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Hey guys
Who ever said this 9-5 life was easy. I've been so out of the loop, it's taking me time to figure out how to consistently blog with an actual job. I'm not going to complain though, it's a learning experience. If you read my NYSC story you would already know where I was posted to.

Now onto the outfit, scarfs are great for adding that extra twist to an outfit. In my inspiration post on styling scarfs, I mentioned how scarfs can be used in place of a necklace and that's exactly what I did in this outfit. This lovely yellow scarf is from The Vintage Closet, remember how I styled my crop top from them here. The Vintage Closet makes thrifting easier and so much more convenient.

You can contact the Vintage Closet on facebook/Instagram as well as other platforms @Vintagecloset9ja.They are based in Abuja but ship nationwide

How do you like to rock scarfs?

Shorts: Levi || Blazer: Vintage || Scarf: Vintage Closet || Heels: Zara

Just an update on posting schedules. Monday is for outfit posts while Fridays will be for "Sarah Speaks". I might throw in a post in the middle of the week depending.

I've had this post sitting in my drafts for way too long

 Central Area Abuja, Nigeria

 "Is Nigeria the worst country to be born in?"
A debate I came across on TV some time ago. While the Show Commentators were split in their responses I'll never forget what one of the men said.” If I were in another country, I would be more than I am today (mind-set, mind-set, mind-set). As someone who has spent most of her life abroad, I find his view skewered and quite sad. We all know Nigeria has a long way to go but if people had any idea of what life abroad is like (people are suffering o), then they wouldn't be in such a haste to leave home. The grass is greener on the other side as they say. 

We often feel like if we had the opportunities other people had we would do this or that but what makes us think this way? The question is what are you doing with what you have now? Most Nigerians keep waiting for the government to give them things while they suffer. People like Dangote (Nigerian Billionaire) took matters into their own hands which is why they are where they are today.

Nothing in this world comes easy, so you have to work for it. I can go on and on about stories of people I have met or stories my dad has told me about the state of Nigerians (among other nations) abroad. Most go in the pursuit of greener pastures and end up doing unimaginable things just to make money. A lot of people are suffering outside, with no family, food, visa or even money to come back home. 

I know the news is not encouraging, with the dollar rate so high, oil prices falling and the rest but there is no place like home. Sure abroad may have some comforts that Nigeria lacks but we are getting there (positivity). I have faith in this country and want to try my best to make it here. After all, others are doing it, why can't I?  Life abroad is not for everyone! While I could go on and on about this topic, I'll save this for another post but let me know your thoughts on this?

Which brings me to my next point, your mind-set determines how far you go in life. It really doesn't matter where you are but what you do. In the words of my mother “It doesn't matter where you are, if God wants to bless you he will bless you! Look at Joseph from the Bible, he was sentenced to prison yet he became the second-in-command to the king (Genesis 41:37 - 44).

Aim high and don’t let anything hold you back. With God on your side there is absolutely nothing you can't do! In the words of my father “Location is not destiny!”

"Wherever you go and whatever you do, yo will be blessed" (Deuteronomy 28:6 NLT)

If you missed the first Edition of 'Sarah Speaks' then be sure to check it out here. I appreciate all the comments and have replied to all. Be sure to leave all your thoughts below.

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First of all these are pants okay. Now let's begin, if you refer to my recent post on 2016 trends, you would note that flares is one of the trends I was looking forward to rocking.   Today I decided to style these awesome printed vintage flared trousers in a basic way. You wouldn't believe the price of these babies, vintage for the win! 

Don't you just love the vintage look of this location? I took these shots at the Hope Waddell Learning Institution Calabar. It was built in 1895, how cool is that?  While taking these shots I had the audience of some of the students and they insisted I take their pictures, that never gets old. I look forward to exploring more places in this ancient city. So for all my Cross Riverians, help a sister out. What places are great for site seeing.

Top: Thailand || Pants: Vintage || Heels: Zara || Necklace: H&M

How would you style these pants? 
Thank you all so much for your comments in the first edition of 'Sarah Speaks'. It's comforting to know that some of you out there were able to relate with my struggles.  

