If you been following my style evolution then you would have noticed my love for anything high-waist, especially trousers. I'm not particularly curvy, I believe my body is proportionate especially when I maintain my average weight but the truth is I generally like to hide in baggy clothes. 

 Today, I'll be dishing tips on how I rock my favorite closet staple, High waist trousers. Now I've been asked where I get my trousers from? Well that easy, vintage never fails. I got all these pairs while I was in Thailand but in my post on how to find the best vintage items, I mentioned several Nigerian stores that you could possibly get trousers such as these. Who knows maybe I'll launch my own vintage store.

Let's begin!

Click on the links below for the full outfit

Tip 1: Belt it in

My favorite way to rock high waist pants is to simply tuck in and belt it, I believe that's when the real beauty of the trousers comes out. Also belting it creates a balance especially when you're going for a bit of an over size look. Also cinching in your waist is a great way to give the impression of a smaller waist.

Tip 2: Crop it Up

Another great way to rock this staple piece is to pair it with a crop top. Crop tops are great for dressing down what would otherwise be a formal outfit. You could always leave a bit of your mid-section to show but I prefer to cover up everything.

Tip 3: Turtle Necks
I can't leave out my turtle neck tops which is a closet essential, I love how these wardrobe basic add an understated elegance to outfit pairing. Not to mention with turtle you don't need to accessorize with a necklace.


Tip 4: Belted Scarf
The belted scarf look is a great way to spice up formal trousers, while still adding warmth in colder climates.

Tip 5: Off-shoulder

Pairing high waist pants with off-shoulder tops is another way to add a bit of sexiness to an outfit. Off-shoulder tops are also great for dressing to a more relaxed environment or maybe a nighttime function.

Tip 6: Blazer

Last but not least, blazers are great for adding structure  and formality to an outfit.  Just be sure to pair a blazer that has a cinched waist especially when your opting for slightly flared trousers. 

How do you like to rock high waist trousers, Also what is your favorite look?


Photography by A.A

Hey guys! 
While it might be warming up in other parts of the world, in Nigeria we are slowing approaching raining season, which means colder days are ahead. I love rain especially the smell when mixed with sand but rain has a way of disrupting and dictating your plans.

Although I don't really dress up based on the weather, I just thought this khaki vintage skirt goes with the recent weather in Calabar.  What I love about the skirt is the pockets in the front and back.

When styling the skirt I opted for a basic stripe top and my lace booties which has always been a great statement piece in spicing up a simple look (see here and here).  The question now remains where would I rock this too? Well, I'd say date night with bae and with white sneakers, a casual outing.

Skirt: Vintage || Shoes: Zalora Thailand || Top: Thailand

Where would you rock this look? 


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   Photography by A.A Hey guys!  While it might be warming up in other parts of the world, in Nigeria we are slow...

Photography by Victoria 

You know the quote, experience is the best teacher? Well the older I get, the more I see how true this is, because some of life's greatest lessons can only be taught through experiences.  So for today's edition of Sarah speaks I'll be sharing five of my lessons learnt.

1. It's great to plan but as human beings things don't always go as planned, we are not God, we don't know the future (Proverbs 16:9, 19:21). Hence it's always important to seek God in everything and to approach every situation with an open mind.

2. Talk less and do more. If you remember one of my resolutions for this year was to say less and do more and so far so good. I'm honestly at this point in my life where I try to keep what goes on in my life quiet until its time to share. And the truth is secrets are always sweeter.

3. It's perfectly normal to fall short, nobody's perfect. The important thing is to first of all forgive yourself, confess and move on (1 John 1:9).  And then work on bettering yourself.  "It's okay to make a mistake once or twice but the third time is foolishness "

4. In this life I've learnt that you can't please everyone. Not everybody is going to like you either and some people will judge you when they don't understand you. But never forget its always a good thing to stand out for the right reasons. Just because the crowd is doing it, doesn't mean its right, remember my post on standing out.

5. Finally, the secret to happiness is to celebrate the accomplishments of others. Everybody has their moment to shine, look at Olajumoke, the breadseller now turned model. Nothing steals your joy than envy and comparison. So rejoice with others because your time will come.

What are some lessons that life has taught you? Please share! Also don't forget to repost.
Till next time!

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Hey beautiful people, how've you all been?
It feels like ages since we actually talked. How's everyone doing? Can you believe, it's March already?

Todays outfit is as minimal as ever, flares are the new in thing as trends of the 90s are back in vogue. Hence I styled my flared mint high waist trousers (styled here and here), with a delicate lace blouse. Finally, I added a pop of pink and a simple bangle.

Onto hair, I've gotten a lot of suggestions to try weaves. Now while they are really not my thing it's actually something I'm looking into, for the sake of my reseeding hairline especially. But the truth is your girl is on a budget hence my post on a broke chic's guide to staying fashionable.  It'll be braids for now or yarn locks, which I'm sporting in this look.

Trouser, Top: Vintage // Shoes: Zara // Purse, Bangles: Thailand

Shoutout to my newest photographer and all of you, who in one way or the other have contributed to the growth of this blog. I know,I don't say this often enough, but thank you all so much.

Hey beautiful people, now you all know how much I love my vintage pieces. It all started out when I was a broke girl trying to still stay trendy until I got obsessed with the unique pieces and styles from the different eras. Now how does one find the best vintage pieces?  Well that's why we're here, to guide you and give you tips on how to get great vintage finds. Hence I collaborated with  Diane  of dye2k to help my people out. Now let's begin shall we.

1. Patience
First things first, patience, whether vintage shopping or thrifting one needs to possess this virtue because the truth is finding one of a kind pieces take a lot digging. You might have to dig through piles and racks of clothes before getting what you want but its always worth it, trust me.

2. Potential
Know that with every piece you find, there is always a way to slay in it. With that being said don't shrug off pieces. You never know, something random can be turned into an item people will be curious about.

3. Online shopping
Finding vintage items can be time consuming so why not look into vintage sites. You save yourself the stress of actually going to the store. For my naija based readers check out Soul orange vintage which has an amazing selection of clothes, especially jackets and dresses. Also try Retro Religion, their shirt selection is sick and the Vintage closet has an amazing collection of scarfs and retro tops, remember I worked with them here and here

4. Inspiration 
Finally finally, get inspiration from fashion enthusiasts like myself who have a way with styling vintage. Joy Kendi is amazing at recon-structuring vintage finds. Melody thrifty Chic has a way with layering vintage pieces to create one unique look while the Deemako has a stand out way of making vintage items look rare, remember our collaboration here

That's it guys, what tips would you give to my vintage lovers. Check out Diane's post for the continuation of tips on how to thrift.

Photography by Me

Hey guys! Happy New month!

It feels weird that this is my first post of the month, remember when I used to blog four times a  week? I guess time changes things. It's always an adjustment though, learning to except that as we grow older we get busier.  I do hope to get back to blogging more consistently because this is something that makes me happy and accomplished.

Anyways, you guys how much I love my midi-skirts. They are so comfortable, one can eat without worrying about have a baby tummy and it makes running errands easier. Today, I decided to go for a mix of print by pairing my pinstriped shirt (previously styled here) with this check print midi skirt. Finally I added a pop of color with the pink purse and earrings to keep things interesting. Just a quick tip, a pop of color always spices up an outfit.

I look forward to showing you more ways of styling this flared midi-skirts.

Would you rock this look? How would you style this skirt?