Little black dresses, printed, midi-length, pop of colour

Little black dresses, printed, midi-length, pop of colour

Little black dresses, printed, midi-length, pop of colour

Little black dresses, printed, midi-length, pop of colour

Little black dresses, printed, midi-length, pop of colour

Little black dresses, printed, midi-length, pop of colour

Little black dresses, printed, midi-length, pop of colour

Little black dresses, printed, midi-length, pop of colour
Photography by Peter Audu

Happy New Month!
At the risk of sounding a little insane I admit that I talk to myself. Ever heard of the phrase the more you hear something, the more you actually believe it? This is why I think it's important to speak things into existence. Nothing kills more than a negative attitude so wake up each day  speaking and thinking only positive thoughts.

"But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own, that you should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvellous light"
(1 Peter 2:9 NKJV)

Now onto the outfit, I've never really been a fan of dresses for the simple fact that I don't find them as versatile as separates. Yes I know they can be worn as tops or skirts but why the hassle? Though, I have to admit that dresses are easy to pull together since all you have to worry about is the accessories. Now, every girl need an LBD and this has been my go-to pair, what I love about it is the print and halter top look. I have actually styled this dress in a date night look book here. This time around I just went with my silver sandals, a belt to cinch in my waist and a pop of colour which is great for spicing up an outfit (as mentioned here). 

Dress: Workshop || Shoes: Zara || Bag: Thailand

Do you find dresses versatile pieces?


Olufunmi Afolabi said...


Viciadas Em Livros said...

Bom dia
Amei este post e me encantei em conhecer o seu blog. Ele é cheio de estilo, ótimas dicas e tem uma aparencia espetacular! Fiquei muito feliz em te conhecer.

Berry Dakara said...

This is such a pretty dress!

Meanwhile, I keep getting messages about "speaking into existence" and I must admit that I'm a very practical, realistic kinda person, so it's hard for me.

Berry Dakara Blog

DLeonaLife said...

I have been reading your blog for a really really long time, and I know you can see how much you have grown. You look gorgeous. And I really look versatile clothing.

ann usman said...

that last pic though
love the dress on you...u look gorgeous
hair <3

mide coker said...

Amazing Pictures! I'm all about speaking into existence, I have like a list of phrases I repeat to myself every day. It's a great mood lifter/confidence builder

Chineze Anigbogu said...

Oh my! Lightning bolt print! Fab! Love the pink with it.

Missy May said...

I haven't seen you in a dress on this blog before, and I must say you look good in it. Stunning!! :)


Bash Harry said...

"Speak things into existence." I think that's perfect, Sarah! <3

I love your dress! I don't have an LBD nor do I like dresses that much, but I think you look freaking fantastic!

xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

Héloise Roubaud said...

Great blog!
Would you like to support each other by following each other´s blog? ^_^

Et Omnia Vanitas

Nkem Okechukwu said...

Gorgeous! Awesome! The simple is everything simple but beautiful

Yvonne Waluvengo said...

You look so lovely in that dress, effortlessly so. I do talk to myself too haha! Sometimes, glad I'm not alone :-)

Alma Ojugbana said...

I pretty much love that dress.
The Style Cheapskate

Mariah Ruthel said...

I agree with you about dresses. It's harder to make many different outfits with them but they definitely make it a lot easier to put together outfits. Anyways, you look gorgeous as always!

- Mariah-Ruthel

Onyinye Ibeagi said...

I totally agree with your first paragraph, my positive attitude is what has kept me going all summer, I've refused to be affected by the negatives around me. I absolutely love your dress though dresses aren't as versatile as separates you can't deny that sometimes they are just hassle-free.
Modavracha | Blog

Chi Dinma said...

I actually wouldnt mind wearing dresses, they are just so simple and already made, no need to check if the colours go together or not. You look beautiful nice body shape.

Simply Uneeke

Cymone Gantt said...

I go through phases of liking dresses but I have found many new outfits just by adding a top to a dress. I love this halter neckline on you & of course the pop of color bag!

The Block is Haute

Grace Alex said...

this is just beautiful


Ogochukwu Enwefah said...

I'm also not a fan of dresses but this dress fits you well.I like the pop of pink to the outfit. Gorgeous.

Shreya J said...

Gorgeous look! I actually love dresses lol and this looks quite good on you!
Bric-A-Brac.A fashion and lifestyle blog.

Wenluditoh Daniellah said...

Dresses are always the best! you look so gorgeous in your dress and your hair just make me want see the hair dresser for some rastas ha!
Enjoy your evening dear.


Anna Martin said...

Love the pattern on the dress! You look great! <3

- Anna


Wanjiru Ng'ethe said...

a pink statement necklace would change this outfit ma'
looking lovely as always :)


Cassandra Ikegbune said...

Lovely dress!


Kreyola said...

Love the length of that dress. I also love how you paired the pink purse against the polka dot dress. Just lovely.

Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

Bellezzapourfemme Marzia said...

beautiful dress!!
Kisses darling
Bellezza pour femme

Daily Sports USA said...

That dress is beautiful, I really like how it looks on you and that cute pink bag is perfect pop of color.

Bookie Kunlere said...

I like! The print, cut, length, parfait.


Rachel said...

you looks sexy !

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