black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

shades, sunglasses

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

Sammydress, heels, black

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes
Photography by Beniboba 

Hey guys, how are you doing?

So after almost three years of blogging (yup its been that long) Princess Audu hit a huge milestone last week and I cant help but feel so grateful and excited. When I made the decision to launch this blog, I never knew it would be part of my journey to self discovery. There I was thinking I wasn't ready and I didn't have this or that but I started regardless. And trust me I've learnt so many life lessons and met some amazing people along the way. So what am I saying?
Well stop waiting for everything to be perfect and just start! 

Now one of the amazing people I've met is Anita who is also a corper posted to Calabar, Cross River State. Apparently she stumbled on my NYSC camp story. Now after talking back and forth, she volunteered to help out with my pictures as she is a budding photographer. I love virtual connection's don't you?  And For the first time in a while, it feels good to address my photography to someone else because as much as like taking my own pictures, as I mentioned in my blog photography post, having someone behind the camera is always preferably

Anyways, in the spirit of fashion blogging the outfit must be discussed. Now I can't stress the importance of wardrobe basics as I listed out the 17 wardrobe essentials in this post. So I received this black blazer ($13.07) from Sammysdress, I love the slightly oversize fit, lapels and buttons on the sleeve. I received the heels($16.78) from Sammysdress as well and I can't wait to over rock these babies. Despite the bad reviews I've read about this company, my experience with them was quite pleasant. I received my items in under two weeks and they were packaged quite well.

Jeans|| Calabar Market || Blazer: Sammysdress (Here) || Sneakers: Random ||Stripe top: Mr Price || heels: Sammysdress: (Here)

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Totally random but I'm just here picturing my moms reaction to these distressed (torn) jeans lol because according to her she never understood why people bought jeans and then proceeded to tear them. 

See you on Wednesday for another outfit post!

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Grace Alex said...

those shoes are so beautiful and congrats on having a photographer

Kachee Tee said...

Congrats on getting a photographer! I think your post on 17 wardrobe essentials was on the earliest posts I read on your blog, and I couldn't agree more.

Sandramecy Mecy said...

Nice casual outfits that black bootie is bomb! nice

BLOGGERS said...

you look so gorgeous

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►Nadush said...

You look great:)

Emma Henderson said...

You look fabulous! Loving those shoes and you can't beat a good striped top!

Emma |

James Benita said...

You look gorgeous, love the heels and denim pants.


Jointy&Croissanty said...

I adore this kind of jeans and combo with striped top, blazer and sneakers (with high heels also:) is just perfect!:)


Adrika said...

You look great!

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Iyesogie Ogieriakhi said...

3 years, wow congrats dear. The top isn't so bad so her reaction won't be so bad either.
Love the heels, they are gorgeous.
Random but when I first read the post yesterday , the pictures refused to load lol and I saw distressed jeans .. I was like no!!! Sarah can't wear distressed jeans, she won't. ..I had imagined those ones we can't afford to call jeans anymore lol.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Lol girl, you know me well

Olaa Bobade said...

I love the blazers mehn.. And your shoes.
Long,Big Feet Palava

That Ewe Gal said...

Ha My mum would say the same thing lol ^^
She calls it "you young people madness" haha
You look amazing girl. And you are rgiht. One thing amazing about blogging is the opportunity to make some great connections, even virtually with other people from all over the world. :)

tega enai said...

aahh I know the joy of having your own photographer. so congrats..
I totally love the outfit. And blazer is really cool.. Love the outfit with the heels... Gorgeous heels by the way.
How to style an ankara skirt

damie alabi said...

Photography of this look is perfect......location,editing.

Blue Adriatic said...

Totally like this casual outfit. Photos are stunning! Heels are so fab!
Kiss, Silvy

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Lol young people madness but its partly true. And yes to virtual connections.

Wumi 'Tuase said...

This is literally one of my favorite looks anyday. Those heels are mad ooo, I think I'd check out the website when I get myself financially LOL.

Linda Otiende said...

Yes, yes and yes!I love this look..and the black heels..damn!Hot!

Berry Dakara said...

I like the look a lot! I like how your style is easy and edgy.

Berry Dakara Blog

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