Hey beautiful people! How are you all doing? Now if you follow me on Instagram at Princessaudu, then you know that earlier this month, I travelled to Obudu mountain resort, one of the top tourist spots in Nigeria and Cross River State. 

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

I had wanted for a very long time to visit this tourist spot after seeing it on television countless times. And we all know that NYSC took me to Cross River state and Obudu intially. So when my friend and colleague, Mary who is a native of Obudu invited me over, of course I said yes. 

Now The trip to obudu from calabar is about 5-7 hours, give or take. It depends on a lot of things but most importantly the road and transport company.  Ayade motors is more reliable and affordable (only 1,500 naira). The ranch itself is located in Obaliku, another local government area of Obudu. We hired a private cab to take us to the resort as the cable car is broken and this offered us a better chance to tour the ranch. My friend stays in Obudu town so it was about an hour drive. The terrain is filled with devil bends so an experienced driver is a must.

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

We paid an entrance fee at the gate and On arriving at the reception, we were told to pay for a tour guide and some other stuff, to which my friend experienced shock as this was the first time she faced this after coming there over five times. You all know Nigeria sha.

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

It was quite foggy, though it wasn't as cold as I was told it usually is. The temperature however, dropped as we moved higher up the terrain. I mean the sun was shinning brightly but then it was gone.

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

 We also paid for the canopy walk (300 per head) but please don't bother if you have a fear for heights. A lot of our companions chickened out at the end it was quite hilarious, sorry.

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar
The views from the mountains were stunning, the pictures don't do it justice. It was all so peaceful and I was constantly reminded of the awesomeness of God. Talk about God being an artist.

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar
 Learnt these beautiful cabins here were about 70k per night about $200 dollars.
travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, obudu cattle ranch, Nigeria, calabar

travel, cross river state, tourism, Nigeria, calabar
We also visited the Obudu Dam resort which my friend noted had unfortunately changed since the last time she came. 

dam, cross river state, Nigeria, travel, tourism

 Shout out to my girl Mary for being the best host ever. I had an amazing time. I do hope the state government recommits to this project because it is an awesome place.

Photography by me

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at princessaudu@gmail.com or on all my social media handles below. I will be putting up another post with more details and tips on how to go about a trip to Obudu cattle ranch.
Check out my blog photography post for details about how and what I use to take my pictures. I previously styled this Sheinside sweater in a dressier look here.

For more experiences on the mountain resort check out Tee of diveintomauve and Ugo of beautiful-eagle. Have you been to the ranch? please share your experience? 

See you all next time! 
denim skirt, dress shirt, kimono, chambray

Kimono shirt, denim, zara, cat eye frames

denim skirt, dress shirt, kimono, chambray

denim skirt, dress shirt, kimono, chambray

denim skirt, dress shirt, kimono, chambray

denim shirt, khaki, chambray shirt

denim skirt, dress shirt, kimono, chambray
Photography by A.A

Hey Beautiful people, hope we're all doing great and are in high spirits?

The other day, I sat down thinking and evaluating my progress this year as I marked my 22nd birthday, remember I listed out twenty two lessons learnt so far. And do you know I was so shocked to see that there were so many blessings and awesome things that I forgot to thank God for. It's funny, how we spend so much time complaining about the have nots that we forget about all the amazing things we have. We really need to pray and learn to have a heart of gratitude, contentment and praise (Psalm 103:2).

Now, I often get asked why I dont include male fashion on my blog. My response is always, well it's not my area of expertise or interest and I believe most of my readers are female anyways, shoutout to the few male readers and please say hi. Moving on, today I thought I'd partner with my colleague Daniel, to show you guys how to style denim for both male and female. 

Denim is one of those pieces that's is just so versatile. It can be dressed up or down and it works for all genders and age groups. As you can see we both went for a semi casual interpretation of the trend. While I opted for my Sheinside denim skirt styled here, Daniel went for a chambray shirt on top a khaki pair of trousers. I decided to keep things cool in a kimono skirt amd added a pair of cat eye frames to make things more interesting.

