Culottes,  flared trousers,  choker, trend,  mixed prints,  stripes

Culottes,  flared trousers,  choker, trend,  mixed prints,  stripes

One of the trends that has made a major comeback is the culottes and palazzo pants trend.  And as an advocate for modest and slightly less fitted clothes, of course I have fully embraced and jumped on the culottes and flared pants trend.

Today I collaborated with Khadijah of Dimple Khadi to guide you guys on how to rock your culottes and flared trousers.

Culottes,  flared trousers,  choker, trend,  mixed prints,  stripes

Culottes,  flared trousers,  choker, trend,  mixed prints,  stripes

 While she went for a pair of flared trousers, I opted for my printed culottes previously styled in a coordinate set here.  I paired it with my striped top to go for a mix of prints.  As mentioned in my guide on how to mix prints, stripes are the easiest print to work with. I also incorporated the choker trend by converting my old bra strap into one (talk about DIY).

As mentioned in my post on dressing for your body type, a way to appear smaller is to wear slightly bigger clothes.  Now when it comes to wearing less fitted clothes like culottes and flared trousers,  stucture is key.  Notice how we both tucked in our tops, well this helps in creating balance and giving structure to the look.  Also, I added a belt to better cinch in my waist, hence creating an appearance of a curvier figure.  Do not underestimate the power of a good statement belt.  

Culottes,  flared trousers,  choker, trend,  mixed prints,  stripes

Head wrap,  pop of colour,  shirt backwards

Khadija who is from Nigeria is a medical student in Ukraine, I love her awesome conservative style and her way with head wraps.

Culottes,  flared trousers,  choker, trend,  mixed prints,  stripes

Culottes,  flared trousers,  choker, trend,  mixed prints,  stripes
Photography by Beniboba

Happy Sunday, by the way, hope you all went to church if you are a Christian. 

Culottes: Tailor Made || Top: Bangkok Street Buy || Shoes: Bangkok || Belt: Pull & Bear

Be sure to head over to her blog for more tips and learn how to rock a shirt backwards.

Head wrap,  pop of colour,  shirt backwards

Head wrap,  pop of colour,  shirt backwards
Till next time 

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So it's about that time again for Nigerian youths to obey the clarion call as they say. Now the first stage is a two weeks orientation camp which I know a lot of people are dreading.  My camp experience in Obubra, Cross River State was not so great and I wrote all about it here

*For my international readers, the national youth service program is a compulsory one year training course for all Nigerian Graduates. 

I remember last year being plagued with the uncertainty of what I was about to go through.  I had no idea what to expect or how to prepare and as such I was taken unaware by a lot if things.

So this is for you guys,  my soon to be corp members,  quick survival tips for the National Youth service orientation camp. 

Photography by Beniboba

1. Go early

You might think going late may not be such a big deal but trust me when I say, the earlier the better.  The camp dorms are usually overcrowded and as such the first people get the better accommodations.  During my time I resumed on the exact resumption date and I immediately wished I had gone a day earlier. I also remember a lot of people being sent back because they came too late.  You don't want to be like them.

2. Pack wisely 

Be sure to take all the necessary items which include: at least five sets of white shorts and shirts, a waist pouch, white sneakers, white socks, toiletries, snacks,  mosquitoe nets, insecticide, bed sheets, casual clothes, plates, cup, and cutlery. While it is important to take all the necessary items, pack as light as possible. As I mentioned in my camp story in Obubra, Cross River State upon entering the camp, the soldiers told us to carry our bags on our heads and frog jump.  You do not want to go through the predicament of trying to balance a travel bag on your head while trying to frog jump.  Also take all you can from home because everything and anything in camp is expensive including money.  Since there were no ATM machines in my camp, we were charged a 10% service fee for every withdrawal made via the POS machine. 

3. Beware of the toilets 

I'd rather not go into much detail on the toilet situation, as you can imagine this was the worst part of the whole experience. Please take all the disinfectant and detol that you possibly can. And be prepared for the worst, especially if you are posted to my camp in Obubra where the toilet is over a decade old, good luck.

4. Eat wisely

Now in camp there is a market called Mami market where you can get all the little things you need including food.  However, the cooking conditions are not so hygienic, you might want to stick with food from the kitchen, it's really not that bad if you ask me.  Another suggestion would be garri, it will be your best friend during those two weeks, at least it was mine.  

