Some of you might already know that I put this post up sometime last week. I however took it down shortly as I felt the topic was a bit delicate and the post was missing something. 

Now after getting inspired from a thread on Twitter I decided to come back and discuss this because it has to be said. So let's talk about sex guys!

Sex is like the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. A lot of people seem to be engaging in sex ( willingly or unwillingly), more so than I think but no one likes to ever talk about it. There has always been a certain hush hush surrounding this particular topic.

Yes we live in an over sexualized world but the nitty gritty aspects of it are ignored. The fear I believe is that knowledge of sex will spark an increase in the practice. But with the way the world is going I can't help but think perhaps we need to get over that fear. Because there is a major problem in our society when it comes to this issue.

My heart breaks everyday when I read or hear of new cases of sexual assault, mostly on minors. A three year old rapped to death by a forty something year old and a young teenage girl gang raped, new case to case everyday. What's wrong with the world these days?

One has to wonder has the avoidance of the sex talk fixed any of the present problems? We look at the outcome rather then the cause. knowledge they say is key. If there was more talk on sex, would it prevent assault? If more young men and women were given sex education in the right context, would it make a difference. Now I'm not even talking about an in depth talk but rather a brief on the expectations of sex. A run down  basically like this "Sex is supposed to be between two consenting adults, not minors or family.
Don't you think this sort of structure would perhaps help people stand up in cases of abuse. Can you imagine someone being sexually abused for years by a relative and not saying anything? Well I feel it's probably because the standard was not set. Because a lot of victims of sexual abuse never knew they were abused until much later in life.

Growing up, the closest to sex education I ever got was my mom saying "Sarah men are bad, when they get what they want they leave so keep yourself until marriage". I remember being quite puzzled and of course uncomfortable about the topic of sex. My initial thoughts of how a woman gets pregnant is still ludicrous. I used to think that the sperm flies out and gets a woman pregnant just by the fact that they both lie in the same bed. What was I thinking lol.

We might say the sex talk encourages sex but seeing all the things happening today, is it perhaps time to reconsider? Shouldn't we consider formal sex education even in schools. Why hush something that's a part of us. Plus these days with the internet there is a lot of exposure to sex (porn), if the younger ones are not taught from home don't you think they'd find it somewhere else and God forbid even learn from bad friends? So why not work in building the right knowledge from home. Charity begins at home doesn't it.

This is a tricky topic to say the least and my intent in writing this post is not to encourage people to have sex but to encourage more of an awareness of what it entails with the intention of hoping to curb abuse/assault through more knowledge.

As a Christian my stance on sex is that one should wait till marriage. It sure isn't easy but I believe with self discipline and conscious efforts, it can be done. Now on a moral point of view, I say save it for some one worth it but what do I know. 

Should there be more talk on sex? What do you think of sex education in schools, would this help or provide an adverse effect? What are your general thoughts on this topic? 

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Hey Beautiful people! 
Lately I've been wondering is it ever okay to quit or give up? Yes I know one should try and try and I'm the first one to preach that but is there ever a point when it's time to let go? If you follow me on Twitter, you would probably understand where I'm coming from.

As mentioned in my last post, your girl is getting older hence I've been thinking a lot about my future goals as I re-access some of my lifestyle choices. Certain things have either got to give or just go but let's save that for another day shall we? Shout to all of you who gave some awesome advice by the way, thank you.

Ankara peplum top, made in Nigeria, made in Aba, African prints, culottes
Ankara peplum top, made in Nigeria, made in Aba, African prints, culottes
Lets talk about this fit!

Ankara is so beautiful, I can't help but love my African prints. And today, taking a hint from some of my favorite blogger in this post, I decided to style this lovely Ankara peplum top from Native and Sewn, a made in Nigeria brand all the way from Aba, Abia State (Yas).