Skirt: Sheinside (sold out, similar) || Kimono shirt: Tailor made || Shoes: Zara || Cat eye frames: Street Buy

Now what's your go-to denim pairing?
And would you like to see more posts like this? 

See you next time!
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Hey guys! So yesterday I marked my 22nd birthday anniversary, weird but somehow I've always felt older.

 While I'm not the crazy birthday type or one to turn up at the club, my office has a tradition of celebrating birthdays. So they bought me a cake, a couple snacks and drinks and we had a small party. I also recieved gifts and treats form well meaning friends and colleagues. This was Probably one of my best birthdays ever. So shoutout to all of you guys!

Now, in all my 22 years on this earth I can say it's been nothing short of Gods underserved favor and I'm thankful. So today I thought since I'm older and wiser, why not share 22 life lessons.

Ankara skirt styled here

 Hold on to God, put him first in everything! 
Smile more, you look so much better anyways.
Always do what makes you happy and goes with your conceince.
Never, and I repeat never compromise your beliefs and values to suit your situation or others.
Genuine friends are like priceless jewels, rare but like a treasure when found.
Laugh more and don't take things too seriously.
Excersice more, it's good for you!

Beware of who you trust and confide in because some people are just out there to betray you.
Always work to improve yourself.
Never get complacent, keep challenging yourself.
 Love will find you when you least expect it.
Trust God in everything no matter how bleak the situation may be, he never fails.

Save more and stop depending and on material things!
Make a concious and consistent effort to get closer to God.
 Don't take things for granted!
Give more!
 It's okay to be selfish and think of yourself at times.
Talk less, do more. Let your actions preceed yours words.
Stay true to yourself no matter how hard it gets.
Stop comparing yourself to others, because you are enough !
Never stop believing and staying positive because faith can take you a long way.
Last but not least you are perfect in your imperfections, God loves you and created you for a divine and extraordinary purpose. You were not made to be a mediocre but to be great.

Happy birthday to me!
Now what tip would you stress or emphasize on?

By the way did I mention that I feel so old now. 

See you next time!
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sweater, fall weather, shades of grey
 sweater, shades of grey, Zara, she-inside, fall

sweater fall essential, fall essentials

Dressing for fall weather

shades of grey, oversize sweater

pop of colour, skinny jeans, shades of grey

oversize sweater
Photography by A.A
Hey guys, how was your weekend?
I spent mine stocking up content for the blog and of course working as usual but it'll soon be over (P.O.P) things.

Moving on to today's outfit, while it may be cooling down in other parts of the world, it is slowly warming up in Nigeria. However I wanted to forget the climate and rock the style. Now the lovely people at Shein sent me this  chunky knit weater, remember our first collab here featuring a denim skirt?  I love the oversize fit of the sweater, it's so comfy and the quality is great for just $25. Oh and the off shoulder look is a plus too, I know I'm late but hey I wanted to be part of the bandwagon.

If you follow me on Instagram @PrincessAudu then you probably would have already seen how I dressed down this outfit for my trip to Obudu resort (post coming soon). Today I just went for a pop of red with my Zara sandals and a touch of edge with a necklace. Another way to style the Shein sweater or make it more fall appropriate, it to layer a denim shirt underneath or a leather jacket over it?

How would you style this differently and how are your preparing for fall?

Sweater: Shein  Here// Jeans: Random Buy // Shoes: Zara // Necklace: H&M

See you next time!
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Hey beautiful people!
So it's been over two years since I finished university, now if I were to go back to university again, though not that I would because I'm so glad it's over but if I were, there are a lot of things I would do differently. So I thought I thought I'd share a few tips to help out all my college or soon-to-be college students out there.

stripes, basics, sneakers, denim skirt

1. Is university for you?
 Let's face it university is expensive so please please makes sure it is something you want to do. Yes I know in some places like Nigeria, it's not really a matter of choice as every parent wants their child to be a graduate but trust me you don't want to waste your parent’s money or your time. University is really not meant for everyone.