5. Participate 

Don't just go through camp being a spectator like I was, socialise,  get involved and stand out. A lot of times camp activities can influence where you get posted to.  Also getting on the good side of the officials or soldiers won't hurt either.  I knew people who got great places of primary assignment through that. 

6. Spend wisely 

Please avoid spending all your money flexing in camp or even lodging in a hotel after camp.  Unless you can afford it, be very frugal and careful.  Trust me you will need the money after the orientation camp.  So stick with the kitchen food and lodge in the family houses until you can get your own place. 

Note: If you get posted to a place you don't like,  don't worry.  All you need to do is not show up and find another place that will accept you.  

Finally go with an open mind, there are certain fun aspects of camp. I hope this was helpful to a corper in need.  What camp survival tips would you give? 

Feel free to send me an email at 

Best of luck and enjoy your service year,  you can also read up on my NYSC service year in Calabar, Cross River State.  

Till next time 

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 pencil dress, shift dress, pear shape, rectangel shape, hourglass

Learning to dress for your body type or size is perhaps one of the  most important rules of fashion that can not be overstressed. The truth is what works for Person A may not work for Person B.  Wether you are pear shaped, square shaped, rectangle shaped or having an hour glass figure, you must know what works for you.

Dressing for your body type, pencil dress, shift dress

 I met Ugo of The Beautiful Eagle Eye during my service year in Calabar and today we will be giving you guys tips on how to work and find what dress is best suited for your body type. We had so much fun too, I remember the first time we met in Calabar, it was like we had been friends for so long.

Now there are a lot of body types out there so let's not be confused. However the four basic body types which is the rectangle shape, pear shape, apple shape and hourglass shape is what we will be touching on in todays post. I indentify with a mix between a rectangle and hour glass body type. My body is proportionate but depending on how much weight I gain or loose, the curves either appear more pronounced or barely there.

 pencil dress, shift dress, pear shape, rectangel shape, hourglass

While Ugo went for a slightly less fitted bodycon pencil dress, I opted for a more forgiving shift dress. The bodycon pencil dress is great for my hourglass and pear shaped ladies because it accentuates the curves. Now if your tummy is not as flat as you want, alternate with a peplum dress or addition. Also a huge statement belt will do wonders. 

Now the shift dress is more forgiving because it flatters all body types as the dress is looser as opposed to the body con dress which is more fitted. The shift dress hides our imperfections while giving space to breath. All you have to do is find which shift dress works for you.  A great way to look smaller is to wear bigger clothes which is why I went for an A-line shift dress. Also amazing shape wear can not be over emphasized.

 pencil dress, shift dress, pear shape, rectangel shape, hourglass

Photography by Joseph Ukam 

Now if you are still unsure of what will work for your body type, look to Celebrities or bloggers that have your body size. You can also shoot me an email at I'm hear for you guys.

Both dresses were made by Ugo, I'd love to say I made my dress like this skirt here but she did most of the work, so lets give credit to whom it is due. I can't wait for her fashion label, remember she made my Ankara crop top set and this dope skater skirt

Hope you found this post helfpul, how do you dress for your body type? What dresses work for you and why? 

Be sure to follow up with Ugo on her blog here. 

You can still shop my closet at @The Vintage Connection Ng

Till next time.
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Hey guys,  so taking note of suggestions from my giveaway post,  I intend to do more posts dishing fashion tips.  Let's begin shall we? 

Are you one of those people that constantly goes through the predicament of having nothing to wear yet you have so many clothes? Do you sit in front of your wardrobe for hours trying to decide what to wear ? Well this predicament may have something to do with your wardrobe, and various style choice.

 If you identify with any of these scenarios then this post is for you. This post will outline reasons why you lack what to wear and give you tips to overcome this. Let's begin shall we?

1. You lack wardrobe basics

A lot of us struggle with finding what to wear because we lack the basic closet essentials. Whether it's a white shirt, a pencil skirt or statement belt, all these little items make dressing up a lot easier when they exist in your wardrobe.  So invest in classic and timeless pieces that can simply be styled in various ways rather than chasing after trends that will only last for a while. Still unsure of what basics to invest in? Then this list of 17 wardrobe essentials should give you a guide.