Now as much as Ankara is beautiful and so lovely when styled, finding that perfect tailor who both delivers on time  and understands you is no easy feat. We've all had our fair share of Nigerian tailor horror stories I believe, I shared some of mine here. However, the lovely people at Native and Sewn delivered with this cute Ankara peplum top.
Ankara peplum top, made in Nigeria, made in Aba, African prints, culottes
Ankara peplum top, made in Nigeria, made in Aba, African prints, culottes
Here are my thoughts:

Amazing job, one of the best I've seen. The top came nicely wrapped in a package in a tote bag. 

Perfect, too perfect even.
Thanks to less stress, more sleep and food I managed to gain weight within the time the order was placed and the time I received it. Hence this top is too fitted, it was even a struggle putting it on lol, my baby sis who helped out asked me, "what are you eating?"

Great, the top has been washed already and the color did not fade  
So neat and professionally done, no loose threads hanging, I was impressed.

Time Frame: 
The order took about three weeks including the shipping time which is quite okay seeing the quality. Also I believe they had a little hitch along the way which was one of the reasons for the slight delay. 

They ship Nationwide and Worldwide!

Native and Sewn also delivers customer orders and fabrics on request. For example if you want a specific style in a certain fabric, they have got you covered. They cater to both Men and Women's wear. Great customer service too!

A bit on the high side to be honest but they deliver so it won't be a waste.
Ankara peplum top, made in Nigeria, made in Aba, African prints, culottes
Ankara peplum top, made in Nigeria, made in Aba, African prints, culottes

In styling, I wanted a not so cliched way of rocking this top as ankara peplum tops are often styled with jeans which can be quite boring at time.  Hence I paired it with my favorite black culottes styled (here, here and here). I initially considered layering a  shirt underneath but with no room to even breath thanks to the extra weight, that was impossible. I think this would make a great work look with pumps, you ? In the future, I'd probably layer a shirt underneath or pair it with either a skater skirt or peplum hem skirt so stay tuned!
Ankara peplum top, made in Nigeria, made in Aba, African prints, culottes
Photography by Ruth Audu

Would I recommend this brand? Of course! so check them out if you're ever looking for a faithful Nigerian tailor. Plus you also get to support a "Made in Nigeria" product. 

Get the top (here, Sunglasses: Zaful (here), Shoes: Zaful (Similar)

If you're a brand and would like to work with you're girl, shoot me an email at . We can definitely work something out. 

How would you have styled this top differently? What factors do you consider when looking for a tailor? What are your thoughts on quitting, is it ever okay?

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 Happy new month my beautiful and ever loyal readers!
It's been quite a while guys, can't believe I have not even opened my blog for the past few days, wow. Consistency as a blogger takes a lot of planning and when one fails to plan properly, disappearing acts are bound to happen. 

And I apologize for that guys. Please stick till the end of this post for an update of new posting schedules which I will stick by, I promise!

So the other day I was thinking of rewinding the clock of life to five years ago when I was seventeen and constantly telling people I was twenty something because most people always thought I was older than I looked. Honestly, with my twenty third birthday just around the corner (September baby), I can't help but feel so old. This adult thing is really not all I was made to believe it is guys, it's hard!

At seventeen life was definitely a lot easier. All I had to do was go to university, get good grades which I did quite well and then go shopping. Now it's all so different. Recently the feeling of getting old really sunk in and I'm going to tell you why.

1. The Responsibilities 
The other day my mom listed out grocery items and simply said these are the things you'll buy once you get paid. I honestly don't know why I was surprised because my mom has been dropping hints ever since (typical Nigerian mother). I'm not sure if she's serious but we'll see. I've basically got to be responsible. No more asking for things or relying on others, one has got to get her life together.

2. The Aunty Greetings
Children now greet me with "Aunty" or "Ma" and I answer normally and even expect it. In the past this made me feel so old but now it just feels like a right of passage. Now, for my international readers, in Nigeria we generally greet our elders either with  "Aunty" or "Ma", it's a sign of respect actually.