2. Figure out your calling
If you're confused or unsure of what course to study, try taking time off to figure things out. Forget the societal and parental pressure for children to be lawyers, doctors and engineers and follow your heart. You don't want to venture into something that you'll be stuck with for the rest of your life. It is your life after all!

stripes, basics, sneakers, denim skirt

3. While university is a place to learn, it is really not only about the books. 
That's one area I failed in. I was in such a haste to finish as soon as possible that I pretty much neglected the fun aspect. Yes I finished faster with honors but I missed out on all the fun in school. Remember all work and no play make Jane a dull girl, see what I did there.

4. Step out of your comfort zone by meeting new people.
 It's important to network as you never know who might connect you in the future. Let me give you an example, for my first job, my company needed to hire someone with the skills that matched that of a friend's. So of course I recommended her and she was hired. It doesn't matter how great your grades are really, you can't deny that connections make things easier, especially in Nigeria.

5. Grades do matter
 Now I say this at the risk of contradicting point 4 but they really do. Grades are like your first impression, companies look at your grades and think this is a sign of how responsible you would be if hired or better yet it shows your level of commitment and dedication.

6. Learn a new skill.
 These days having multiple skills can give you the edge in the work force. Try a new language, trust me no knowledge gained is wasted. Also these type of skills can help you in getting a side job. 

7. Work towards gaining as much career experience as possible.
 It's frustrating when companies put out job postings and ask for three to five years’ work experience; I mean how do they expect a fresh graduate to have that? Now it may not be that easy getting a job but you can always try an internship, even if it's not in your field of study. It just gives you something to put on your resume.

8. Save save save and save some more
I can't stress this enough, I sometimes think of how rich I would have be right now if I had saved more from my allowance and random jobs rather than buying shoes all the time (yup, I'm a shoefie).

9. Travel as much as you can.
 Now I know what you're thinking, travel on a student budget? Well this brings me back to saving which is a great way to do that, because honestly when you start working you won't really have the time.

10. Life after university may not be what you expected 
And that's okay just as long as you don't get complacent. Life is a journey, the fact that you're not where you want to be doesn't mean you won't get there, it just means you need to work harder.

stripes, basics, sneakers, denim skirt
Photography by MideCoker

Now, what tips would you give to fresh graduates?

*PS. Pictures are totally unrelated but I never attended my graduation so I got creative.

See you next time!
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Midi skirt, pleats, African fashion, Ankara skirt, DIY, African prints, burgundy

Midi skirt, pleats, African fashion, Ankara skirt, DIY, African prints, burgundy

Crop top, Burgundy, turtles neck, crop top, Smokey eye

Midi skirt, pleats, African fashion, Ankara skirt, DIY, African prints, burgundy
Photography by Beniboba 

Hey Beautiful people, how are we all doing.
It feels like ages since I've been on here but If you follow me on Instagram @Princessaudu then you would know that I took a little vacation to Obudu Cattle Ranch, one of the top tourist destinations in Cross River State and Nigeria. And I had a great time, I took tones of pictures and can't wait to post them.

Moving on, if you recall from my Taking Stock post for the month of August, I mentioned that I was learning how to sew. I signed up for a beginners class offered through NYSC and now, I can make basic skirts, dresses and tops (ticked off my learning a new skill resolution). We all know what's going on in our economy, hence learning how to make your own clothes is a great way to kill it on a budget as mentioned in a broke Chic's guide to stay fashionable on a budget.

 Now, this African print skirt took me about three hours to complete. It's super easy and now I wonder how in the past I actually paid tailors to make this for me. Oh well, I guess ignorance is a weakness.  Anyways when styling the Ankara skater skirt, I opted for my burgundy turtle neck top (featured here and here) and some basic court shoes since the print of the skirt is so vibrant. 

Can't wait to show you guys more of my DIY items. How would you style this skirt?

See you next time!
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Hey beautiful people. How is your week going so far?


So we're back with another segment of confessions of a blogger, if you missed the first post on my blog photography then be sure to check it out. 

