be ideal for a dinner date.

For more dresses checkout!
How would you style this dress? 

Crochet lace jacket

Wedge sandals

Crossbody purse

Green purse

Bead necklace

Fedora hat

Red belt

Cutie retro sunglasses

Beam Diggity Sandal

Hey guys, I thought I'd do a look-book on a basic tank top I picked up from H&M a while back. I find that basics are the easiest items to style since they can pretty much go with anything. Since I'm still discovering my sense of style I think basics are the best pieces to buy since they are so versatile.

For this look-book, I tired to show different way of styling this look by adding pops of colour and wardrobe essentials like a black pencil skirt , leopard print, statement necklaces and white jeans. Ideally, these looks would be prefect for a night out or just a simple hang out with friends.


Half tuck the shirt in and add a pop of colour.

 Necklace: Forever 21 / Skirt: Street Market / Purse: Never / Shoes: Zalora (Here)


Tie the top at the back and show some skin.

You can always add a denim vest , change up the necklace and add leopard print for a a different look.

 Pants: H&M / Necklace: Forever 21 / Shoes: Workshop / Purse: F&F / Denim Vest: Thrifted


For this look, I added a leopard scarf and simple loafers for a very comfy look.

Scarf: Street Market / Skirt: Thrift-ed / Shoes: Street Market / Bag: Street Market / Belt: New Look


I changed up the tank top by wearing it backwards to create a halter top. With a black blazer and smaller look this can possibly be worn to work?

Skirt: F&F / Belt: Workshop / Shoes: Forever 21 / Purse: Thrift-ed / Earrings: Forever 21

Hope this inspired you guys. What was your favourite look?
Stay tuned for a lot more look-books !
Happy Easter guys! Jesus Christ knew you and I were worth it so he died on the cross and HE IS RISEN.Today's service was on fire and everyone was refreshingly well dressed.
Would you believe this pleated skirt is about 10 years old? Yeah that's right, my mom bought it for me while we were living in Israel. For today I paired the pleated skirt with a lace peplum top, I added a belt to cinch in my waist and tie the look together. I also, paired this look with my nude heels.

I wore a necklace since as my mom would say my neck looked empty. Finally, I styled it with a cute messenger bag, this outfit feels a bit vintage doesn’t it? I’m loving my pick 'n' drop braids, what do you guys think?
On a side note getting a good location for pictures was so hard, we walked so much it felt like my feet were going to fall off and it was burning hot. I just had to take my shoes of and walk barefoot (smh). However, when we finally got a great location the pictures came out great.

Skirt: Israel (old)(Try Pleated Skirts) // Top: H&M // Bag: Street Market(Alternative) // Shoes: Footin(Here) // Necklace: Street Market(Alternative) // Belt: Gift

Happy Easter again and have a great week!
See you !!


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Happy Easter guys! Jesus Christ knew you and I were worth it so he died on the cross and HE IS RISEN.Today's service was on fire and e...

Yay, this month is half way through, perfect! I am expecting things. This brings me to today's outfit. I previously styled this skirt HERE. However, today I wanted to go for a more casual look. I just paired this skirt with a simple black top, you can never go wrong with a black top. I did not want to bother with my hair so I tied a basic turban. Also this turban takes this outfit to a whole new level. I paired this look with a simple necklace instead of a statement necklace since the turban was enough of a statement. I opted for flats since I wanted to be comfy, for a dressier look just opt for heels.

I just wore this for a simple hangout with a friend of mine who is visiting. I love this skirt; it’s so versatile and comfy. I think every girl should have a skirt like this. If you want to know how I made this turban check out my TUTORIAL.

Skirt: Street Market(SALE)&(Alternative) // Top: Never(Alternative) // Scarf: Union Mall(Alternative) 
// Flats: Street Market (Alternative)

How would you style this skirt for a casual look? See you very soon!

Turban tutorial HERE


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Yay, this month is half way through, perfect! I am expecting things. This brings me to today's outfit. I previously styled this...

Hey guys, happy Sunday. Usually I would post an outfit but due to Songkran I was not able to get a post. Why? You ask. Well first of all let me explain Songkran to those of you who are not familiar with the holiday. Songkran is basically the Thai New Year and it is celebrated by playing with water. Hence during Songkran the streets of Bangkok are not safe for those people who do not want to get wet and I’m one of those people, well at least for today. Tomorrow I’ll be ready for the water party Although, I did not get wet I had no photographer but its all good.

Anyways, today's post is all about lace skirts. I fell in love with this skirt when I saw it on  Megan from Styledavenue and Ashleigh of The Daileigh. It reminded me so much of Nigerian lace for traditional wear. Also its so girly and feminine, I plan to roam the streets of Bangkok until I find one for myself since I don't do online shopping; I've learned from bad experiences. I found a few lace skirts online. I have to say, white is always my favourite colour of the skirts.
                                              Below are some skirts for you to check out.

White and Black $22.50 Sheinside .Similar Chicwish

 Lavender and white $27.80 Forever 21

$38.00 Gojane. Also in black

What was your favourite lace skirt? See you soon