3. The Marriage Talk
And can we talk about Marriage, dating and relationships especially in this part of the world. Every where I turn, all I hear is marriage. Everybody is just out there getting married and having babies which is great actually. People are either advising me to get married rather than pursue my graduate studies or people are asking me "what are you waiting for" when I say I'm not ready for marriage.

 The pressure hasn't gotten to me yet. Marriage is definitely in the plan but not for now. I just have to deal with people and of course mom who has been dropping hints. In the meantime, I'll just keep praying for future hubby, God's will for my life and life partner basically.

It's funny to think I was in such a hurry to grow up when I was younger but now I've realized they lied to us! As I said in my Sarah Speaks I wasn't really missing out on anything spectacular in adulthood.

Photography by Beniboba

Now onto the outfit. These pictures were taken last year towards the end of my service year in Calabar. I actually made the pencil skirt and Ankara vest during my sewing days which I can't wait to get back to. The skirt wasn't perfect as you can see but I was so proud because it was my first DIY sewing project. The Ankara vest which I did a better job at was styled here in my collab with Alma. 

How do you all deal with getting older? Can you relate with some of my reasons? What makes you feel old? How do you all deal with the pressures of marriage? Any funny stories about your Nigerian or African mothers? I'd love to know guys!

And before I forget, new posts will now drop 2-3 times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Also Sarah Speaks will now fall randomly during the week as it's slowly becoming a favorite.

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Can I tell you a secret? I'm in love you see and guess who it is? Me, yes me, I fell in love with myself.

I'd say it was a slow journey to self discovery. I probably wasn't always this confident or had this much faith in myself. But the day I stopped comparing myself and stopped living life seeking validation from others, that was the day everything changed. I guess I've always been confident to an extent but this is different.

In our world today, it's easy to compare and get lost in that trap. It's easy to forget ones worth but it's so important. This week I kept hearing the topic of self love everywhere. Falling in love with oneself is so important. You can't really love others if you don't love yourself first. When you know your worth and just how awesome you are it shows. You don't look to others to define your worth and you definitely set high standards and don't take anything less. Its not necessarily pride but confidence and assurance in who you are. It's that feeling of "hey you, I'm awesome so you better treat me right".

So when you stare in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see just how beautiful you are? Do you even know it? What if I told you that the nose you hated so much, some people are desperately praying for. Maybe you feel you're not good enough and don't deserve happiness, well you're wrong. I wish you knew just how special you are, just how loved and unique you are. I hope you'd fall in love with yourself, more so everyday too.

Because no one on earth can be you and hey have you forgotten God created you in his image and likeness. God can't create something ugly, I mean have you seen the clouds, hills and plains. How much more you. Even more amazing is that even with all our faults Jesus loved us enough to send his son who laid down his life for us. Never ever feel you're not good enough. If someone so perfect loved you that much, why can't you?

I wish you'd fall in love with you, so you'd see just how amazing you are, because you are, never forget or question that.

What step did you take to self love? Have you fallen in love with you? 

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You've got to love our African Ankara prints. So much color, patterns and fun, fun! 
 Jennifer Amani

Hey Beautiful people! How's everybody doing?

Am I the only one who saves tones of ankara styles for when next I go to the tailors? Well, I love my ankara prints and would have so much more in my collection, if not for unfaithful tailors (I'm sure we all have our share of horrific Nigerian tailor stories). However, my blogger gals have been rocking those prints, I just had to share. So here's five ankara styles to try on your next trip to the tailors.

*Click under the pictures to access each bloggers site.

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1. The jumpsuit

You all now I'm a huge advocate of one piece sets due to versatility but after much thought, a jumpsuit with our lovely African prints would just pop. I love how the bloggers below each incorporated a mix of two different patterns in their fits, I've got to try this some day. 

2. A Cute Dress
When it comes to dresses the options are endless! One could opt for a shift dress like Cassie. You could rock the ever trending off-shoulder dress with detachable sleeves just like Larissa and her friend. Or a flared sleeve off shoulder skater dress option like Alma. And can we talk about wrap dresses! They are so flattering on all body types, you just have to find what works best for you. While Jennifer opted for a skater fit in her wrap dress, Chinju went for a more fitted look. Also, let us not forget the beauty of mixed prints like Agatha showed us or the beauty in simplicity as Alexandriah rocked a basic pencil dress with an English twist. 

