sporty, sneakers, midi-skirts, vintage, converse,   stripes, tank top, pop of colour, casual

sporty, sneakers, midi-skirts, vintage, converse,   stripes, tank top, pop of colour, casual

sporty, sneakers, midi-skirts, vintage, converse,   stripes, tank top, pop of colour, casual

sporty, sneakers, midi-skirts, vintage, converse,   stripes, tank top, pop of colour, casual

sporty, sneakers, midi-skirts, vintage, converse,   stripes, tank top, pop of colour, casual

sporty, sneakers, midi-skirts, vintage, converse,   stripes, tank top, pop of colour, casual

sporty, sneakers, midi-skirts, vintage, converse,   stripes, tank top, pop of colour, casual
Photography by me

The thing about make-up is that it creates an illusion of perfection which is what it's supposed to do after all but when you start getting used to your made-up face it can be an issue. I was a late Bloomer when it came to make-up.  Mama's make-up went as far as Vaseline and eyeliner so I never cared. I always felt that it was pointless and took too much time. 

It wasn't until my freshmen year of university that I got into it. And let me tell you at first it was great but then I stopped taking care of my natural face. My skin broke out in scars and that's when l became so dependent on make-up. I never left my house without it unless I was running a late night errand. I don't even think I wear that much make-up.  All I do is foundation, eyebrows, lipstick and eyeliner when I'm in the mood.

I am slowly weaning myself of this dependence and I'm proud to say that I can now confidently go out without make-up.  In fact this is my first official post without it. Make-up is great as it can make or break your outfit but when you start to dislike your natural face it can be an issue which is why I try to stick to the basics when wearing make-up but that's just me. What are your thought on this? 

Skirt: Vintage |Top/Bag: Thailand | Shoes: Converse 

On an ordinary day, I'd probably be wearing something like this. I find midi-skirts to be so freeing and thrift stores are my go-to place for them. Now I know I said I'm not a fan of sneakers paired with skirts in this post but hey a girl can change her mind. Besides these shoes are so comfy and perfect for my Nigerian roads. 


En_kay Ede said...

I like makeup...the transformation excites me.
BUT I go to school 3 days out of 5 without any makeup just to give my face time to breath.

In other news...I need to get my own white converse....makes your outfit unique

odoh nnenna said...

I used to go without make up before, now am mixed.

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Mionna Henderson said...

First of all, this hair is just amazing!!
About the mom never really wore makeup like that either so I didn't take the time to learn when I was growing up. I tried out eye shadows in college & grad school, but still only did that if I was going out. I'm just now really getting into lipsticks and foundations. I do eyeliner (whenever I have time) because that's fairly easy, but I also feel like the eyelining makes my eyes look really droopy so I stray away from that a little more now. Honestly, I don't have time for makeup! I'm always rushing out of the house in the mornings. I tried to wear makeup for one week straight, and I just couldn't keep it up! You look wonderful just like this! If you want to wear makeup, go for it. If you don't, go for it! Lol. Whatever makes you comfortable is what you should do!
This skirt is gorgeous too. I'm trying to incorporate more skirts into my wardrobe. I'm trying to find ways to break up the top from the bottom (like with the belt you have on) but that's where my trouble begins! I just have to keep working at it until I find something that works for me.

Bash Harry said...

I find it funny that I'm a freelance makeup artist now, but just five years ago, I hated makeup. I started when puberty hit me and I was desperate to look like all the other girls and learn. ventually, I started loving it and through make up, I actually grew more confident in myself. Haha, I don't wear makeup most days, only on good days!

And I love your midi skirt! You look gorgeous <3

xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

Chineze Anigbogu said...

I love the look of sneakers with skirts or dresses. There was a time I questioned my dependence on makeup, but I came to realise that I wasn't using it because I was insecure but because as a woman I like to keep preening myself just like female birds and other female species do. :-)

madlenka said...

I've started using make-up (foundation+powder) when I was 14 or 15 years old because my skin was really bad back then. Now it's got a lot better but I still suffer from oily skin and what comes with it. So because of this I'm kind of dependent on make-up. If my face looked fine without it, I wouldn't mind going around bare-faced. I only use foundation, powder, and lip products though. There are a lot of girls who have really nice skin and still wear tons of make-up even though they would look nicer (and younger) if they used less of it or none at all.

