Trend, stripes, skater skirt, vintage

Trend, stripes, skater skirt, vintage

Trend, stripes, skater skirt, vintage, 90s

Trend, stripes, skater skirt, vintage, off shoulder trend

Trend, stripes, skater skirt, vintage
Photography by Joseph Ukam

" If you want the rainbow, you have got to put up with the rain" (Unkown)

I stumbled on this quote yesterday and it just reminded me that in this life, nothing good comes easy. Sometimes you have to put up with the struggle before you can get to the good and fun part. 

Moving on, the 90s are upon us and it has been that way for a while now. One of the trends making a comeback is the off shoulder trend which in all honesty has been overexposed this year.

However for this post I decided it was high time I embraced the trend hence I opted for this Zaful off shoulder top which costs $12.99 and paired it with my vintage button skater skirt. I added my go-to bag from Sammydress and nude Zara sandals.

I would wear this to a lunch date with le boo or friends, you?

Top: Zaful HERE ||Bag: Sammydress HERE|| Skirt: Vintage || Shoes: Zara

What do you think of the off shoulder trend?

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Floral,  embroidery,  high waist trousers,  vintage , flower print

Floral,  embroidery,  high waist trousers,  vintage , flower print

Sammydress,  color block,  cross body bag

Floral,  embroidery,  high waist trousers,  vintage , flower print

Floral,  embroidery,  high waist trousers,  vintage , flower print

Floral,  embroidery,  high waist trousers,  vintage , flower print

Floral,  embroidery,  high waist trousers,  vintage , flower print
Photography by Beniboba

Hey you guys! How are we all doing?
 So I've been learning how to drive and so far, so good.  Although the other day,  I decided to drive home from church on our beautiful Abuja satellite town roads . It was going great at first but then I ran into the bushes on the side of the road and got stuck.  But hey that's not going to stop me,  I must learn how to drive.  I'm not trying to trekk or chill in public transportation when there is something I can do about it. So this got me thinking about how life teaches us certain lessons about living in general.

Though I made a mistake yesterday and got stuck, I'm going to keep trying.  Through my mistake I learned something new. Albert Enintein said it best " a person who hasn't made a mistake hasn't tried anything new". I believe life is all about consistency and learning from our mistakes, don't you?

Moving on to the outfit, I received this lovely white floral blouse from Sammydress and for someone who shyies away from floral prints due to the overly girly effect,  I love the floral print embroidery and think it spices up the basic white shirt.  The blouse cost $16.69 and I'm so impressed with the quality, I went down a size to get a smaller fit.

For styling, I went casual with my burgundy trousers styled in my collaboration with Deemako here and Vintage Closet Naija  here.  And can we also talk about this cross body bag,  which costs only $11.41 and I've been wearing it everywhere. I just wish it was bigger though.

Blouse: Sammydress HERE || Bag: Sammydress HERE || Trousers, Shoes: Vintage 
Perhaps next time,  I'd opt for an all white look or style the blouse with jeans. How would you style the blouse differently?

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Marina Resort Calabar, Cross River State

Head pounding as if someone was knocking on my skull, eyes burning and body hurting I walked slowly, staggering slightly from side to side and praying to dear God not to fall on my ass like the last time I slipped and fell here. There I was hoping that someone would show concern by offering help or asking what was wrong but at the same time dreading the question. And in that moment of unsteadiness and perhaps the worst feeling of unhealthiness, I felt so alone, completely and utterly alone. I could feel the waterworks coming in, tempting me to just give in and cry my heart out. 

Cry at the fact that I was surrounded by people, strangers on the road and yet felt so alone and inconsequential. Cry at the fact that nobody seemed to care if I died at that moment. Cry at the thought that no one even noticed or saw just how much I needed help or how weak I was. Cry at the fact that my well meaning friend who had walked me to the bus stop, left me alone to fend for myself despite my very unsound health. But as strong as the temptation seemed,  I looked up and smiled, convincing myself that I was not alone. I had me and even better I have God. I chose to smile off the loneliness and choose happiness. 

Now I'm not writing this for you all to feel sorry for me, please don't,  I'm okay. I just couldn't help but think that there are people out there who feel this way everyday. Dying slowly inside, silently crying out for help and yet receiving none. If that's you, I want to let you know that you are not alone. Choose happiness, choose to smile and cheer yourself up. You have yourself and only you can choose to be happy. And what's even better is that my God loves you unconditionally. Yes God Loves you, please talk to him. Know that no matter how bad it seems you are never truly alone, never forget that!