3. The Co-ord Set
I love the idea of a coordinated set because it's so versatile. One could pair both pieces separately and they offer double print overdose which is perfect. Tuke's ankara jacket and skater skirt have got me feeling so inspired, never thought of using ankara like this. Also Larissa, nailed it with those bell buttom trousers and a flared sleeve crop top. Let's also not forget how Larissa rocked a kimono and high waist shorts set. I may not be a fan of shorts but I'm sold with this look. I'm so excited because I've got the connect to her tailor! Also Tee gives us more inspiration in an off shoulder top and flared skirt and a bell sleeve set as well, she knows her stuff guys.

The Jacket
A good jacket can instantly transform one's entire look. I just love how Agatha's bomber jacket spiced up the basic denim and white t-shirt pairing. Also, Jennifer, who is the queen of ankara prints, nailed it with that bell sleeve jacket paired over a white jumpsuit. It doesn't get more classic than that. You guys should check her out for more ankara looks.

 Jennifer Amani

5. The Wrap Blouse

Last but not the least is a simple wrap blouse. I've seen this in various other prints and the idea of trying this trend with African prints is so much more fun. A nice statement sleeve like the bell sleeve or flared sleeve would instantly add more drama to a wrap blouse. 

Who else feels like running to the market to stock up on anakra fabrics after seeing this post? I can't wait for my next trip to my tailors? What's your favorite look? How will you be rocking your ankara fabrics?

Looking for more ankara inspiration? Check out how I rocked mine in the past!

*The Perfect Ankara Print Combination
*Ankara Flared Sleeve Dress
*DIY African Print Skater Skirt
Ankara Co-ord Set

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There are often two things that come to mind when I look at the younger generation or should I  say people younger than me because although I may seem, feel and come of as an old soul, I'm not that old (23yrs this year).

I just have to wonder with all the things happening now and looking back at my childhood, was I maybe too naive and sheltered or is there a serious problem with the morals and values of our present society?

Full outfit here

Now don't get me wrong here, it is not my intention to inflict my values on others because I know we were not all raised the same, but still one has to wonder. Why am I saying all this now? Well I recently attended the graduation of my younger brother and looking at the students, his colleagues, I had to resist the urge not to cry.

It seems like everyone's in a hurry to just grow up. Everyone's in a hurry to do so called "adult things". Watching young children, the age of my sister dressed in skimpy clothes meant for a night club and young boys with their pants hanging around their knees, I could only pray and hope that my siblings were and are different. I can only pray that friends don't lead them astray or that they don't ever feel pressured to join the crowd in doing the wrong thing.

Congrats to my baby bro
Maybe I was a little naive growing up but I feel that children of this day and age are getting exposed way too fast. Doing things and trying things that they have no business trying. I can only look at the society, it's role models and shake my head because these children don't know better. It's how they were raised, the people they are surrounded by and the unfortunate role models of today.

If only they would stay innocent forever. If only they could be sheltered and not have to face the harsh realities of this world. If only they knew that they weren't missing out on anything. But looking at my life, I realize that the mistakes I've made and lessons I've learned made me who I am today. The mistakes are why I am able to write this post. I now know better thanks to experience and I learn every single day.

I just hope that the younger ones won't make mistakes that would be fatal or life damaging. Maybe all we can do is pray and continue to speak out and let them know that there is nothing there. And that they should take their time to grow up. They are not missing out on anything because it pays to have values. It'll always be worth it to have a standard that you hold yourself too. For now I rest my case.

What are your thoughts about this? I'd love to know? 

Also thank you guys for all the feedback on this segment, it's slowly becoming my favorite to write.

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I remember when I got my first job, finding what to wear to work was usually a struggle. Even putting together an outfit for the job interview proved difficult as I had been a student for most of my life.

