As we reach the last few hours of 2016, it is important to look back and see how far we've come, reflect on the goals we accomplished or failed in and look within on ways to improve in the coming year.

I don't know what might be running through your mind right now, you might have had a horrible year and are just waiting for a fresh start. But in life I say let's be thankful for the little things.

So you didn't reach your goal, or get that opportunity you've been waiting for. Maybe your prayers were not answered (God knows why, Isaiah 55:8). Perhaps you failed in sticking to your resolutions. There's no point crying over spilled milk, let's try to be thankful for the little things. No matter how bad everything might be, there must be something right or good happening, so let's focus on the positives.

The truth is that a heart of gratitude brings about blessings. Oprah said it best
"be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."

I'm thankful that I successfully completed my NYSC service year in Calabar, Cross River State (post here). Though I may not be rich yet, I'm thankful for a new business idea. I'm thankful for new friendships and relationships. I'm thankful for you guys, my awesome readers.  I'm thankful for life and an opportunity to try again. 

What are you thankful for this year? No matter how small, write it down below.

Hope you all enjoy your New Year's celebration. Please be safe and careful, things tend to go wrong around this time. Also, I encourage everyone to go to church, let's start 2017 with God.

See you all in 2017!

Hey awesome readers!
Looking back at 2016, I'd say we had an awesome year on the blog. I tried new things, worked with different brands and bloggers. Now you know I couldn't have done all this without you, so thank you so much.

*click on the bold faced words to view the full posts

This year I'm glad to have worked with several bloggers including, Lapassion VouteeDee MakoStyle by EnkayDye 2KHow Would You Wear, Mide CokerDanielDimple Khadi, and The Beautiful Eagle Eye.

For the longest time, I had wanted a segment where I could share my thoughts on more serious issues and I'm glad that this year I launched Sarah Speaks. Now this segment is all about inspirational and motivational pieces.

I also worked on diversifying my content by including more lifestyle posts and my various adventures, hope you guys like the changes.

Of course this is still a fashion blog so there must be fashion outfit posts. Below are image from some of my favorite outfits and moments. What's your favourite?

It seems this year we took retro vintage fashion to another level lol, but this is just proof that I'm probably living in the wrong era.

Once again, I'd like to say a big thank you to all the brands and bloggers I worked with this year. A big shoutout to my various photographers, thank you so much. And to my awesome readers, thank you,  thank you. I hope to continue to bring you guys fresh content in the coming year.

What was your favourite outfit? Favorite segment or post this year? What would you like to see more of next year? What areas should I improve in? Please leave your thoughts below.

Thanks once again!
You are all awesome!

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  5 Things to Note Hey awesome readers! Looking back at 2016, I'd say we had an awesome year on the blog. I tried new things, wo...
Hey beautiful people! Compliments of the season! I hope you're all having a great time unwinding and catching up with your loved ones. And if you're by yourself, not to worry you are never truly alone.

So looking back at 2016 fashion trends I'd have to say I am very impressed. In 2016 we saw a shift to more modest fashion, more DIY's and lots and lots of drama and exaggeration. Unlike in 2014, where I had to write a post on trends that should be left behind, I'm actually hoping to see more of the below trends in 2017.

This post is a round up of my favourite and perhaps most popular fashion trends of 2016. They are ranked in no particular order, enjoy!

1. Frayed hem denim jeans
With this trend we saw a lot of cool tutorials on how to achieve this look. It's a great way to revamp your jeans and still look presentable rather than distressing or as my mom likes to say, "tearing your jeans for no reason"
2016 fashion trends, frayed hem denim, DIY
 Cross Road Strading

2. Intimates/ silk dress
It seems fashion lovers took laziness to a whole other level and decided to make sleep wear appropriate for day time and it surprisingly worked. This is why I love fashion!

