culottes, how to style, all black, monochrome, sheer

culottes, how to style, all black, monochrome, sheer

culottes, how to style, all black, monochrome, sheer

culottes, how to style, all black, monochrome, sheer

culottes, how to style, all black, monochrome, sheer
culottes, how to style, all black, monochrome, sheer

culottes, how to style, all black, monochrome, sheer

culottes, how to style, all black, monochrome, sheer
Photogrpahy by Blessing Audu

Hey guys, long time no post, I know. Lately my focus on blogging has been dwindling. The demands of running a blog in this part of the world have finally gotten to me and I've decided to step back a bit. While I don't want my consistency to drop I believe this is the best thing for me now. So from now on I will be posting only one outfit post a week and something else if I'm inspired. For now, I can't say what day the posts will be coming but I will let you know once I work it out.

Anyways I recently thrifted this pair of culottes and thought why not show two ways of styling this versatile piece. This time I went with a sheer black oversize blouse which was thrifted as well. My mom thinks I should stop thrifting but hey I'm not exactly rich plus I keep finding all these unique items so sorry mom I won't be stopping anytime soon. I just love the relaxed feel of this outfit, I wore this to church last week and I love that it makes me look smaller than I actually am. Just a quick tip, black and slightly oversize clothing is a great way to look a lot thinner than you actually are.

Stay tuned for part two
What are your thoughts on this look?

Shorts, Shirt: Vintage || Shoes: Forever 21 || Purse: Footin  


Louise Mensah said...

I never know how to style culottes or if they'd suit me. I love, love, love this shirt and how you've styled them. All black outfits always have this certain chic elegance about them that is just unbeatable.

Grace Alex said...

I love the top and that culottes <3

B Ramida said...

love your shirt!

Grace Gigi said...

First of all Culottes for me is a yes and then in Black? Double yes!!! Nice...


Boheme.Fille said...

Great way to style the culottes! I love your look!

I do hope though you will find the time and energy to post more often than once per week. :)

Anna Martin said...

Beautiful! That sheer top is perfect! <3

- Anna

xoxo Kellz* said...

great likey!!!

Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde said...

That top is everything!!!

Fola H-S said...

not rily a fan of culottes but u look good in em. i think thrifting is ok.....

DLeonaLife said...

Sarah when am I going to shop in your closet, especially especially your shoe closet. This outfit is amazing, a totally didn't way of styling culottes and that top is dope girl.

Rachel O. said...

You look so classy as usual!! You should wear black more often!Blogging can be a pain in the neck sometimes for me too ,especially when can't find a good location.That's why I don't post more than 1 outfit per week!

Tijana Momcilovic said...

great post :) and amazing photos! :) kisses:)

Diane A said...

I really like your blouse!!
DeeVine Anonyme

Bash Harry said...

It's okay if life has been so busy, that you can't blog. Blogging takes a step back when life takes contol. I still miss these wonderful posts! You look so beautiful, Sarah! I love wearing all black and this is incredible <3

xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

En_kay Ede said...

I don't see myself in culottes but you do so good with it
Welcome to least you can understand how hard it is to blog over here...keep up the good work though

Alma Ojugbana said...

Lovely outfit. I'm the queen of using a bit of oversized outfits to look thinner.

Rina G said...

Everything is put together some great. I'm not that great in fashion, but I definitely like the look.

Wenluditoh Daniellah said...

Now its working! you look amazing on black and pop of red . I love the hairstyle and i wish I had that oversize shirt all for myself girl. Mama should take it easy on you oh
Enjoy your evening


Mia said...

Stunning outfit! I love your shirt! :)
Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

Color Me Kiki said...

I love how you styled these culottes with that gorgeous sheer top! Lovely look, and great post!
xo Kiki

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Louise culottes suit most body types. I think you'd rock.
@Boheme I hope so you but for now I don't think so
@DLeonalife Lol girl the time is coming soon.
@Rachel Thank you, I didn't realize location scouting is difficult there your based.
@Bash I like that, Thank you
@En_kay Lol thanks, e no easy o
@Alma you do it so well
@Wenluditoh Lol she has her reasons, I'm glass it worked in the end

Mary said...

Love the way you've styled your culottes! Very chic!

Okunnu Tosin said...

always held back on trying cullotes.. you sure make it look so good . now i just got to
love it

JustPorsh said...

I live for thrifting! It's like going on a treasure hunt, u don't know what u might find. Lol.
We should got thrifting together one of these days.
You look great. Love the cullottes.

Evita O. Enwefah said...

This is gorgeous. I love how u styled the culottes and the addition of the clutch to make the whole outfit pop. A big YES! to thrift shopping. Amazing finds always. Lovely photos I must say.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@JustPorsh with your taste, definitely!
@Evita O Thank you, thrifting is always worth it.

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