However, three years after trial and error, lots of observation, various closet overhauls and finding my style, its safe to say I know better when it comes to finding the perfect work outfit for the office.

Now, if you're new to the blog, we have been exploring easy outfits for the workplace. Be sure to catch up on look 1 ,look 2  and look 3!

Today I will be listing out five closet essentials that I feel every woman should have in her work wardrobe. I believe having these items in ones closet will definitely make dressing for work a whole lot easier. Let's begin shall we.

1. Nude Pointed Shoes

Nude pumps are probably one of the most underrated pairs of shoes. I find them to be so essential in my wardrobe, even more so than the black pump. They simply go with everything and are classier too. 
The snakeskin nude pump below was the first pair of pumps that I added to my collection almost four years ago. It was from a local brand in Thailand and it's still in amazing condition. Now the second pump was a steal from Forever 21, both pairs are my favorite shoes as you can see by how well they have been worn.

2. The Black Statement Bag

When it comes to dressing for work, big structured bags are key. Now the black statement bag is perfect due to its versatility and efficiency. You can basically carry your entire house if you invest in a good bag. As you all know I prefer smaller satchel bags but when it comes to work, I need something that can carry my heels, food flask (yes, aint no body spending unnecessary money  on food), my umbrella and other things. 

3. The White Shirt

The staple white shirt  although quite hard to keep clean, pairs nicely with everything! While a crisp white shirt is the usual go-to option, you can always opt for one that has a little more sass like this ruffled flared sleeve white blouse styled here

4. The One Piece: LBD/ Jumpsuit

I am one who believes in the power of separates as opposed to one pieces but when it comes to work wear, I'd have to differ. While one pieces like a jumpsuit or little black dress may not be as versatile as separates, they are perfect for those moments when we are either in doubt, totally un-bothered or running late. The ease of a jumpsuit or corporate dress can not be understated. Plus they also work when one is going out after work.

5. The Blazer

This item although quite basic and simple, is such a key piece in both a woman and man's wardrobe. They simply add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and can easily dress up an otherwise basic outfit. A blazer can also transform a not-so-appropriate office outfit like a backless dress to the perfect office look. This blue vintage blazer below was styled with jeans here and instantly took the jeans from casual to formal, need I say more!

So that's it beautiful people, five closet essentials when it comes to dressing for the office. 

Which item would you add or remove? What are some key pieces in your office wardrobe? Would you agree or disagree with the 5 items mentioned? Let me know in the comments below and please share if you found this post helpful.

Be sure to catch up on look 1 ,look 2  and look 3  of the series!

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Hello my beautiful awesome readers. I honestly haven't been as consistent as I'd planned for this year. I'm just pushing to still stay active on here. I've got a lot of things planned for moi blog this year and by his Grace, it will all come to pass. So let's stick with this guys. How's everyone? Feels like ages since we had a chat on something deeper than fashion so here goes a quick excerpt from my present reality.

wrap jumpsuit, princess audu criss cross top, navy blue jumpsuit
navy blue wrap jumpsuit, black statement back, pink court shoes

I find it quite interesting how we learn new lessons from random things and life experience. I feel that most times God uses these little and random things to get our attention and teach us lessons. Because we can all agree that with all the struggle trying to achieve the next goal one can easily get distracted.

As I read about David's human moment in 2 Samuel 12 sometime last week during my devotion the lessons "stop crying over spilled milk or over past mistakes and events that have already happened" was so vividly spelt out. It's amazing how God speaks to us.