Slip dress over white T shirt, choker trend, intimates trend,

3. Pajama trend
Of course we can't forget how fashion enthusiasts brought life to Pajama's and bathrobes too. Here's to more years of comfort while still slaying.
Sleep wear trend, 2016 trends, pajama trend, street style

 4. Off shoulder/ cold shoulder trend
I rate this trend as the most abused and overexposed fashion trend of 2016. I mean we saw it every where! I honestly don't see the off shoulder trend going away any time soon.
2016 trends, off shoulder trend, 90s

5. Choker trend
This trend involved a lot if DIYs, why spend a ton of money on something so simple when you can make it yourself. Remember my DIY choker from an old bra strap here and here.
Choker trend, DIY, 2016 fashion trends

6. Bows
This year we saw a lot more drama and exaggeration in tops especially. We saw bows in tube tops, skirts, blouses and the rest. Bows serve in place of accessories and add spice to basic pieces.

7. Flared trousers
We can call this trend the return of the 90s huh. Its quite ironic though, male clothing gets tighter and tighter while female clothes gets looser. 
Monochrome, flared trousers, Zara trousers, 2016 fashion trends

 8. Ruffles
More drama and more drama!
Summer trend, 2016 fashion trend
Summer trend, 2016 fashion trend, stripes

9. Flared sleeves/ Bell sleeves
I'm hoping this trend stays through next year, I recently got a flared sleeve top which I've been wearing everywhere. Nigerian fashion designers also incorporated this trend in Ankara and African inspired wears too.
Flared bell sleeves, 2016 fashion trends

10. The metallic skirt
I believe this trend is still upcoming. A metallic skirt combines the right amount of girliness and edge to an outfit. Check out this post for where to get the perfect metallic skirt here
Metallic skirtRanti In Review

11. Velvet
Fall 2016 fashion trends

The 90s definitely came back this year in off shoulder tops, chokers, velvet, slip dresses over T-shirts and bell buttons. This year I'd say the most over exposed trends had to be the choker and off shoulder trend. In 2017 I'd like too see more of the flared sleeves trend. 

What trends do you think were overexposed in 2016? What were you favourite trends? What trends would you like to see in 2017?


See you on Wednesday,  I will be doing a recap of my blog journey in 2015, stay tuned!

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Outfit details here

It's that time of the year again, everyone's just running around trying to create that perfect moment. Growing up, my family never really bothered with the whole Christmas craze and the older I get, the less it feels like Christmas. Now I don't know how you celebrate the festivities but here in my dear country Nigeria, its madness.

Everyone wants to sport new hairdos, outfits and cook for the whole nation. In fact markets and general movements are horrible around this time. It seems that the more we get wrapped up in celebrating with that Christmas rice, chicken, and gifts, the more we forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas to me is the celebration of the birth, life and miracle of my Jesus (#proudchristian). It's a time of giving, not necessarily in only tangible terms but also in intangible things like love and time. It's a time to reflect and be thankful for life and the chance to celebrate something so miraculous as the birth of Christ.

At the end of the day, it's the little things that matter and go a long way. As we celebrate this season I challenge us to look deeper and not get lost in the materialism of the festivities.

P.S. I will be eating rice as usual as I thank God that we can still afford some of these comforts, in this economic recession.

What does Christmas mean to you? How will you be celebrating?

Compliments of the season!
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Choker trend,  leopard print,  printed shirt

Distressed jeans,  how to style a vintage shirt

Hey guys,  so as the holiday season rolls closer a lot of us are running around looking for the perfect Christmas outfit. Although I won't be doing anything other than going to church on Christmas day,  my role as a fashion blogger is to guide you to fashionable choices for your various Christmas celebrations. I'll be dressing up for you guys later this week and sharing my thoughts on this season in my Sarah Speaks segment too. 

So everybody always talks about that Christmas sweater or dress but what about the perfect Christmas shirt?  While this outfit was not planned with Christmas in mind, I think the prints and colour in this shirt is just perfect for Christmas. 

 Graphic shirt,  vintage,  printed shirt

Distressed jeans,  how to style a vintage shirt

As seen in the retro vintage shirt post last week, tieing up shirts at the top is my favorite way to rock vintage and oversized shirts. Today I paired them with these distressed jeans first styled here. Fun fact,  mom hates this pair but you can guess why lol.  

