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culottes, vintage fashion, pumps

how to style culottes

culottes, fashion, trends, 2016

culottes, trend, vintage


culottes, pumps
Photography by Beniboba 

Hey guys, how are we all doing?
So we are back with a vintage inspired post. Now we all know my love for vintage, especially culottes which have been trending for a while now.
 I got this pair sometime back for about 400 Naira ($1), yup that's right. This has to be my favorite pants ever. I Initially styled the culottes for a night time look in this post, then featured it in my collaboration with Grace and Tuke here. Now my all time favorite look with these culottes was when I rocked them with bold colors and stripes here

This time around though I went all out with the vintage theme by pairing it with a bow blouse and nude pumps. By the way for those wondering these pictures were taken at Marina Resort, Calabar
What was your favorite look?

Apologies for the pix-elated pictures guys, I'm sorting it out.

See you next time!
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Hey beautiful people!
Hope you all had a blessed and productive week


At times in life we tend to forget important things. Now one way that helps me remember those things is this little blog right here. And from time to time I like to go back and look at my posts which at one point or the other inspired me.  So this is five things to always remember.

1. Every experience in life is an avenue to learn something new. Remember how I learned a bunch of stuff from falling flat on my ass in an inspirational fall.

2.Every day is an opportunity to do something great , learn to make the most of every opportunity life offers you before the thief called death steals it away.

3. Stop worrying about the opinions of other people and make decisions that make you happy because at the end of the day they only remember you when you are gone.

4. Just because everyone is doing something, that does not make it right, always stick to what you are comfortable with because at the end of the day it is always good to stand out for the right reasons.

5. Always surround yourself with people that will positively impact you because the company you keep can either build you up or break you down.

What five things should we always remember?

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ankara, african print, african inspired, skater skirt, collar necklace, nigeria ankara designs

skater skirt, ankara, african print
collar necklace, african print, ankara, collar necklace,
collar necklace, african print, ankara, collar necklace,
collar necklace, african print, ankara, collar necklace,

collar necklace, african print, ankara, collar necklace,
 Photography by Beniboba 

Hey guys, how have you been?
This post should have been up on Monday but circumstances beyond my control led us to this point right here.

So today we are back with another how would you wear collaboration. This time around we went for the theme African inspired which to me means bold prints, particularly ankara and kente print. Now this flared ankara skater skirt was made by fellow blogger Ugo, who also made my ankara coordinates set.

When it comes to African prints, I've always preferred separate pieces as the prints can be quite bold. Hence I paired the skirt with a basic black crop top, styled in a makeshift jumpsuit. I'm not sure know if you guys noticed the bobby pin on the top but in my defense the boobage was way too much. Now to finish the look off I went for my collar necklace which was all the rage in 2014 and of course my shoes from Sammy dress, styled in my closet essentials post. 

 Skirt: Ugo// Top: Random // Shoes: Sammydress // Necklace: Pull and Bear.

On another note, I've been thinking about the 2016 Rio Olympics which just came to a close.  Just watching the participants using their gifts and receiving praise and support from fans just made me smile. God created each of us with special gifts and talents and I could help but think how amazing it must feel to use your gifts to make people happy. 

Thank you all so much for the amazing feedback on last weeks Sarah speaks on Loneliness and Self love 

Be sure to check out the other Ladies 
 Grace |
Esther | Style Krush
Outfit details here 

Hey Beautiful people!

My apologies for slacking on this segment, honestly this segment takes more time than others but sometimes it seems that it’s not as appreciated?

Moving on, ever sit in a place surrounded by people but still feel lonely or left out? Or better yet, ever sit by yourself and yet still feel so comfortable. In other words you are alone but not lonely. 

Lets begin by defining the terms “lonely” and “alone” before moving on. 
Feeling Lonely is being sad because one has no friends or company, while being alone is having no one else present with you.

Growing up I always thought I was a people person and in some ways I still am but those moments by myself, spent thinking about life, listening to good music, watching a movie, reading a good book or mediating on God’s word are just so peaceful and amazing.

People still find it weird when I take myself out or simply want to hang with myself. But I'll always say it's better to be alone than to be with others and still feel lonely.

Again not everyone is the same but at the end of the day, the only way you can be really and truly comfortable with yourself is to love you. I'm sure you've all seen dozens of posts taking about self love but it can never be overemphasized.

How do you feel or what thoughts come to mind when you look at yourself in a mirror?
 Because when all is said and done and you're on your own, how will you cope? Can you cope?

but I want you to know that 
Your are loved
You are important 
And you matter.
You are never truly alone
God is omnipresent 
He loves us
He loves you

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.
( John 3:16 NIV)

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70s dress, polkadots, flare, zara, choies, vintage dress

70s dress, polkadots, flare, zara, choies, vintage dress

70s dress, polkadots, flare, zara, choies, vintage dress

70s dress, polkadots, flare, zara, choies, vintage dress
Photography by Beniboba 

Hey beautiful people, how are we all doing? How was your weekend?
Mine was cool, I went to see the Abritation featuring Ireti Doyle, OC Ukeje and Adesua Etomi and I have to say I was impressed. Because honestly, I gave up on our Nollywood movies ages ago but we have seriously gone a long way. While the movie was a bit boring,  the cinematography, screenplay and the styling of the actors and actresses was on point. So guys should definitely check it out and let me know you thoughts.

