The Sofitel Malabo

The Sofitel Malabo

The Sofitel Malabo

Somewhere In Malabo

Semo Market Malabo

Semo Market Malabo

Malabo International Airport

Random house

Photography by me 

Hey guys, so I was looking through my  drafts and realized this post never went up.
So I spent a few months in Malabo Equatorial Guinea at the beginning of the year due to my dad's work. This place is a small city located in Central Africa.  The population is about 187,000 and the official language is Spanish. Fish and petroleum are some of their exports. The markets are heavily saturated with Nigerian business traders as well. I ate so much plantain as they have it in abundance. While I found Malabo to be quite dull I'm glad I had the chance to explore a new place. 


Bash Harry said...

Oh, Malabo looks amazing even if you think it's a little dull. Hahaha, but I think just traveling to a new place is fun! Malabo does look very sweet <3

xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

Sanny Renz said...

Love this post. I should visit Malabo soon.

Funmi S said...

Wow, it is so amazing that you got to experience in a new place.
So lovely!

Wanjiru Ng'ethe said...

nice pictures, someone had fun :)

Sophie Atieno said...

I love the pictures and this is certainly a place I would like to visit especially if they speak spanish

Onyxsta Bleurgh said...

Always wanted to visit other parts of Africa
Cool. Will add Malabo to the list


Wenluditoh Daniellah said...

For the love of food I can't help but dye for those mangoes and bananas. they look so appetising. Most photos in this post remind me so much of the streets of Kenya and the Market. They are almost the same.
Wish you lovely Week Sara


Missy May said...

It would be great to visit some African countries. Guinea looks like a great place. Great shots!! How I miss that mango - so juicy!

Berry Dakara said...

I think it looks quaint and charming. Perfect for a quiet and relaxing vacation.

Berry Dakara Blog

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