Before we begin I just want to say a big thank you for all the amazing feedback I received in my last post. I like seeing my comments section in paragraphs lol so keep them coming.
Now onto today's post. When I was featured on Africa-Sweetheart, I got a lot of comments saying that I had a lot of work looks. While I've never given this much thought, looking through my posts it seems I have a preference for corporate looks which is ironic seeing as I was a student for the most part of my blog journey. Anyways most of these corporate outfit were rocked to church but I thought I'd share them to give you some inspiration on what to wear to the office.

Your work dress code usually depends on where you work and what role you have. For my first job the dress code was casual but I believe" you should always dress for the job you think you deserve and not the job you have" so of course I was always overdressed. 

Click on the captions below the pictures for the full posts

blazer, paisley print, nude pumps

pencil skirt, blazer, statement belt, beige, nude pumps

Midi-skirt, white pumps

Khaki, culottes, nude pumps, turtleneck tops

burgundy, turtle neck, vintage trouser, nude pumps

blush skirt, nude pumps

snake print, pink vintage trouser, thrift

Pink blazer, all white , white pumps

wardrobe basics

turtle neck

monochrome, black and white, peplum

shades of blue

vintage, thrift, white pumps, blazers

scallop hem, white pumps

Based of the pictures, my work staples include formal pants, nude pumps, blazers and the white shirt. Read my post on wardrobe basics for more inspiration. 
What are you favourite looks?

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blogoratti said...

Great formal looks, very nice and stylish!

Doreen Perekpo said...

So stylish. Who says office wear has to be boring 😘

Sharron Mungazi said...

I love every look. Sometimes I have to force myself to dress down when dressing for Thanks for the advice.

Carla Florendo said...

I have to agree, you do tend to dress more corporate but of course in a stylish way. i love these selection, i think these outfits really represent your aesthetic and you know, if this is what you feel comfortable it, why not right? Love!

xo, Carla

madlenka said...

I love the third look, the one with ligh blue striped shirt and the one with ligh blue blazer :) You do wear a lot of formal outfits but there's nothing wrong with being slightly underdressed! :) But I wonder if you really wear pumps and heels in general as much as it looks like on the blog... Or you just don't take blog pictures much when you're wearing flats? :) x

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Dorren @Blogoratti thank you
@Sharron never force yourself to under-dress, it's always better to be overdressed
@Carla agreed, looking at these pictures you can definitely see my comfort zone
@Madlenka As I said above most of these looks were worn to church and yes I wore them with heels. I wear pumps when I'm dressing up but for my day to day life you will often see me in flats. While I do feature posts with flats, for the majority of them I wear heels. You're very observant.

En_kay Ede said...

I love them all..i suppose some of them were taken back on Thailand
Very lovely

The Fashion Panda said...

Love it ! Those are some great looks !

Anna Martin said...

I always love your work appropriate outfits, especially the way you use color in them. Well done!

- Anna

mide coker said...

I love your work style posts because they are very easy to imitate.
I cant even tell you how many of these looks im going to recreate
thanks for putting all of them together

Lindsey A. Turner said...

Such great looks! I wear a uniform to work so I unfortunately miss out on creating professional looks. The one I most want to wear is the third outfit! I also like all the great high waist pants!

Thrift and Shout

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@En_kay Ede, yeah most of them were taken in Thailand
@The fashion Panda thank you
@Anna thanks so much
@Mide, I'm looking forward to seeing your recreation
@Lindsey, thank you. The pants are all thrified

Tomilola Escada said...

I love every single outfit and can totally see myself wearing all of it. I'm getting into the work force soon so this was a timely inspiration. Gonna bookmark the page. Thanks for sharing xx

Diane A said...

You're really great at making your outfits so classy and sophisticated! I love the 2nd one, the one with the pink pants and the one with the blue blazer especially! xx

Don Ocso said...

Beautiful Inspiration.

234 Jam Blog

Bash Harry said...

Congrats on getting featured! That's amazing! I'm still in school with a uniform dress code so I don't think I'll be ale to use this in a long time...haha, but still, I love looking at your outfits

xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

Sophie Atieno said...

Amazing,congrats for getting featured.They are amazing looks and by the way the 3rd one's my favorite because its simple and fun and I love the blue blazer look too.Great work,Go girl!!


they all look good on you plus they have a personal;ly twist so they are actually realy fashionable i love them.x

Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde said...

I'm so copying so many of these!!!! You wear corporate look too well and you have unique pieces!!

♥renae said...

Sarah hello, my friend! Yup, hosting a hop was fun yet it is a ton of work and so glad I'm not doing one now days. I'm in a liberating phase of my life and I just don't like being tied down. lol

Your poses here are so fun, especially the black suit with you leg in the air! LOL LOL LOL

♥ (thank you for having an option of "Name / URL" in your drop box - - - otherwise I can't comment here♥)

Kreyola said...

Love them all. I have been looking for some pin stripe skirt for a minute now. Yours is just perfect.

Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

Izzy said...

these are amazing work inspirations. you look so chic and sophisticated in all of them. love the pink pencil skirt with white blouse the most! :)

Metallic Paws

yronelis moreno said...

Love all the looks!! They look stylish and classy!!
xoxo, Rachel

Sarah Rizaga said...

Love all the looks, very chic and classy!

Nkem Okechukwu said...

Very stylish looks. Nos 9, 10, 11, 12 & 14 will work best for financial institutions in Nigeria.

I have been following your post and i truly LOVE

The Fashion Panda said...

Very very elegant ! Enjoy your day :)

Grace Alex said...

you have some of the most amazing work outfits, I love them all, the black and whites my fave

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thank you all

robert yarn said...

Wow!! I am very impressed with your lovely post.This is really a nice corporate wear and uniforms for work.. i am so glad to left comment on this.Can you share more dresses ,would love to read more here....

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