Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels

Off shoulder trend,  pencil mustard dress,  a full,  Zara,  chunky heels
Photography by Beniboba

Whenever, I think of how far this blog has come, I just smile and shake my head. I'll be the first to admit that Princess Audu still has a long way to go but inspite of moments of self doubt and wanting to quit, I kept going and it is all because of you guys.

I've always wondered how different life would be without my blog. Perhaps I'll spend less money on internet bundles.  I'd probably never meet all the amazing people I've met so far and how would I have been able to collaborate with all the brands I've worked with.

This blog which started as a hobby, has turned into so much more.  I've learnt so much about myself and developed several skills through this platform. Remember I got my first job through this blog.

So this is me saying thank you. For every comment, email, share and follow, thank you.  I'm so blessed to have all of you with me on this journey.

I will be giving away this Sammydress bag which I absolutely adore, as a little token of my appreciation. All you have to do is:
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•Leave a comment stating your email, what you like about the blog, areas that need improvement and what you'd like to see more of.

*The giveaway will close Friday at 6pm and it's open nationwide. To my international readers,  I'm coming for you guys some other time.  So be sure to enter and tell a friend. The winner will be chosen at random.

Onto the outfit,  I just went for a colour blocked look in my Zaful mustard dress styled (here) and this off shoulder top which is also from Zaful, styled (here).

While the the quality of the dress is amazing, the top which is slightly inferior in quality has already started to tear. Nevertheless, I'm still impressed with the delivery, shipping and overall content of the brand.

Dress: Zaful HERE ||Top: Zaful HERE ||Bag: Sammydress HERE || Shoes: Zara

Till next time!

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I like the the top

ARAMIDE said...

I really love the blend of inspiration, gospel and style. I always look forward to your posts because of that. I think I'll love to see more of "Sarah speaks" as it gives us the readers a little bit of insight into your life and your thoughts. It's also a tmway of connecting with us. For areas that need improvement, I'm not sure I have seen anything for now.
Having said that, I love your outfit, the shoes especially.

Wumi 'Tuase said...

Giveaway!!!! I like your blog because apart from the style inspiration it gives (yes I draw inspo from you LOL), I can connect a bit with the inspiration and faith aspects. I like that you are so open yet there's a certain mystery there. I have not seen any areas that need improvement, your blog is easy to navigate but I think I'd like to see you collaborate with other bloggers. I have followed you ooo, *pick me pick me pick me please* LOL. Email

En_kay said...

I love how honest your blog this. The fact that you don't join societal trends in the name of blogging and am not saying this because it's a giveaway.
As for improvement, I think bringing back your tips on fashion sounds nice.
Meanwhile can I finally win a giveaway...let me know my village people are not against

Lovely dress..and am praying to win that bag.

Grace Alex said...

This picture is so cool, loved how you switched up the style

Stephylately said...

I remember whilst you were still abroad studying and I came across your blog . Your blog has really evolved with time and you recently switched up the template . You have a great variety of topics and that makes you likeable because you are true to yourself through your dressing and spiritual posts . I can't think of any areas of improvement, I definitely think you are not recognised as well as you should. Linda Ikeji has nothing on you lol , sssssh don't tell her I said that .

Thonia Okonji said... I love the blog particularly "Sarah's speak" so much because i connect deeply with how you talk about life and it's lessons and how to overcome certain difficulties. You are also my style icon as I get fashion inspiration from you, your photography is top notch and girl I still haven't gotten over how you get to take your pictures yourself. For where to improve, I can't see any aspect and I'll love more style posts and posts on Sarah's speak!!'

Carla Florendo said...

you are awesome babe. don't ever think of quitting! i love what you do and i'm in complete agreement with all that you said!!!

oh and, the top!! you own one too, totally twinning =)

xo, Carla

nicolenyasha said...

That bag😍😍😍

Tobi Akinmade said...

I love the colours and I want that bag��

Evita O. Enwefah said...

Yaay! Giveaway! Your blog was among the first fashion blogs I started reading before I went for NYSC in 2014 and you inspired me in so many ways that led me to start my own blog. Your content is very relatable and I admire your style so much. You're doing a good job Sarah. And I like how you switched things up with your shirt in this outfit. Gorgeous! My email address is

Evita In Progress

Karen said...

I love your blog because of the blend of faith and style. I would love to see more Sarah Sarah speaks as we get to know what's going on in your head.

My email address is

tega enai said...

Love how you creatively styled this outfit. The top, gown, sandals and bag is really gorgeous..

Tega Enai Blog
Fashion | Lifestyle | Everything In Between

Twigs said...

Love this look! You pull it off so good it's awsome!


Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thank you all so much for the feedback and comments. It's it's duly noted.

Ijenna Osuji said...

Awww. The bag is so cute!!!

On quiting and nostalgia, I feel ya. I'm marveled at how far my blog has come too. Your blog was one of the first Style blogs I started reading and you inspire me.

I quite like Zaful too.

My Go-To Dress

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Aww thanks so much that means a lot girl

Loveeza Iqbal said...

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