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It's that time of the year again, everyone's just running around trying to create that perfect moment. Growing up, my family never really bothered with the whole Christmas craze and the older I get, the less it feels like Christmas. Now I don't know how you celebrate the festivities but here in my dear country Nigeria, its madness.

Everyone wants to sport new hairdos, outfits and cook for the whole nation. In fact markets and general movements are horrible around this time. It seems that the more we get wrapped up in celebrating with that Christmas rice, chicken, and gifts, the more we forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas to me is the celebration of the birth, life and miracle of my Jesus (#proudchristian). It's a time of giving, not necessarily in only tangible terms but also in intangible things like love and time. It's a time to reflect and be thankful for life and the chance to celebrate something so miraculous as the birth of Christ.

At the end of the day, it's the little things that matter and go a long way. As we celebrate this season I challenge us to look deeper and not get lost in the materialism of the festivities.

P.S. I will be eating rice as usual as I thank God that we can still afford some of these comforts, in this economic recession.

What does Christmas mean to you? How will you be celebrating?

Compliments of the season!
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Collins Badewa said...

In my home, Christmas is almost like a normal day except that we eat rice almost all day. I just feel it loses its meaning as the years go by. People are usually about the parties these days.

subomi salami said...

I love this post as I also feel most people, me included simply get lost in the festivities and forget Jesus is the reason fr the season!

Subomi|My Fashion Musings

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Compliments of the season to you too, Sarah! x

/ O.R.R. - Life & Style Journal

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

That's so true, compliments of the season Collins

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thank you, may we always remember why we celebrate Christmas.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Compliments of the season dear.

Wumi 'Tuase said...

I feel like our generation is more about the parties than the main reason for the season (JESUS) and then the whole pomp of Christmas while growing up is gently dying, sad.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Yeah girl, the whole Christmas spirit thing is quite sad. I've always remembered Christmas in Nigeria, being different.

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