Photography by Peter Audu

Do you ever have moments when you absolutely love your body? And then other moments when you don't really like what you see? Well I do. These shots were taken last year while I was visiting Thailand, but I never posted them because I didn't like the way my body looked. Growing up, I wasn't exactly thin but neither was I fat. I was never really happy with my weight though, especially since I didn't have a flat tummy. All that changed when I joined the fitfam in 2013 and I was consistent for over a year. But now it's getting harder and harder and I'm at that point where I have to force it.  I may be struggling with my weight now but it's okay. 

 I've learnt to accept my body for what is, while still working on toning my muscles and shedding some extra pounds. I'll always be an inner fatty but this just means that I'll have to work harder to stay in shape because I love food and it shows when I neglect my workouts. At the end of the day you've just got to keep pushing because "if you don't like something about yourself, change it and if you can't change it, learn to accept it".

This is something I would have worn back in the day. I say back in the day because at the moment I prefer my skirts below my knees. And no this is not a dress, it's two separate pieces, see the importance of closet basics? Though it seems I have a way of making you think I have more dresses, remember this look here, here and here.

Would you rock this look?
Thought I'd start a new series to share my thoughts on the blog. I'm still not so sure of the title "Sarah Speaks" any suggestions?
If you remember in 2014 I did a post on trends that should be left behind. Now looking back at fashion trends in 2015, I can say it was a great year fashion-wise, you'd think most people actually listened to me. This year instead of leaving behind these trends, I'd like to see them continually embraced. So this is just a list of the trends that I hope to see in 2016.

1. Flares/ Bell Buttoms

2. Finge see full inspiration Post

3. Belted Scarf

4. Khaki Military Trend 

 5. Midi's 

6. Fall Vests 
See full inspiration Post
7. Hats 
8. Culottes 
Princess  Audu

What trends would you like to see in 2016?

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The moral decadence in our society is quite sad and alarming.  One is now criticized for actually having strong principles. Where is our generation going to? The question I keep asking myself. There was a time where people were admired for having standards. But now a lack of them seems to have become the status quo. People expect you to join them in doing whatever, no matter if it's wrong or right. One is now questioned and scoffed at for being different. It is unfortunate, they tell you to be different then condemn you for not being like them.

I have been called uptight, because of my selectiveness of the type of people I associate with. I've been told that I don't know how to have fun because I don't feel the need to go clubbing. The trick is to not pay these people any mind. It may be hard at times but always stay true to who you are. Just because everyone is doing something, that does not make it right. Stick with what you're comfortable with because at the end of the day you have to face yourself. You get the privilege of seeing yourself in the mirror every day for the rest of your life.
So don't be afraid to standout.

Now on a lighter note, I've never been a fan of mathematics, especially not geometry but the different variations of squares is what attracted me to this shirt. I decided to go for a monochrome look with my black Jeggings and then added a pop of red. This is a simple outfit than can easily be dressed down with either sneakers or flats as shown above.

Shirt, Jeggings: Vintage|| Purse: Thailand || Shoes: New Look

How would you style this graphic shirt?

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God 
(Romans 12:2 NKJV)


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Photograpy by Me The moral decadence in our society is quite sad and alarming.  One is now criticized for actua...

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Happy 2016!
This is the year to break forth on all sides. I want to make things happen rather than wait for them to happen. I want to do more and say less. The plan is to set goals and work towards them. If you failed in your resolutions last year then try doing things differently. It's all about learning from our mistakes like I talked about in my last post on 2015 lessons, be sure to check that out.

Now onto the outfit. I can't begin to stress the importance of building a wardrobe with basics. Closet essentials are a must-have as it allows you to pull together quick outfit fixes like this midi-skirt and top combo. I would rock this to church or a date night you?

Skirt,Top: Thailand || Heels: Zara || Necklace: H&M

May God favour you in all your endeavours this year!
What are some of your resolutions?


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  Photography by Me Happy 2016! This is the year to break forth on all sides. I want to make things happen rather than wait ...