Hey guys, this is just a quick motivational piece to get you started this week . I can't stress the importance of being thankful for what you have.

If only I had more money to shop
If only I lived in a bigger house and had my own car
If only I had legs as thin as a model's
If only I could eat lots of food and not gain weight
If only I didn't have to study for my exams
If only I could sleep instead of going to work
If only my parents were not so strict

So many If onlys but:

What if you had no money?
What if you had no home?
What if you had no legs?
What if you had no food to eat?
What if you had no opportunity to school?
What if you had no job?
What if you had no parents?

What would life be like then?
Stop wishing and be thankful for what you have
Because some people wish they were in your place

Outfit details will be up on Wednesday


The Beautiful Eagle said...

So true, wishing bring ungratefulness.....If only i had a camera and a nice body, or more money to buy fabrics...but then i remain grateful for the things i can see and have.
Nice post hun:)

Buiti Christian said...

I can't wait for this look babes. Thanks for the motivation talk.

B Ramida said...

nice look!


Berry Dakara said...

Simple but great message for all.

Berry Dakara Blog

Wenluditoh Daniellah said...

Thats very positive, we should be thankful for what we have and stop looking at others and wanting to be like them. We are all blessed in one way or another.
Thanks for the motivation dear
Enjoy your Week


Rachel said...

Great motivational piece and look!


Louisa Moje said...

Wow! So true and so powerful! Great piece girl!


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