Grace Alex said...

glad you did this post.. learning

Grace Alex said...

I love your outfit and the change if mind so true our roads and wether can be so uninspiring

Diane A said...

It's true that once you start wearing makeup, it can become addictive and you can start becoming dependent of it, I try not to wear it daily even though I admit it has become quite an habit. Anyways you look great, and I like your outfit as well. xx

Alena Vorontsova said...

Great look!)

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@En_kay The transformation is cool just as long as you don't look like someone else entirely but then again that's me. As for the white sneakers you definitely need a pair girl.
@Odoh I get it
@Mionna It seems are moms had a big influence on us. As for makeup it's all up to the person as you've mentioned. To get the hang of incorporating skirts just try a few out, eventually you'll see which ones you like best. To break up the top from the button, I recommend trying different belts, going for crop tops, tying the front of your shirts or tucking them in.
@Bash Makeup can definitely be a confidence booster as well. By the way I appreciate your frequent comments on my posts.
@Chinezie Kinda like fitting in with the rest, I get it. Thank you
@Madlenka To each his own I guess. I feel the same way about makeup as well but I think we need to start getting used to our imperfections.
@Grace We've just got to work with what we have.
@Diane, It's definitely a habit, I never feel fully dressed without it.

Maria Margot said...

I feel that your tendency to feel a little uncomfortable with makeup is that the idea makeup has been disorted to is that it's supposed to 'make you pretty' and after you see yourself without it you don't feel the same or after you become dependent on it you feel you can't leave it because you wont be as 'pretty'. But makeup, in my opinion, is to enhance your image... Im glad yo hear you feel more confident recently to go out without it because nobody should be perturbed to be seen without it... besides, you look good, wtf dude! Is that the natural pigmentation of your lips or is it a lipstain? Anyhow, the color looks really great on you :)

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Maria lol girl, i guess I should have mentioned that I was wearing a bit of lipstick but I thought it would be obvious.
As you said makeup is to enhance your image and I'm goading I'm now getting used to my natural face again.

Ifere Bliss said...

Loving this trend of adding a sporty shoe to a girly look, I think am gonna try it on all because of your amazing look.I am actually not a make up girl coz most of the time a foundation and lipstick does it for me and girl going all natural is a good idea


i'm not so much of a makeup person as well but fashion and makeup tend to always have to go together. Love the sneakers.x

linet nkirote said...

So chic, casual n beautiful. Love the bag and skirt.
I also don't like getting used to lot's of make-up.
My basics are a loose powder to keep my face dry cause it's extremely oily...and bold lipstick.

Simply Uneeke said...

I am a sunday sunday medicine make up type. Only on sundays and events, i dont like the feeling of something on my face, everytime i wear make up i cant wait to wash it off. Idk its just not my thing and all i wear is foundation, mascara and lipstick, i tried learning from youtube but just couldnt so i stick to the basics since i dont even wear it like that. Now i use bb creams instead of foundation because i cant find my foundation shade anywhere.

Simply Uneeke

Falasha C said...

Love this look, very nice skirt length.

xx Falasha
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Milly Onyaye said...

So true Sarah. I total agree with you about make up. It can be very addictive. But I love it since it enhances my image and now that I'm growing older I have noticed my skin is also aging along with me. So I have decided to take extra care of my skin. I'm still trying to find out what works for me. Great post hun😊😊

Milly Onyaye said...
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Antel Muça said...

you look so classy!
kisses from Italy

Anna Martin said...

Simple and perfect. Love your skirt!

- Anna

FloralConstellation said...

I rather go makeup free too! makeup is fun but we should not be dependent on it
loving this outfit

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blogoratti said...

Great look, and nice and serene backdrop.

MsJPetite said...

Such a cute look! Loving your hair too! I definitely is only supposed to enhance your beauty so I to keep mine to a minimum as well...I only do my eyebrows, eyes, and foundation as well cause i dont want to look drastically different when i take it off lol nice post!

StyleDiaryByOsy Osehie said...

I had to check out this post to see how the tank top looks from the front. Good job

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