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So it's been over two years since I finished university, now if I were to go back to university again, though not that I would because I'm so glad it's over but if I were, there are a lot of things I would do differently. So I thought I thought I'd share a few tips to help out all my college or soon-to-be college students out there.

stripes, basics, sneakers, denim skirt

1. Is university for you?
 Let's face it university is expensive so please please makes sure it is something you want to do. Yes I know in some places like Nigeria, it's not really a matter of choice as every parent wants their child to be a graduate but trust me you don't want to waste your parent’s money or your time. University is really not meant for everyone.

2. Figure out your calling
If you're confused or unsure of what course to study, try taking time off to figure things out. Forget the societal and parental pressure for children to be lawyers, doctors and engineers and follow your heart. You don't want to venture into something that you'll be stuck with for the rest of your life. It is your life after all!

stripes, basics, sneakers, denim skirt

3. While university is a place to learn, it is really not only about the books. 
That's one area I failed in. I was in such a haste to finish as soon as possible that I pretty much neglected the fun aspect. Yes I finished faster with honors but I missed out on all the fun in school. Remember all work and no play make Jane a dull girl, see what I did there.

4. Step out of your comfort zone by meeting new people.
 It's important to network as you never know who might connect you in the future. Let me give you an example, for my first job, my company needed to hire someone with the skills that matched that of a friend's. So of course I recommended her and she was hired. It doesn't matter how great your grades are really, you can't deny that connections make things easier, especially in Nigeria.

5. Grades do matter
 Now I say this at the risk of contradicting point 4 but they really do. Grades are like your first impression, companies look at your grades and think this is a sign of how responsible you would be if hired or better yet it shows your level of commitment and dedication.

6. Learn a new skill.
 These days having multiple skills can give you the edge in the work force. Try a new language, trust me no knowledge gained is wasted. Also these type of skills can help you in getting a side job. 

7. Work towards gaining as much career experience as possible.
 It's frustrating when companies put out job postings and ask for three to five years’ work experience; I mean how do they expect a fresh graduate to have that? Now it may not be that easy getting a job but you can always try an internship, even if it's not in your field of study. It just gives you something to put on your resume.

8. Save save save and save some more
I can't stress this enough, I sometimes think of how rich I would have be right now if I had saved more from my allowance and random jobs rather than buying shoes all the time (yup, I'm a shoefie).

9. Travel as much as you can.
 Now I know what you're thinking, travel on a student budget? Well this brings me back to saving which is a great way to do that, because honestly when you start working you won't really have the time.

10. Life after university may not be what you expected 
And that's okay just as long as you don't get complacent. Life is a journey, the fact that you're not where you want to be doesn't mean you won't get there, it just means you need to work harder.

stripes, basics, sneakers, denim skirt
Photography by MideCoker

Now, what tips would you give to fresh graduates?

*PS. Pictures are totally unrelated but I never attended my graduation so I got creative.

See you next time!
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Iyesogie Ogieriakhi said...

I've something like this in my drafts, *like minds eh*.
No 1 is key. Nothing worse than realising you're in the wrong field in your 3rd year.
Girl you are really pretty, beautiful in and out. You always inspire me.

ann usman said...

gurl lol i get the chills though thinking about what my life will be like after uni
thanks for the tips!...i really have to work on number

Ada said...

True girl. You hit this on the head.


Thanks for sharing

Kachee Tee said...

These are such pretty photos! And great tips. How did I finish Uni 6 years ago! I think I'm old! Def save, travel, and network! Well said!
5 Useful Habits to Adopt this Month (and Always!)

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Yeah girl great minds think a like. And yes point 1 is key, I've met so many people who quit or changed courses right as they were about to finish. And thank you so much, you're sweet!

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Don't worry girl, everything will be find. Please work on saving, its so so so important.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks Kachee, credits to Mide, she's good. And lol you're not that old.

Isa Professional said...

We can definitely agree with these tips, it takes adjusting but it's exciting too! Your outfit is lovely too, we love your earrings!

ISA Professional

Mica T said...

These are great tips! College is a nice time to meet lots of new poeple, I think that was really good advice :)

I like your stripes and denim outfit too, I'm wearing the same thing in my latest post, it's a classic combination.

Hope you're having a great weekend :) Stop by my blog, I've got two giveaways on at the moment!

Away From The Blue Blog

Berry Dakara said...

I think all the tips are on point - although I'm a little hesitant to fully agree with #1. I know that not everyone is meant to go to university but I dare any of my children to tell me they're not going to uni... hehe, good luck being alive.

Why didn't you attend your graduation?

Berry Dakara Blog

K.C said...

Loving these tips and they are really helpful. Networking is SO important but isn't really stressed enough as it should be. And having fun is definitely necessary. You look amazing in these photos btw!! <3

Stephylately said...

Hey Sara, hope you doing well. First of all shall we address the lovely pics and your smile or laugh is beautiful. Going back to your post, 1 and 2 are important to me. If you are studying a particualr course just because you have been pressured into doing it, then you will never find any joy in doing that course at all. A calling is a combination of different things, but passion should be Priority and if you are someone studying abroad, being realistic about certain degrees and the career prospects in that field is important to take into consideration. I know of many who have done courses like Law and just sit there with there degree just wasting away because they can't find jobs in the line.
Anyway I think I have spoken enough lol. Have a blessed week.

Funke Olotu said...

Saving is so real, in my final year now and I plan on saving instead of wasting money on makeup and shoes

Great tips
Thank for sharing sarah

P.s - love your lip color

Rachel said...

Beautiful photos and great tips!

Sharron Mungazi said...

Those are some tips that may have been useful if i had come across them before going to college. I graduated 3 years ago and I agree with most of your Tips especially about college not being meant for everyone and how it's not just about the books. Some of the best lessons I know about life, I learnt about them in college. Great Post!

Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde said...

I can relate with all these points you've listed. That saving rather than buying shoes is a struggle.. Cause you give an excuse just this once and then there's the next and bla bla the circle continues lol. I also think it's sort of easier travelling while in school. Great post. I can't wait to be done tbh

Grace Alex said...

great tips! One of the earliest things any graduate can do is select the right friends

Linda Otiende said...

Well said ma'
Great post..

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Lol I feel you, I don't know how I would take it, if any of my children said they weren't going to University. And I never attended graduation because I didn't plan it properly and there were other engagements and responsibilities at that time.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Yeah K.C networking really should be encouraged and thank you

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

True true girl, friends are crucial.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Yeah girl, really wish I had saved more but I guess I just have to start now and please don;t let the excuses win

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I'm doing well thank you, lol girl yest your have. Passion and as you said career prospects are things people need to consider.Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

That's it girl you are on the right track and thank you, its from Beyond Beauty.

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