Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top, Calabar, Cross River State

Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top, midi skirt, Aline, Calabar Cross River State

Vintage Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top, midi skirt, Aline

Calabar Cross River state, landmark

Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top,

Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top, midi skirt, Aline, Calabar, Cross River state

Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top,
Photography by Beniboba 

Hey guys so I'm back today with another bloggers collaboration. If you remember one of my goals for this year was to collab more and so far so good but I still need to step it up.

Now I'd like you guys to meet Olivia of Thatewegal, she is from Togo, and based in France. Again can I say how much I love virtual connections, yes.

Now the theme was a summer time interpretation of the 70's Aline midi skirt. It's no secret that I love clothing from way back and this vintage skirt right here is no stranger on the blog as I've styled it here, here and here. I decided to pair the skirt with this lace top I received from Romwe($17.99). The shipping took about two weeks, the item was packaged nicely and the quality is okay,  not exactly what I was expecting. I do love the delicateness of the lace and the crochet patterns. 

While, Olivia went for a more laid back look I opted for something a bit dressier but note how we both rocked lace tops, nothing says summer other than lace in my opinion. Don't you just love the delicateness of lace?

Skirt:Vintage || Shirt:Romwe (Here) || Sandals: Zara

I untucked the blouse to show you the full top but I somehow prefer the second look.what about you guys, tucked in or untucked?

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Head over to Thatewegal for more details


Wumi 'Tuase said...

I have relegated almost all my A-line skirts to the back of my wardrobe, I just usually prefer skater skirts or midi flare ones. I prefer it tucked in and that top is beautiful. I think I'd stock more of lace tops on my thrift store. Lovely combo.

Ebun Bello said...

Totally love this look. Simple yet classy, I also prefer the top tucked in. I really need to travel to Calabar the locations are just too bomb 💕

Kachee Tee said...

Actually love your top! and the whole look! Niceee

Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde said...

Love it tucked in... The lace is so beautiful gosh


Iyesogie Ogieriakhi said...

Tucked in definitely. Love the location and the whole 7os vibe the picture is giving. Really love the details on the lace.

JustBeingO said...

Love that outfit!!

Edye Nicole said...

Love this outfit! So pretty <3

Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

yeah thrift stores are a great place for lace top and girl maybe its about time to start rocking those A-line skirts again.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

You'd love the locations, thank you

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks girl, I love the location too

Sindiso Moagi said...

You have both made the looks your own and let your different styles show through the interpretation of a 70s inspired blouse. Loved it

James Benita said...

Love your lace top it's beautiful plus you always find the best location for your pictures.


xuyuxin said...

Lace tops is very suitable in summer,especially the white

Doreen Perekpo said...

Sweetie, haven't been here in while. I love the color combination. The lace top detail is beautiful(lace is Bae) I couldn't take my eyes off your shoes. Your shoe closet is the real deal.


Linda Otiende said...

Loving the look..Beautiful!


Oluchee said...

I don't know why white laces can do me no wrong! And I love both lace tops.I don't know if I can rock a see-through as she did though, but she carried it well as we can see.
Nice combination

subomi salami said...
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subomi salami said...

The white lace looks so beautiful on your skin. And I love the shoes!!!


Berry Dakara said...

I like that top. White lace is always very pretty.

Berry Dakara Blog

Diane A said...

I LOVE the details on your top! So pretty! Both looks are great!
DeeVine Anonyme

Dive Into Mauve (anthoniaokokon@gmail.com) said...

Ugh! Lace is so bae. Love in tucked in. Beautiful ensemble however.


Chell Bee said...

Love that top. Lace is my thing!

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