culottes trend, mustard, shorts, stripes, pop of colour, vintage
mustard, vintage
culottes trend, mustard, shorts, stripes, pop of colour, vintage

chain purse
culottes trend, mustard, shorts, stripes, pop of colour, vintage
culottes trend, mustard, shorts, stripes, pop of colour, vintage
sandals, heels
culottes trend, mustard, shorts, stripes, pop of colour, vintage
Photography by Blessing Audu

Hey guys!
 Remember when I shared my thoughts on this year and also how I've been waiting for my NYSC. Well the results are out, I will be moving to Cross River State for about a year. While I wish I could have stayed here in Abuja with my family, I am looking forward to visiting another part of Nigeria. Abuja, Benue state and Lagos (well if you count the airport) are the only other parts of Nigeria that I've visited so this should be fun, I hope. I prayed for God's will so I am going to stick with it because life is so much easier when you follow his plan. Who knows maybe I'll find bae but you guys already know my thoughts on dating.

This outfit was actually supposed to be for the how would you wear challenge but I kinda forgot to send in my submission (covers face). You can check out the collaboration on Diane's blog to see some of my recreated outfits. Today I just restyled my culottes which were previously styled here and here. I paired it with a striped top and then added my red Zara sandals for a pop of colour. 

Do you guys have any words of advice for me? Also, shout-out to Grace and Tuke for all their help, remember our collaboration here? 
Blog posts will resume in December but you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates. 
See you all soon!


Blogoratti said...

All the best with your new adventure, great look and greetings!

En_kay Ede said...

You make me want to love culottes.
Congrats on the NYSC..looking forward to the "gist" lol
And lol.you might actually find bae


epiphany twentynine said...

Camp if fun. You'll meet all sorts of people. Some you'll connect with outside camp some you won't. Buy a fanny pack lol and keep all your lil valuables in it and always have it around your waist. Have fun girl and yea, you might find bae.

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The Beautiful Eagle said...

Serioulsy!!!!!!!!! Cross River State???
your coming to my home town:)
The Beautiful Eagle

Berry Dakara said...

Awww, I wish you all the best in NYSC camp. I think Cross Rivers state sounds exciting actually. You'll do fine, I'm sure. God bless.

Berry Dakara Blog

DLeonaLife said...

Awwwn Sarah. Wishing you the very best dear. Bae might actually show. Be sure to have fun. Wishing you the very very best.


Mabel Ozumba said...

That's so cool, congrats on that not to appear unhappy for you but I was hoping to meet up with you in Abuja. But that's all good, hope you enjoy the move. Oh and you always make me want to get a culotte, it looks amazing on you. Congratulations again.

Ivie9ja said...

Congrats dear I've always wanted to go to NYSC camp but I aged out :-( so no camp for me lol

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Blogoratti thank you
@Enkay well you definitely need to, I'll be putting a post on the gist. And I just might.
@Ephiphany thanks for the tip girl, already done.
@TheBeautifulEagle Yes girl Cross River. How's your hometown, I've heard good things about it so far.
@Berry, it does really. Thank you
@Dleonalife fun is the plan, thanks
@Mabel it's all good girl, I'm sure well meet sometime.
@Ivie9ja Lol there is still a way though.

Bash Harry said...

Congrats on your move! Cross River State sounds like such a new and incredible experience. Oh, it's going to be amazing <3

xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

Simi said...

Cross River is a lovely state, i've been there myself. The cattle ranch was my main destination while I was there, it was a bit cold but really nice too.

Good Luck!

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Wanjiru Ng'ethe said...

All the best Princess....


Diane A said...

You could have sent it to me even if it was a day late haha, I like your outfit of course :)
And good luck with this new step on your life journey!

Evita O. Enwefah said...

Congrats on your posting. Cross River is a nice place. Have fun in camp.its an adventure so make the most of it. Lovely outfit. Your culottes fit so well.


Sophie Atieno said...

Congrats on your move...I love your culottes

Bookie Kunlere said...

You forgot to give shoe deets! Love them.
All the best with NYSC love, you got posted to a good place, thank God it wasn't Taraba or something.


George Tamunoene said...

Congrats dearie! wishing you all the best. Cross River is a wonderful state, have fun while you stay, bae may come running too lol.


Fola H-S said...

aww all d best durin ur NYSC! ave fun babe

Boyode fisayomi said...

lovely outfit

Chi Dinma said...

Congratulations babe, and good luck on your endeavors.

Simply Uneeke

Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde said...

Congratulations and wishing you amazing luck with your move!! Culottes always look good on you and your sandals are amazing!

madlenka said...

1) The outfit is awesome! 2) Congratulations! When are you moving?

Chineze Anigbogu said...

Good Luck with Calabar! Love those heels. Fab as always.

Machachu said...

Congrats & good luck! Wish you all the best.
Love your outfit! x


Anna Martin said...

Congratulations! That super cool. :D Also, I need those culottes, right now. Omg. <3

- Anna


Hekyma _ said...

STUNNING ! You're very elegant. I love your shoes.

Now I have a Facebook Page, you can also follow me there if you want : HEKYMA


Sharron Mungazi said...

All the best Sarah.


Carla Florendo said...

oooh congratulations! Good luck, Sarah. I'm sure you'll have so much fun!
By the way, you look tres chic as usual!

xo, Carla

JustPorsh said...

Love the shoes!

Rachel said...

you looks gorgeous !


Omolara Oriye said...

Moving is always exciting! it helps you start over and live! Enjoy your time away!

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