Vintage shirt,  graphic shirt,  printed shirt

Distressed jeans,  how to style a vintage shirt
Photography by Blessing Audu 

I opted for a makeshift choker with my leopard print scarf and I like how it turned out. The shirt is from my store on Instagram @The Vintage Connection NgWe have just restocked with vintage shirts and trousers too, so be sure to check it out, everything is under 3K. 

Shirt: @The Vintage Connection Ng|| Shoes: Zara || Jeans: Street Buy 
How are you preparing for Christmas?

See you next time!
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Hey guys,  so as the holiday season rolls closer a lot of us are running around looking for the perfect Christmas outfit. Although...
Hey beautiful people.  It's been long since I did a wishlist but it is the season for gifts so maybe I'll receive some, if not all of the items on my list.

Today I'm collaborating with Shein, which is an Asian site I've worked with here and here.  Their items are very affordable and I'm impressed with the quality as well.

*click on the bold faced titles for links to the items 

It is the season for Metallics and what better way to rock this trend and still be in the Christmas spirit than in this metallic pleated midi skirt. 
Metallic,  trend,  midi skirt

It's no news that anything puffy or with extra drama is in trend and this includes billow sleeves.  I've been seeing this top everywhere and would love to have one too. 
Gingham print,  billow sleeves

You can't go wrong with prints, and this statement blazer is the perfect item to spice up those closet basics. I can see this styled over a dress,  jeans and even my favorite trend, the culottes trend. 
Closet essential,  geometric print,  blazer

A black blazer is a definite closet essential and this sleeveless pair is classy yet still casual. 
Closet basic,  black blazer

Now we can't go wrong with leopard print,  especially since it adds a pop of print to an outfit.  

6.Black Faux Leather Asymmetric Skirt
Anything leather is honestly not the most practical piece for the Nigerian weather but I really need to own a leather piece.
Midi skirt

What items do you see yourself rocking? And what item do you have on your wishlist?


See you next time!
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Hey beautiful people.  It's been long since I did a wishlist but it is the season for gifts so maybe I'll receive some, if not all...
So after several years of encounters with my lovely Nigerian guys,  I'm yet to understand them and I probably never will. Now if you've met my guys,  you'll know that they are special people but we love them anyways. 

First things first,  I appreciate you guys. I understand that God created you for a purpose,  I know the world will not be the same without you.  However, there are a few things I'd like for us to discuss. There are certain things that you do that confuse and irritate one to say the least. 

Being a fine girl is already hard enough,  why do you have to make it more difficult by hollering, dragging my hand and calling me your wife when I pass by? Why do you have to make walking on the road or markets traumatizing? I am not your wife,  and my name is neither Sandra or babe. Can't we just walk or shop in peace?

And no I'm not rude,  I don't stop when you call me on the road because I don't know you.  Now I wouldn't mind talking but it always leads to something else,  you saying you want to be my friend and I honestly don't need more friends who want something else.  And you didn't see me in your dreams either so stop that nonsense, we're not stupid. And another thing,  I don't give my number to strangers or even answer fine girl calls please.

Please understand that persistence is not always key.  When I say I'm not interested please believe me, I'm not.  And following me to my house to talk to me is just plain creepy.  

Now I may be you're average Nigerian girl but hey marriage is not everything. Stop with this notion that all every girl wants is marriage.  Yes marriage is important but some of us would actually like to get something done before committing to something so huge.  You know make some money,  travel or get an education.

Daddy and mommy did not spend all that money for me to sit in your house oh.  Yes I'll take care of our home but my place does not belong only in the kitchen and the other room.  I'm supposed to be your help mate, remember?

Hey you, yes you, can you stop with the staring too.  I mean I try my best to be as conservative in my attire so why the stares. It's makes one so uncomfortable.

I know your mothers raised you right, so  you'll take this in good faith and not hold a grudge. And understand that this is based on my experience and stereotypes. I know you're not all the same.  I've met some of you amazing guys too.  