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Please share guys, if this post speaks to even one person then the purpose is accomplished 

Mustard pencil dress,  body con dress, side slit,  Jersey dress,  colour blocking

Mustard pencil dress,  body con dress, side slit,  Jersey dress,  colour blocking

Mustard pencil dress,  body con dress, side slit,  Jersey dress,  colour blocking

Choies shades,  obi brown belt,  ribbed dress,  scarf

Mustard pencil dress,  body con dress, side slit,  Jersey dress,  colour blocking , vintage scarf

Choies shades,  obi brown belt,  ribbed dress,  scarf
Photography by Beniboba

Hey beautiful people.
How was your weekend? If you follow me on Instagram @Princessaudu, then you would know that I have finally completed my NYSC service year and I blogged all about my after camp experience in Calabar here.  I'm now back in Abuja and trying to resettle and readjust

So as I've noted severally on the blog, body-con fits have and will probably never be my go-to fit because they draw too much attention to the body and add the stress of worrying about pant and bra lines.  

But when I received this mustard jersey dress from ZAFUL I had a momentary change of heart.  I love the feel of the material, and the button detailing of the dress. It came with an unexpected side slit which I plan on closing but for my daring ladies,  it adds a touch of sexiness. The dress costs only $18.99 and comes in grey and burgundy.

I opted for a touch of colour blocking by pairing my red Zara sandals and decided to restyle it Princess Audu style by adding a vintage scarf and brown obi belt. See how I styled the scarf here and here in the past. 

This won't be the last time you'll be seeing this dress on the blog. Where would you rock this dress to and how would you style it differently?

Dress: ZAFUL here  ||Shoes: Zara || Belt: Pull & Bear  || Scarf: Vintage 

For more ways on how to style scarfs see this post on five ways to rock a scarf

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It feels like just yesterday that I carried a box on my head as I waited for the long line at the entrance of the Obubra Cross River State NYSC orientation camp site, asking my self who sent me to serve sef. 

*For my international readers, the national youth service program is a compulsory one year training course for all Nigerian Graduates. I completed  the first phase last year which is a training camp, blogged about here and after 9months I have completed the second and final phase.

Oh how I struggled to sleep with the bites and buzzing of mosquitoes which has changed the face of my body. How I queued just to shower with white detol Infused water that made me just miss the comforts of my toilet at home. How I lost tons of weight and got shades and shades darker by endlessly marching for hours and hours under the harsh Obubra sun. I remember it vividly, how I cried on the phone when I was posted to what seemed like a remote village and how my dad raged that they would send an "I just got back" to a village.  Oh how I wrote a long post about camp life here. Oh How time flies.

It still seems surreal that I've successfully completed one year of service to my dear country, Nigeria. There will no longer be corper Shaun greetings from strangers. I won't have to wear the unattractive Adjuwaya which is now lying in a bin somewhere, with the exception of my crested vest though. No longer will I have to go through the stress of clearing for a monthly 19,800 allowance which went nowhere especially in this recession. I'm filled with a mix of emotions, it feels bittersweet.

In a dream I came to calabar and in that same dream, I said my goodbyes, packed my way too many bags wondering how I had managed to accumulate so much stuff in under a year. As a mass communication graduate being able to serve in Hit FM 95.9, the first private radio station in Calabar was a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I gained so much professional working experience but since I worked as an editor and reporter in the news department, I spent my holidays and weekends, especially Sunday's at work. I still wonder how the service year would have been if I had taught in the college of Education, Obudu, my initial place of primary assignment before I was called by the station. Recall my trip to the Obudu cattle ranch here

I not only developed myself professionally this year but the blog grew in ways I can not explain. Having the awesome locations of Calabar was a big plus and it beefed up my photography and shout out to my cousin A.A and blog reader, turned blog photographer, turned friend, Beniboba for helping a sister out with pictures. Learning how to sew through the NYSC Skills Acquisition and training program was a major plus too, I learned the basics of sewing for less than 5k.

I met so many interesting people, made a few new friends, tried new dishes, explored the ancient city and learned new things about myself. I met celebrities, like Don Jazzy, Omoni Oboli, MC Galaxy, Sunny Eneji and Rugged man to name a few. I'll never forget the first time I went on air during a show, or my first jingle for a pizza company and my several experiences casting entertainment news. I may have been stressed for the most part but it was so worth it.

  I honestly did not connect with fellow corpers as much as I had hoped, this is something I quite regret. People always say I'm too reserved but in reality I'm not, I just like to take my time in getting to know people and I've never believed in forcing relationships or friendships. But I'm glad I made a few good friends.  For a globe trotter and traveller it's still a struggle saying good bye and moving on but I guess you could say it gets easier with time.

I met up with fellow bloggers too 

 Chakie and Zahzee of ourblogazine blogged about here 

Midecoker who took these pictures here

Ugo of Beautiful Eagle, blogpost here

So what will I miss about Calabar?
Well I'll miss all the delicious Efik dishes I tried and learned how to make at my Aunties place, ranging from Afang soup, bitter leaf soup, white soup, fisherman soup, ekpang, edikikong soup. Shoutout to my aunt and her family for making my service year go with such an ease, that wouldn't have been the same without them.

I'll miss the quietness and smallness of the city, having to only spend less then 10 minutes commuting to work was a dream compared to the two hours I spend on the road simply trying to get to town from my home in Abuja. Most of all,  I'll miss the ease that comes with blog photography in Calabar, nobody asks unnecessary questions and the vast array of picture spots ranging from Hope Waddell to Tinapa Resort was a delight. 