2. A Disorganized wardrobe

Having a wardrobe that is not readily accessible or disorganized could be a factor that contributes to the above predicament. You might have the basics but lack a structured wardrobe arrangement that's offers you easy access or visibility of your clothes. I find that arranging my closet according to colors, makes finding my cloths easier. Also hanging all your items rather than folding, reduces the clutter in your closet while preventing creased or rough clothes. 

3. You don't know what you have 

When you have a substantial amount of clothes, it's easy to forget what you have. This is why we sometimes find ourselves purchasing items that already exists in our collection. Hence it is important, to from time to time, take an inventory of your clothes, find out what you have and what you lack. An organized wardrobe also helps in this, so be organized.

4. An undefined style 

Until you define your style and find what works for you, you might continue to struggle with finding what to wear. A lack of personal style can contribute to buying things you might end up not wearing. So define your style and if you're still struggling with your personal style then stick to the closet basics. 

5. You have too many clothes 

Perhaps I'm stating the obvious but having too many clothes can make dressing up more difficult because you have too many choices. Funny thing is some of us are hoarders or impulse buyers who just like to store clothes. Looking through you wardrobe you might see items that you haven't worn in over 3-6 months with some being brand new items. Always take time to declutter your closet and let go of your unworn or fairly used clothes.  I did that recently in my closet sale and having less unworn clothes is such a relief.  You can still shop my closet at @The Vintage Connection Ng

6. Lack of inspiration

You might have all the basics but lack inspiration, meaning you've run out of new ways to restyling your items. I find that playing dress up helps me come up with new ways of rocking my pieces. Also fashion bloggers like me are ever so helpful with new ideas. 

That's it guys, I do hope this helped a fashionista in need. 
How do you deal with not having what to wear? And what tips help you in overcoming this predicament? Would you like to see more posts like this? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

 Till next time.
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Monochrome, highwait,  stripe,  back and white,

Monochrome, highwait,  stripe,  back and white,  dress shirt

Gold necklace,  neckpiece,  dress shirt

Looking back at my blog journey after three years (yeah Princess Audu turned three last week), one of the biggest lessons I've learnt is the importance of just starting. 

I remember when I first made the decision to blog, I didn't want to start because then I didn't have a professional camera,  I had no idea what I was doing and a lot of other things.  But I started and throughout the journey I kept adding all the things I needed then.  So what am I trying to say, just start.  Stop waiting for everything to be perfect because it never will.  Time waits for no one really and the longer you wait,  the more you miss out on life. So just start.

Monochrome, highwait,  stripe,  back and white,  dress shirt

Gold necklace,  neckpiece,  dress shirt

Monochrome, highwait,  stripe,  back and white,  dress shirt
Photography by Beniboba

How are you guys doing by the way.  Hope you had a great weekend? I see a lot of you went to the GTBank Fashion Weekend in Lagos, you Lagos people have all the fun though. One of these days, I might just move, never been there too.  

Onto the outfit, these high waist trousers is one of my favorite items I recieved from Zaful, my mom who's so picky on my clothes even complimented it. I love the fit and the quality is great for just $18.99. The item came well packaged in less than three weeks. I love the versatility of these wide leg pants previously styled here. I just styled the trousers with my tailored dress shirt and added a pop of pink.

Trousers: Zaful HERE ||Dress Shirt: Tailor made || Shoes: Thailand 

How would you style these trousers differently?  

A big thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, the winner was announced last week on Sarah Speaks . Stay tuned for more guys. 

On another note,  you can now shop my closet @The Vintage Connection Ng. I'll be restocking often so follow me on there 

Till next time 
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Looking back at my blog journey after three years (yeah Princess Audu turned three last week), one of the biggest lessons I...

You were mad,  really mad. You could feel your temper boiling and ranging. You should have walked away but no you weren't about to back down from a fight.  You didn't start it but you were going to finish it.  And then those words came flying out of my mouth.  You shouldn't have said them. There you were wincing but you just couldn't stop.  And when the bandage was riped off you walked away as guilt and regret gripped you. You should have walked away,  you should have backed down but it's too late. The page has already been torn and sorry,  the word repeatedly uttered felt unjustifiable for what had happened.

Truth is once words are said,  the can't be taken back.  Picture a torn page in a book, no matter how much you try to fix it it'll never be the same.  And all that's left is regret.

Lesson learnt: "You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry". (James 1:19)

Ever been in this position,  how did you handle it?  