Anyways, I don't know if you guys have been staying up to date with the 2016 Rio Olympics, now I've been catching up with snippets online because well I'm a news person after all. So I was watching the 100 metre race, which Usain Bolt won for the third time in a row. Looking at the runners you would see that he didn't start first and initially he wasn't in the lead but he still won. This got me thinking about life, not everyone that starts first finishes first. So stop comparing your pace in life to that of others and stay in your lane. 

Now onto the outfit, we all know my love for anything vintage. In my post on a broke chics guide to staying fashionable, I mentioned tailored clothes as a way to kill it on a budget. Hence I purchased this polka-dot material sometime back and gave it to my tailor Cece who did justice to the design, remember she made this co-ord set as well. In total the dress cost about 3k, see my point! For styling, I just went for my Zara sandals and Choies shades. On a casual day, I went for my sneakers styled here and also my Gafa Sandals featured in this Post

Dress: Tailor made for 3k// Shoes: Zara // Shades: Choies
How would you style the dress differently?

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Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top, Calabar, Cross River State

Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top, midi skirt, Aline, Calabar Cross River State

Vintage Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top, midi skirt, Aline

Calabar Cross River state, landmark

Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top,

Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top, midi skirt, Aline, Calabar, Cross River state

Romwe, white, lace, summer, crop top,
Photography by Beniboba 

Hey guys so I'm back today with another bloggers collaboration. If you remember one of my goals for this year was to collab more and so far so good but I still need to step it up.

Now I'd like you guys to meet Olivia of Thatewegal, she is from Togo, and based in France. Again can I say how much I love virtual connections, yes.

Now the theme was a summer time interpretation of the 70's Aline midi skirt. It's no secret that I love clothing from way back and this vintage skirt right here is no stranger on the blog as I've styled it here, here and here. I decided to pair the skirt with this lace top I received from Romwe($17.99). The shipping took about two weeks, the item was packaged nicely and the quality is okay,  not exactly what I was expecting. I do love the delicateness of the lace and the crochet patterns. 

While, Olivia went for a more laid back look I opted for something a bit dressier but note how we both rocked lace tops, nothing says summer other than lace in my opinion. Don't you just love the delicateness of lace?

Skirt:Vintage || Shirt:Romwe (Here) || Sandals: Zara

I untucked the blouse to show you the full top but I somehow prefer the second look.what about you guys, tucked in or untucked?

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Head over to Thatewegal for more details

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

shades, sunglasses

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

Sammydress, heels, black

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes

black blazer, high waist skinny jeans, black sneakers, stripes
Photography by Beniboba 

Hey guys, how are you doing?

So after almost three years of blogging (yup its been that long) Princess Audu hit a huge milestone last week and I cant help but feel so grateful and excited. When I made the decision to launch this blog, I never knew it would be part of my journey to self discovery. There I was thinking I wasn't ready and I didn't have this or that but I started regardless. And trust me I've learnt so many life lessons and met some amazing people along the way. So what am I saying?
Well stop waiting for everything to be perfect and just start! 

Now one of the amazing people I've met is Anita who is also a corper posted to Calabar, Cross River State. Apparently she stumbled on my NYSC camp story. Now after talking back and forth, she volunteered to help out with my pictures as she is a budding photographer. I love virtual connection's don't you?  And For the first time in a while, it feels good to address my photography to someone else because as much as like taking my own pictures, as I mentioned in my blog photography post, having someone behind the camera is always preferably

Anyways, in the spirit of fashion blogging the outfit must be discussed. Now I can't stress the importance of wardrobe basics as I listed out the 17 wardrobe essentials in this post. So I received this black blazer ($13.07) from Sammysdress, I love the slightly oversize fit, lapels and buttons on the sleeve. I received the heels($16.78) from Sammysdress as well and I can't wait to over rock these babies. Despite the bad reviews I've read about this company, my experience with them was quite pleasant. I received my items in under two weeks and they were packaged quite well.

Jeans|| Calabar Market || Blazer: Sammysdress (Here) || Sneakers: Random ||Stripe top: Mr Price || heels: Sammysdress: (Here)

You can follow Sammydress on Facebook and Instagram
Totally random but I'm just here picturing my moms reaction to these distressed (torn) jeans lol because according to her she never understood why people bought jeans and then proceeded to tear them. 

See you on Wednesday for another outfit post!

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sneakers, pencil skirt, tassle, midi skirt

sneakers, pencil skirt

sneaker, midi skirt, tassle, crop top

crop top, midi pencil skirt, tassles, sneakers

pencil skirts, crop top, tassle

tassles, midi skirt
Photography by me

Hey beautiful people, happy new month!
And again how times flies, before you know we'll be saying happy 2017!
May God give us the strength and grace to accomplish all our goals this year.
So my sister recently said something that struck me, if time was the currency of the world I'd be poor. This got me wondering about how I spend my time seeing as the year is just flying by and I still have a lot to accomplish. It really is easier to complain about it but I've just got to get stuff done. Now if time were the currency of the world, how rich or poor would your be?

How was your weekend by the way? Mine was great, though I had a good fall, which I wrote about on Sarah Speaks. Today I thought I'd embrace the tassels and fringe trend with my vintage crop top which I paired with my midi pencil skirt styled here and here.

Lately I've been embracing comfort over style so I opted for my black sneakers rather than heels.

Top: Vintage// Skirt: Thailand // Sneakers: Street Buy// Necklace: Pull and bear  

How would you styled this top differently?
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