90s, bell buttoms. trend, flared trousers, colour blocking

90s, bell buttoms. trend, flared trousers, colour blocking

90s, bell buttoms. trend, flared trousers, colour blocking

90s, bell buttoms. trend, flared trousers, colour blocking

90s, bell buttoms. trend, flared trousers, colour blocking
Photography by Ruth Audu

Blogging, while fun is also difficult and requires a lot of planning and time but in Nigeria it's something else entirely. I honestly don't know how my Nigerian based bloggers do it. Since I live outside of town I have to commute to take blog post pictures. Also Boko Haram has made Nigeria more security conscious hence I have to ask for permission before taking pictures and the expressions of people when I ask is just ludicrous. Not to mention the high cost of internet access and the sub-par connection among other things but I'm pushing through.  So please bear with me as things slow down a bit on the blog. 

Now onto the outfit, the 90's is upon us and flared trousers are all the rage at the moment so I had to whip out my mint pair previously styled here and here. This time I went for a more polished look. While I have nowhere to rock this look to at the moment I think this would be perfect for a wedding or dinner. 

Pants/ Top: Thrifted|Shoes: Forever 21|Purse: Zalora Thailand|Necklace: H&M
Where would you rock this to?


Wanjiru Ng'ethe said...

I just read a post about this pants, God! i have already forgotten the name (smh )
looking Good :)


En_kay Ede said...

Lmao...the part about asking for permission to take pictures...at least you can understand why a girl doesn't blog often...n the internet,dont even get me started on that....

Cool look dear


madlenka said...

Hi! Can't you take pictures at the place where you live so you don't have to commute all the time? The trousers are really cool! I can't imagine myself wearing them, but they look pretty on you :)
(By the way, just a thought if the problems with taking pictures continue... I'd love to read more about life in Nigeria! So if you decided to dedicated a few blogposts to that topic, I'd be really excited!)

Wenluditoh Daniellah said...

It must be so rough with the Boko thing, Anyways i love the look. The colours are gorgeous together
Enjoy your Week

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Wanjiru Lol but I mentioned the name if you read the text
@En_kay I never understood before but now I get it. Una dey try well well
@Madlenka girl you obviously have no idea about Nigeria but no worries. I intend to blog more about my country in time
@Wenluditoh Boko Haram attacks have reduced and they mainly happen in the north but Nigerians are still very security conscious .

Grace Alex said...

you look amazing, and this pair of trouser is so cute, the color is enchanting, and oh well with the blogger struggle we need to do a meet up sometime and do a little video on our struggle, love you


Diane A said...

Wow I didn't think it was that complicated :/ Love the color combination in your outfit, you look great! xx

MsJPetite said...

Loving the color combination! Very perfect pastel look for the summer..sorry you're having difficulties with your blogging process but keep pushing through!

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Grace yeah girl, we definitely need to do that
@Diane I didn't think it would be this complicated either.
@MsJPetite that's all I can do do, thank you

Bash Harry said...

You look so beautiful in flared trousers! I love how the colours look great on you. It's okay if blogging is a little slow for you right now, I just hope you're safe <3

xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

Alma Ojugbana said...

Pastel shades are so in right now. Lovely.

Nkem Okechukwu said...

Awwww e-hugs! Welcome to Nigeria and the struggle with everything but don't let it slow you down ok?
Lovely blog and creative churn out you have here

Missy May said...

E no easy, but lets pray and hope for the best for our African country. You look awesome and classy, Sarah.


Sophie Atieno said...

Oh yeah blogging isn't as easy as it appears but for the love of it we must keep on.Hope things get better in Nigeria though and well,I love your outfit,especially the pants.Nice blend of colors

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Bash Harry yes I'm safe
@Alma thank you
@Nkem I will continue to persist, thank you
@Missy May Prayer is what keeping us going on this continent.
@Sophie yes girl, if not for the love I would have signed off a long time ago.

Buiti Christian said...

It is a struggle here in Nigeria. If you find a blogger in naija that post regularly trust me, they deserve a pat on the back
I love this look so cute

Christina Langner said...

I adore this look, you have such a great feel for colour combinations!
I need to get a pair of flaired pastel pants as well!

I never knew it was such a struggel for you in terms of blogging, you are doing a fantastic job, thought!

Much love xxx

linet nkirote said...

Pastel game on fleek....i looove the pants, so pretty. I need me a pair.
I feel your situation dear. The struggle is real, though in Kenya it's not that bad....but we bloggers do what we have to, right? You post so often I almost thought Internet was free in Nigeria...lol.


obat toxoplasma said...

its exotic :)

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Buiti agreed!
@Linet Right! Lol I wasn't always in Nigeria though

shamsher khan said...

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