Although, David committed adultery and murder, once he repented God forgave him and turned his mistake into blessing. Solomon, one of the wisest and richest kings in the bible was born out of this mistake that David made. So basically God can turn our mistakes into blessings. He can create something beautiful out of something ugly, if we can only just turn to him. I don't know who this is for but I pray we learn to always look for the bright side in situations, stop crying over past hurts and mistakes as we trust God to use these mistakes to teach us, grow us and bless our lives and that of others.

criss cross top, navy blue jumpsuit, bold lip
criss cross top, navy blue jumpsuit, pearl earrings, bold lip

Moving on to the outfit, today's look features the third and final outfit of this work wear series which features this basic wrap jumpsuit. Now, I've never been a fan of one piece clothing as I feel they are not as versatile as separates. However, after this jumpsuit, I'd have to say one piece clothing like jumpsuits or basic dresses are such key staples in every woman closet especially when it comes to work wear. It's perfect for those days when we either don't have what to wear or can't be bothered to mix and match separate pieces.

Generally, jumpsuits are cute until one has to use the restroom but what I love about this wrap jumpsuit is that it can easily come off with no stress. So rather than taking the whole thing off, one can just unkot and unzip. I think wrap jumpsuits are a must-have for days when one is feeling uninspired and it's perfect for solving the toilet hassle.

navy blue wrap jumpsuit, black statement back, pink court shoes
navy blue wrap jumpsuit, black statement back, pink court shoes
navy blue wrap jumpsuit, black statement back, pink court shoes, one piece
  Photography by Wayt Fashion

As mentioned jumpsuits or one pieces are no stress outfits hence I just opted for a pop of colour with my pink court shoes and yellow vintage scarf on the black bag. I had to resist the urge not to go with my usual statement belt and just keep things super basic but you know why we all need statement belts right?

Be sure to catch up on look 1 and look 2 of the series?

Jumpsuit: Thrift || Shoes: Thailand || Bag: Mom || Scarf: Vintage Closet9ja

How would you style this jumpsuit differently? What are your thoughts on one pieces like jumpsuits? What was your favourite look in this series? Would you like to see more looks? Or what topic would you like me to explore next?

I love writing long epistles in posts but I wonder how many of you read, let me know though. And shout out to those of you that do, means a lot. 

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Hey beautiful people! 
It's been a short while you saw me, how's everybody doing?

Today's look will be the second outfit (see first look) in my work wear series which should help to guide you on simple and easy corporate attires for the workplace but before we get into today's outfit I've been thinking a lot about consistency in terms of blogging. Is consistency really or always key?

blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
pearl earring, Nigerian fashion blogger

This year will make it four years on this blogging journey. Sometimes it feels like I'm moving at a snail speed but I remember why and how I started and truly we have come a long way. Of course, there is still a lot to accomplish and improve but can we remember some of my earlier posts herehere and here?

Now the term "consistency is key" in regards to blogging has been so over-flogged that I wonder if it really is. In my earlier blogging days I would have agreed with this but looking at my journey and that of others that inspire me, I will say its not how long but how well one does things. The same can relate to life too if I might add. We might be consistent at something but at the same time are we consistently bad or mediocre?

I'd rather say consistent quality is key and this is something I aim to work on as I go forward both in blogging and life. After all anything worth doing is worth doing well, don't you think?

blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames

Moving on to today's outfit, the little black dress or black blazer are two essentials in every ladies wardrobe but what happens when they are combined together in one piece? I say perfection happens and for me that's exactly what this black blazer dress is. This piece was a thrift find (talked about here) which I am quite proud of as I rarely ever get lucky with pieces like this. I feel everything is better with buttons and that's what sealed the deal for me. I only wish this was a bit longer to make for a more appropriate church look or more conformable work look.

In styling, I paired it with a white flared sleeve blouse styled (here) and cinched in my waist with a studded belt. When it comes to upgrading a black dress, layering a crisp shirt underneath is a quick way to transform a basic piece. I then opted for my snakeskin pointed pumps, a statement black purse and a pair of cat eye frames to complete the look.

black bag, snake skin court pumps
blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
  Photography by Wayt Fashion

Blazer dress, Blouse: Thrift || Bag: Mom's closet || Court Shoes: Footin Thailand|| Cat Eye Frame: Street Buy

What are your thoughts on this look? How do you like to upgrade your little black dress or vests? When it comes to life or blogging do you think consistency is always key? 

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