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I fell flat on my ass yesterday. As I laid there on the ground, I couldn't help but laugh at my clumsiness and reason for falling which was my craving for street fried yam (my favorite food). While people were offering sympathies and help I just kept laughing as I couldn't remember the last time I fell but I got up. 

This got me really thinking about how falling relates to certain things in life. I'll be sharing five things to note.

1. In life, when going after things we desire, failure is inevitable. I wanted fried yam and yes I got it which led to my unfortunate fall but I still got what I wanted.

2. I got up after the fall. I won't lie though, it was tempting to just lay there and feel pathetic and sad at myself but the important thing is I got up.

3. My body hurt afterwards too. Failure hurts but this should only remind us that we are humans and its okay to make mistakes.

4. I kept laughing at myself during the entire situation. Its okay to laugh at your short comings, stop taking things too seriously. Plus laughing or smiling about certain things can help in easing the pain and embarrassment.

5. When I fell various people rushed to my aid while others sympathized with me. This is a reminder that we have amazing support systems who are waiting and willing to help out. And if you feel like your alone, don't worry God is everywhere and he is waiting for you to turn to him.

"Draw near to me and I (God) will draw nearer to you." (James 4:8 NKJV)

 I'm sure you're all thinking wow, all this from a fall? Well what can I say lol, it was an inspiring fall hence the post title.  Stop by next week for another topic. 


  1. I was just saying in my head: all this from a definitely got me there.. haha!
    But really I love how you've related the falling situation into an inspiration... I'm really inspired. This message came at the right time.
    I can't stop imagining you flat on the floor all because of fried yam...lmao
    Finally that fried yam... the potato especially with the sauce and kpomo (typical foodie) is the truth.. God knows I'd take several falls for it. lol

    Have a great dear and thanks for motivating me.

    1. lol girl glad it inspired you as it inspired me. Lol the yam was worth it though and that sauce gosh now I'm hungry

  2. This is content creation! I agree with every single point that you learned from your fall. They are all so true. The most poignant one to me though is the support system. We're not alone, so when we fall, there will be others around who want to help out and we should let them.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thank you and thank you. Yeah we should always be reminded that we are alone.

  3. I can actually relate considering how clumsy I can be. And good points! reminds me of when I drew lessons from my wedding ring. Lol!
    6 Love Lessons Learnt from my Wedding Ring

    1. Will definitely be reading the post. Thank you

  4. This is a great example of making lemonade when life gives you lemons. I love your positive character.x

  5. Speak that truth! haha. Sometimes a fall (not a metaphorical one, but an actual one) is exactly what we need to give us the right outlook. I guess sometimes we're moving so fast and doing so much that God literally has to make us fall on our asses in order for us to pause, look up, and hear his message lol. Beautiful photo as well, you look happy (which are always the best photos)!


    1. Yeah I was happy and thank you for the reminder. This must have been God's way of making me learn a lesson.

  6. Picking up pieces after being let down is actually hard but if we can just look over it and rise to our imperfections, we can make a headway. This was very inspirational. I'm enjoying every bit of Sarah speaks.

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