lace-up booties, burgundy, turtle neck top, midi-skirt

lace-up booties, burgundy, turtle neck top, midi-skirt

lace-up booties, burgundy, turtle neck top, midi-skirt

lace-up booties, burgundy, turtle neck top, midi-skirt

lace-up booties, burgundy, turtle neck top, midi-skirt

lace-up booties, burgundy, turtle neck top, midi-skirt

lace-up booties, burgundy, turtle neck top, midi-skirt

lace-up booties, burgundy, turtle neck top, midi-skirt

lace-up booties, burgundy, turtle neck top, midi-skirt
Photography by Me

As I sit here thinking of something meaningful to say, all I can think of is a quote by Brandy in her album, Human. 

"What I feel being a human being is, it's having the freedom to be yourself. Not caring what other people think, just having that freedom to be you and not being afraid because if you’re not yourself then who are you?"

The older I get, the more I realize just how true this statement is. Society has a way of making you feel inferior when you don't conform to the set standards but there is a freedom that comes with knowing who you are and not being scared of the opinions of others. So who are you?

This skirt was previously styled here. Looking back I feel I could have done more with the outfit which is why I knew I had to step it up this time around. I like to keep things modern and classy when it comes to styling midi-skirts. Hence I paired the skirt with my burgundy top which is a basic I can’t live without as I’ve styled it here, here, here and here in the past. I decided to go with my lace-up booties just to edge the look up and the purse for a pop of colour. 

Skirt: Vintage | Top: Stradivarius | Heels: Zalora Thailand | Belt: Workshop Thailand | Purse: Thailand

It’s locations like this that make me miss having a photographer but I’m giving myself a pat on the back for this shoot, one of my favourites thus far. Thoughts?


Alena Vorontsova said...

Cool look!) www.elationofcreation.com

En_kay Ede said...

Honestly ure doing well with that tripod. Keep it up
I love this post...one of my many favourites from you...


Bash Harry said...

Society has a way of making us conform without us realizing, but at the same time, makes us feel inferior when you do. It's a vicious cycle, and I think the best way to avoid it, is to ignore it.

I love your outfit, how can you be so confident to take photos of yourself in public? I'm always sooo terrified! That's why i've only done it once...haha

xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

Wenluditoh Daniellah said...

This outfit is gorgeous ant the hair just make me wanna call my hairdresser for some twists
Have a lovely Sunday and Week!


May Cho said...

I think conforming is such an innate part of society that when we don't do it, we're completely disregarded.

I love the look, by the way! You're so classy and chic, and the burgundy tone is absolutely gorgeous!

May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin'

Tegan Seymour said...

I love the length of that skirt and those shoes!
Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

Tijana Momcilovic said...

Nice post as always! Kisses!


damie alabi said...

FIrst off, your photography is on point babe, well done. Love the whole look and those sandals..... killing!


Milly Onyaye said...

I'm amazed on how you can take your own photos. That's what I call talent!! Keep doing the good work Sarah:))

Grace Alex said...

you do an amazing job Sarah, I'm amazed on how you take your own pictures too, I love the pairing


Diane A said...

They tell you to be yourself but then they judge you. It's this crazy life we live in. But I agree with you, as long as you know who you are and you don't care about what people think, that's all that matter!
Love the color combination in your outfit, and you are really great at taking your own pictures! I wish I was bold enough to go to public places to shoot haha :p

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Diane it's crazy indeed
Thank you all for the amazing feedback on my photography. It comes with the territory hence I'm used the stares and questions. Besides all the good locations here are in public places, so a girls got to do what a girls got to do lol.

Simply Uneeke said...

You are right, when i catch myself felling bad because i dont look a certain way society has made the best way, i just remind myself i am unique. Nice outfit and great photography.

Simply Uneeke

Amely Rose said...

i love it! just Keep beeing yourself
your unique style is inspiring, it really is!
i wish i could be so brave to style the way i feel <3

hope you too visit my Blog <3

sano sanisimo said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!! I love that skirt!!
such beautiful photos!!
xx, natali

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Amanda said...

This look is so stunning!

Sophie Atieno said...

This is an amazing outfit and it's fun too.Again I must say kudos for the awesome photography.I love how youtake your own pictures

Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde said...

The pictures on the stairs are fire!!! Lovely post!

Wanjiru Ng'ethe said...

you look beautiful... i have never liked this type of shoes love :( but that belt is really lovely :)

beautiful look


linet nkirote said...

This shoot went well, you chose the location well. I love the burgundy top, and the skirt too.

That quote just makes one sit back and take a deep thought. In all entirety though, everyone should feel no pressure of being people they are not....but half the time people always feel they aren't good enough and up living someone elses' life which is a waste really. Thanks for sharing.



Buiti Christian said...

Yes girl you look good

Machachu said...

You look amazing & you take great pictures :) x


Antel Muça said...

Cute post :)

Sharron Mungazi said...

I love this look and how you managed to make it look this fab!



well styled, i love your shoes.
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Liz Lizo said...

You have amazing style! I also love that skirt!

- Liz

Anna Martin said...

Your hair is amazing! Love this! <3

- Anna


Almasi Achieng said...

Love the skirt looking pretty good.


Iyesogie Ogieriakhi said...

Girl I envy you and your tripod. Your skirt is now on my wishlist. When you know who you are, no one can ever put you down.

Onyxsta Bleurgh said...

I love the juxtaposition of the grand backdrop and your simple look

BLEURGH - http://www.bleurghnow.com

Kreyola said...

I'm really loving the vintage look of this outfit. Very cute.

Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

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