Hey guys, long time no blog post. If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen a preview of this outfit. This post was actually supposed to go up on Monday but unfortunately the internet connection has been so poor. I finally gave up and went to my dad's office which is where I am writing this post from. As you can probably tell from my hair, I wore this outfit a while back to run some errands for my mom. For a dressier look I would definitely go for my blue pumps.What do you think heels or flats? 

Kimono: Mr Price // Pants: H&M // Heels: New Look // Bag: Zalora Thailand // Flats: Bangkok Street Market 

Links will be updated as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for the awesome feedback in my last post.


Bernadette Ifere said...

Gorgeous! I will go with the heels

Fola H-S said...

dunno why i didnt grab a kimono while i was still shopping last month. now im off clothes shopping for a while lol. u look really good

Buiti Christian said...

I like the whole look. The kimono is a good choice for this look

ann usman said...

love the look


dimple khadi said...

Beautiful dear
i'm following you, kindly follow back

Lu! said...

I choose heels! But you look awesome with both pair of shoes! :)
Colour blue fits you perfectly dear!
Have a nice day!

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Olivia Noel said...

I love this outfit! Those colors and your hair look amazing xx

Because Its Vida By Almasi said...

I would go with the heels....I love the kimono though....the colour and everything about it....I love it


Demilade Aina said...

that kimono is gorgeous, you look good. xx

Raheenah K said...

You look fab

MsJPetite said...

I love it with the heels, but the those flats are too cute too! Lovely post!


En_kay said...

Love it with the heels
New post up on my blog

Life's a shoe said...

you look great! loving your outfit!


Dominique Jazell said...

I think I definitely prefer the blue pumps. I just love your blog, you inspire me so much! Keep up the great work girl.


Dye said...

Defo heels- Lovely pop and play of colour!

Missy May said...

You look very beautiful in this outfit. Great ensemble! :) Love both for different occasions innit.


Color Me Courtney said...

I absolutely love the pops of blue here and I'd definitely go with the heels, they look gorgeous on you!!!

XO Courtney

Ogunyemi Bukola said...

Followed u on bloglovin
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