All in all thanks be to God for a successful service year, it has been him all the way guys. Now onto the next phase of getting a job. 

Most people feel that the NYSC scheme should be scraped,  I did too at first but after my service year I think I've changed my mind.  All I would say is that the government should revise the scheme and post people to places where they won't be redundant. 

What was a highlight of your service year? And where did you serve? Do you think the scheme should be scraped? Let me know in the comments. 

Stay tuned for upcoming posts documenting my time in Calabar. 

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Polkadots, stripes, mixed prints, Ankara midi skirt, corporate outfit

Polkadots, stripes, mixed prints, Ankara midi skirt, corporate outfit

Polkadots, stripes, mixed prints, Ankara midi skirt, corporate outfit

Polkadots, stripes, mixed prints, Ankara midi skirt, corporate outfit

Polkadots, stripes, mixed prints, Ankara midi skirt, corporate outfit

Polkadots, stripes, mixed prints, Ankara midi skirt, corporate outfit

Polkadots, stripes, mixed prints, Ankara midi skirt, corporate outfit
Photography by A.A

Hey you guys, long time no outfit post, I know but hey we're back at it.

Moving on, growing up I was taught to never mix bright colours, especially blue and red like this. Now my dad, being the ever fashionable man that he is, would go on a fashion rant each time I dressed in colour riot, well according to him. But look at us embracing the mix of colours and instead rebranding it as colour blocking.

If you recall from my August taking stock post I mentioned that I was learning how to sew, well this ankara pleated skirt was made by yours truly and it only cost less than 1k. I decided to pair the polkadot midi skirt with my stripe Ann Taylor blouse previously styled in a dressed down denim look. In my opinion this would be a great corporate look, who says work clothes have to be boring? 

Quick tip when mixing contrasting prints in different colours try to find the common colour and in this case it is blue, be sure to check out this post for more tips on how to mix prints.

How would you style the skirt differently?

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Hey guys! 
Sometimes, when putting together outfits, all that is missing is just one piece or item to take your outfit from drab to fab or from just there to just wow. Today I'll be dishing 5 quick tips on how to incorporate basic items to take your outfit to the next level.

1. A statement Belt 
Sometimes all that's missing is a belt to just class up your outfit. Imagine this look without a belt, see what I mean. 

Statement belt, vintage shirt, lbd, black pencil dress

2.Chic Eyewear
A pair of nerd glasses, shades or cat eye frames can change the feel and vibe of a basic outfit. I think Grace of My Style Diary does a great job with this.

Culottes, vintage, mustard

3. Scarfs
Scarfs are probably one of the most underated items when it comes to spicing up an outfit. I mean it can be used as a belt, top, head tie and bag accesory. Need I say more, I talked all about them in my how to style scarfs post.
Scarfs, tips, head wrap, high waist trousers

4. Bold lip
Sometimes all you need is that bold lip to add fire to an outfit and give it something more.
Stripes, bold lip, blue, beyond beauty
Photography by Mide Coker

5. Shoes.
My girl Sogie of  Its Diva Diaries likes to say shoes speak before eyes and I'd have to agree. Sometimes the missing link in the outfit is a statement pair or shoes and it doesn't always have to be heels.

Summer sandals,white, summer shoes

That's it guys, now imagine an outfit that incorporates most of these tips, dope right!
Are you still unsure? Then checkout 8 quick ways to spice up an outfit

How do you take your outfit to another level? Would you like more posts like this?

Hey guys!
Happy new month! How are you all doing?  Looking back at the month of September, I'd say it was a good one for me. I marked my 22nd birthday and shared 22 lessons learnt here. God really has been faithful and I don't even know where to begin.

Plans for my final days in Calabar

Way too much food guys, especially plantain and fish. I wouldn't mind a plate right now too. Bolerose at teaching hospital and MCC road are my favourite places to get this dish.

Way too much fayrouz, its high time they make me their brand ambassador.

To go on a vacation, maybe in a neighboring countries. I'll take anything at this point 

Old blog posts and wow, we have come a long way guys.

 Miry Clay by Women of faith, it's amazing how old songs just strike you and speak to you again.

All my Nigerians a happy independence day. It hasn't been easy but all we can do is stay positive and hope for the best.

Episodes of the mentalist

To seal a couple more deals and blog collabs before the year ends

At how fast the year has gone by. Still can't believe we're in October already.

More and more of my NYSC khaki set, I mean with all the events and activities I have to attend, can't wait to be done though, three more days.

 How this blog is shifting from being solely focused on fashion to other things like lifestyle. I don't mind though, I like the diversification. What about you guys? 

My parents, for those of us who are lucky to have supportive parents, its a blessing really.

That no matter how unfaithful I am, God loves me and I'm not alone

Grateful for good health, was sick last week and it made me realize how much I had taken sound health for granted.

Of what next to do with my hair.

If I really made the most of my service year in Cross River State.

What have you guys been up to lately?

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See you next time!
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