On another note Princess Audu turns three today,  it's been a journey so far.  Thank you all so much. Congratulations Wumi Tuase, you are the giveaway winner.  Expect an email shortly.  Thank you all for participating.

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Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels
Photography by Beniboba

Whenever, I think of how far this blog has come, I just smile and shake my head. I'll be the first to admit that Princess Audu still has a long way to go but inspite of moments of self doubt and wanting to quit, I kept going and it is all because of you guys.

I've always wondered how different life would be without my blog. Perhaps I'll spend less money on internet bundles.  I'd probably never meet all the amazing people I've met so far and how would I have been able to collaborate with all the brands I've worked with.

This blog which started as a hobby, has turned into so much more.  I've learnt so much about myself and developed several skills through this platform. Remember I got my first job through this blog.

So this is me saying thank you. For every comment, email, share and follow, thank you.  I'm so blessed to have all of you with me on this journey.

I will be giving away this Sammydress bag which I absolutely adore, as a little token of my appreciation. All you have to do is:
•Follow me on Instagram here
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•Leave a comment stating your email, what you like about the blog, areas that need improvement and what you'd like to see more of.

*The giveaway will close Friday at 6pm and it's open nationwide. To my international readers,  I'm coming for you guys some other time.  So be sure to enter and tell a friend. The winner will be chosen at random.

Onto the outfit,  I just went for a colour blocked look in my Zaful mustard dress styled (here) and this off shoulder top which is also from Zaful, styled (here).

While the the quality of the dress is amazing, the top which is slightly inferior in quality has already started to tear. Nevertheless, I'm still impressed with the delivery, shipping and overall content of the brand.

Dress: Zaful HERE ||Top: Zaful HERE ||Bag: Sammydress HERE || Shoes: Zara

Till next time!

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Full outfit post here 

I came across a post I wrote two years ago and as I read it, it just spoke to me afresh so I thought why not share. 

Ever associate with certain people and after sometime find yourself unconsciously talking or acting like them? I touched on this in a post on the company you keep but now think of how the various forms of media we expose ourselves has a way of influencing us. 

So let me challenge you now as I ask you one simple question, "what do you think about when you're alone?"  
The music, movies and books we expose ourselves to might seem harmless on the surface but when you read between the lines or look deep within you might discover than they mean so much more. 

The truth is what we choose to meditate on matters because it shapes our attitude and that's eventually what we become. I am also talking to myself when I say this, we need to really censor what we allow our eyes to see. Its a constant struggle but God's grace is sufficient for us.

"And now dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise"

(Philippians 4:8 NLT )

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Hey guys!
Happy new month! I still can't believe we're in the eleventh month of 2016, before you know it we'll be saying happy 2017.  A big shout out to God for keeping us and bringing us to this point, he is faithful.

How was your October? Mine was just there though a big highlight was finally completing my nysc service year which I wrote all about here.  

Plans for a wardrobe sale,  I'm trying to declutter and create more closet space for new items. I think it's high time for a wardrobe revamp.

Too much starch, especially fried yam (my favorite dish) and it's starting to show a bit.  Time to get back to the workouts.

More lemon tea, it's like life does not make sense without it.

To skip the whole life struggle and just get to the easy part of life already.

The purpose driven life by Rick Warren.  Read the book a couple years ago after my Dad challenged me too.  This time however,  I thought why not voluntarily reread it and actually do it right. 

 My usual gospel playlist.

I had followed through on a lot of my 2016 goals,  it's not too late though. How are you guys doing with your resolutions.

Time spent catching up with family and friends.

For a couple more breakthroughs before the year ends.

At how fast the year has gone by. Still can't believe we're in October already.

Less white because Abuja is way too dusty.  You're girl can't be doing laundry all the time.

How quiet some of my blog reader are getting.  Where are you guys?

How to drive finally. My class ends this week and I just can't wait to get on the road and tour the city. 

That everything will be fine no matter how daunting or challenging the situation may be.  The waiting process just sucks.

Grateful for everything.

Of which church department to join.  I'm thinking choir but the commitment and uniform stress though. 

When Nigerians started celebrating Halloween.  Growing up in Israel,  we participated in the celebrations at school until my parents found out the meaning of the holiday and stopped us. 
And since then it stuck with me, I've always associated the holiday with African technology (witchcraft)

Bag: Sammydress || Trouser: Zaful HERE

What have you guys been up to lately?

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