What would you like to say to all my Nigerian guys out there?  If you're a Nigerian guy,  what would you like to say to my ladies out there?  

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Grey pencil skirt,  prints,  Aztec,  retro, choker trend, neutralsFloral print,  Aztec print,  vintage,  choker trend,  DIY

The Retro shirt or vintage shirt is perhaps one of the most faithful shirts ever.  What do I mean by faithful you might ask?  Well, it is just so versatile.  It can be styled as a kimono,  knotted at the top like I did today or even worn backs. The great thing about retro shirts is the print which is always eye catching. 

This shirt which is sold out, is from my store The Vintage Connection Ng, and what I love about the shirt is the Aztec slash floral print design. 

Grey pencil skirt, studs Retro vintage shirt,  choker trend,  DIY
We are still rocking the DIY choker made from an old bra strap.  

Grey pencil skirt,  prints,  Aztec,  retro, choker trend, neutrals

In today's outfit,  I decided to work with the black and grey neutral palette of the shirt hence I opted for a grey pencil skirt previously styled here and here. 
I love the edge these black Sammydress booties added to the look.  While, the shoes were not made for walking but rather for pictures and forming fine girl, I love them anyways. 

Grey pencil skirt,  prints,  Aztec,  retro, choker trend, neutrals
The DIY choker,  floral print,  Aztec print styling

Photography by Blessing Audu 

Are you looking for the perfect retro shirt that is also very affordable? Then follow my shop @The Vintage Connection Ng on Instagram to get the perfect retro shirt along with free styling services too.  We will be restocking very soon so stay tuned.

Shirt: The Vintage Connection Ng (Instagram) || Skirt: Vintage || Shoes: Sammysdress: (Here)

How do you like to style your retro shirt?
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Hey guys!
Looking back at my fashion journey, I realize that in the beginning I was doing it all wrong. Buying clothes I didn't need or didn't match my style did not only make me broke but contributed to one of the reasons why I always had nothing to wear. 

One culottes 3/5 ways

The truth is your wardrobe can either make or break your fashion game. Now how does one build the right wardrobe you might ask? Well today's post will be somewhat of crash course on a few tips that will aid you in building the right wardrobe to suit your style and body type and then further guide you on how to make the most of your wardrobe. Let's begin. 

1. Wardrobe basics
When building your wardrobe the most important step probably before finding your style, is to invest in the basic closet essentials, recall that I listed 17 wardrobe essentials in this post. You can't build a strong house if you lack a solid foundation, so think of closet essentials as the foundation to your style game.

2. Invest in separate pieces
I have always believed in the power of separate pieces. While it may be easier to just throw on that dress or jumpsuit, a skirt and blouse would be more versatile. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy that dress you know you're going to rock, but work on investing in more separate pieces as they offer more versatility. 

3. Go for solid colors
I find that solid colors like brown or even neutral colours like grey, white, black are easier to mix and match. While some of us prefer brighter colours, styling a black pair of culottes as opposed to a red pair can be less of a challenge. 

4. know your body type
Learn what works for your body type and invest in such items. If you are still confused, then my guide on dressing for your body type and a guide by Dive Into Mauve should be helpful.

Different body types

So once you've built the right wardrobe that matches your personal style and body type, how do you make the most of your wardrobe? 

1. Accessorize 
Accessories are your best friend so you might want to invest in them. That scarf or belt in your closet can easily spice up that basic outfit you've been rocking.

2. Think out of the box 
Go for the unexpected and think outside of the box. Confused on how to style that top is your wardrobe? Why not wear it backwards, off shoulder or tie it at the top. It's outward thinking that birthed the illusion jumpsuit which is a mix of a dress worn backwards, tucked into a pair of culottes (styled here, here and here).

3. Think layers
Try pairing a jacket over that basic dress to change it up or why not try wearing a shirt underneath. Working with layers in an outfit is a quick way to instantly transform an item and even make it unrecognizable. 
How do you make the most of your wardrobe and what tips would you give?

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

See you next time!
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