2015 in REVIEW

Hey guys.
So what can I say about 2015 for Princess Audu? Well this year has been the most challenging in my blogging journey. I dealt with a lack of inspiration and inconsistency. I spent the beginning of this year in Malabo as mentioned here but when I moved back home to Nigeria I had a lot of changes to deal with. I struggled with finding picture locations, taking my own pictures and my access to the internet became expensive and limited. You know I even considered quitting but I pulled through and I'm glad I did. Because of this I learned so many things about myself which I'll write about in another post so stay tuned!
This year while visiting Thailand, I collaborated with my close friend Yanes of Yanikeur. I met up with Grace and Tuke which was so much fun. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with Chidinma of Simply Uneeke in a two part inspiration post (here and here).

This year I attended my first event as a blogger. We were hosted by Pandora here in Abuja. I had the chance to meet fellow bloggers Grace and Portia for the first time.

Aside from my features on other blogs, I was featured on Fashion Bomb Daily, Trendy Gist and African Sweetheart which are some of my biggest features thus far.

It seemed i had a thing for black and white, pink and red this year. Some of my favourite outfits were:












These are my top favourite looks. What's yours?

My favourite write-ups were:

Finally finally this year I doubled my followers. I just want to say thank you to each one of you. For visiting my blog, thank you. For taking the time to leave a comment, thank you. And for sharing my posts or reposting my pictures I appreciate you. To all my fellow bloggers, its not easy but keep up the good work. To all the brands I worked with thus far thank you. To all my friends and family, God bless you. And for as many others who have helped me in one way or the other thank you so much.
2016 looks promising so stick around. 

My blog turned two in November so happy anniversary to Princess Audu!
Complients of the season everyone!


En_kay Ede said...

Look one and five stole my heart.
You achieved a lot this year...2016 will be better for all of us.


Enyene Raph said...

Congratulations on your blog's anniversary and all you achieved this year. My favourite...9 and 10. Merry Christmas

Berry Dakara said...

Congratulations on a very good 2015. Here's to a much better 2016 with lots of inspiration!

Berry Dakara Blog

DLeonaLife said...

You had alot of great looks this year. God's grace an favour in all you do. No worries more to come. God gat you. Happy Holidays dear.


Elle said...

I love all of them..but 3,5,6,8 are me fav.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thank you all so much. There is definitely more to come

Emmanuel Idim said...

Keep Up The Good Work & Keep Looking Good.👍🏾 ekpo.com.ng

Funmi Sodunke said...

I love the white and black top with the red skirt. So chic!
I have to say that blogging this year was difficult for me as well. Especially coming back to blogging again, it is hard getting your blog noticed. But, I have learnt that consistency is key. So I keep pushing.


Yanes Hope said...

Awww this year wasn't a joke Hun glad u could keep up with the good work so proud of you. missing u here and the best is yet to come for sure .God has always a better plan in store


Sophie Atieno said...

Nice review and it's been great reading your posts and looking at your style.Happy 2016

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Funmi, getting the blog noticed is a struggle but so worth it, I've noticed that consistency really is key
@Yanes, God always does. I'm thankful for friends like you girl. Looking forward to this new year.
@Sophie, thanks girl. Happy 2016

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