Now I've been blogging for almost 3 years now (wow I can't believe it has been that long) and I've come to rely on some tools which aid me in blogging. So in this post I will be listing 5 recommended blogging tools for every blogger.

1. Bitly
Ever struggled to fit a link in a post on twitter? Well this tool helps you shorten your links while also giving you the added benefit of tracking the traffic from the link.

2. Microsoft word
Ever read a post and stumbled on mistakes and errors? Well I hate when that happens but when rushing a post or not having time to proofread, then it is unavoidable. Which is why Microsoft word is a great option because it helps  you check your grammatical mistakes.

3. Postcron
While I was in Malabo Equatorial Guinea I was unable to access my Facebook page as it was blocked. Hence I asked my brother to help me out in keeping my page alive and thereafter he introduced me to this tool which allows me to schedule posts on my social media handles. This helps me stay consistent on Facebook and twitter especially, while I'm busy or preoccupied. 

4. PicsArt
I mentioned the importance of this tool in my first post on my photography. At times when you have no access to a computer to edit you're pictures then this tool is great. It has so many features which allows you to perfect your pictures. Did I mention the cool filters on the app as well. 

5. Clotify
Last but not least is Clotifywhich is a tool I was recently introduced to. It's like a combination of Instagram, Polyvore and likeittoknowit. It's a virtual wardrobe that you can carry in your mobile phones. You can take photos of your clothes for your wardrobe and make it public or private. Ever wanted to borrow clothes from other people or brands? Well this tool allows you to do that and create style collages. Not to mention that you can actually plan your day to day outfits on the application rather than in your head. It is also a great place to get inspiration and meet people. You guys can download Clotify.com for free from the App Store or Google Play.

What blogging tools do you recommend?
Till next time

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Hey beautiful, how are we all doing.
So we're back with another lookbook over a year later. I still can't believe that my how to style high waist trousers was the last look book on the blog. What can I say, when you take your own pictures and commute long distances for blog shoots then this happens.

Anyways, today I'll be showing you four ways of taking a basic vintage shirt from day to night. This shirt was previously styled in a more corporate look here.
Let's begin!

Look 1
I went for the most basic and clichéd option by wearing the shirt over a pair of skinny jeans. I then used a hairtie to incorporate the choker trend as a last minute addition to the outfit. And then I opted for my lace up booties. 

Choker, lace up booties, vintage shirt

Choker, trend, black, 90s

Lace up boots, thrift, closet basics

Look 2
You can't go wrong with denim, hence I tied a denim shirt around my waist and added a pop of colour with my goto read satchel. You could always opt for a denim jacket instead.

Denim, cambray shirt

Chambray shirt, denim, pop of colour

Denim shirt, vintage, red satchel

 Look 3
This look would work for a more formal affair, perhaps a date night or even church. I just wore the shirt backwards as I did in this post. Paired it over my little black dress (featured here) with an obi belt and then my silver single sole sandals from Zara. You could always rock it without a belt and if your bold enough, the shirt as a dress but just to be on the safe side, wear a pair of shorts underneath.

Little black dress, closet essential, obi belt, single sole heel

Little black dress, closet essential, obi belt, single sole sandals

Little black dress, closet essential, obi belt, single sole heel

Little black dress, closet essential, obi belt, single sole heel

Look 4

Last but not least I went for an everyday look. I paired the shirt with my khaki skirt styled here and here. Added a pop of Burgundy with a pair of H&M sneakers and then my cateye frames to keep things preppy.

Khaki, cateye

Burgundy sneakers, cateye frames, vintage shirt

Burgundy sneakers, cateye frames, vintage shirt
Photography by Victoria

Now you could always switch up the footwear to make the outfits more everyday friendly. Also notice how I incorporated several of the 17 wardrobe essentials listed in this post.  Never underestimate the power of a good vintage oversize shirt. There are still so many ways to rock the vintage shirt but let's leave it at this for now.

What was your favourite look? 
And how do you like to style vintage shirts? 

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