vintage, scarf, polka-dot, leopard print

As overexposed as the Choker trend was in the last year, I honestly don’t see it going anywhere, anytime soon. Now while I included it in my list of Top 2016 Fashion Trends, I have to admit that I actually got tired of seeing the choker trend at some point. However this is not the case as we can see in today’s post.  

Today, I thought why not try a scarf as a choker and break away from the typical choker look. Also a scarf choker is affordable as most of us already own scarfs in our collection. And if you’re a vintage lover like me, you collect them.

Leopard print, scarfs, polka-dots

As I always say, scarfs are probably one of the most underrated accessories. Why do I say that you might ask? Well scarfs are so versatile, from head wraps, to makeshift belts to DIY tops listed out in this inspiration post on Ways to Rock a Scarf; you just can’t go wrong with them.

vintage, scarf, polka-dot, leopard print
vintage, scarf, polka-dot, leopard print

Hence, I just paired the scarf choker with a black pencil skirt from my store The Vintage Connection Ng (which I absolutely love. I mean the buttons and front slit just stole my heart) and polka dot crop top from The Vintage closet (styled here). Scarfs are a great way to spice up an outfit as this leopard print one did. How awesome do polka dots look with leopard print by the way. 

Leopard print, scarfs, polka-dots
 Photography by Blessing Audu

Skit: The Vintage Connection Ng || Scarf: Gift || Shoes: Sammydress || Top:VintageCloset 

Does'nt this style formula remind you of this outfit here
How are we all doing?
What are your thoughts on the choker trend? 
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Pero que estilazo tienes bonita. Un look de 10. Un besazo.
Las siete maravillas de Amanda.

Kerona Ledgister said...

i love your outfit!!!

ARAMIDE said...

I agree with you that the choker trend isn't going anywhere soon. In fact, I just started collecting mine😊. I love the improvisation though! It looks really nice with the whole outfit.
Girrrll if only those shoes were my size😏😏
Great Post!

Lagoscitychic said...

I've actually been sleeping on your blog girllll!! I was looking for you! Stumbled on your insta one day and I forgot your handle. Here now, not going anywhere lol. Love the skirt and the scarf as a choker. (Secret- when the choker trend came back I was tying a black ribbon on my neck) haha thanks for the great post.xx

Sharron Mungazi said...

Lovely look. You look elegant and stylish. Happy new year

Grace Alex said...

I love your shoes and the mix in print and Yes I love the chocker trend

Rachel said...

Such a lovely look! Pretty outfit!

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Rachel thanks hun
@Grace that was exactly what I was going for, thank you.
@Sharron thanks for stopping by, happy new year to you too.
@Lagoscitychic so glad you found me. And lol now thats what I call creativity
@Aramide, Thanks for stopping by
@Kerona @Amanda thanks for stopping by

Blogosfera Mody Blog o modzie said...

Very cool styling.
Great heeled shoes perfectly matched to the whole.

En_kay said...

I love the choker trend on other people. As for me,I find it uncomfortable but this looks really good. Am still very much in Love with these shoes..definitely a statement piece


Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks you, my thoughts exactly with the shoes.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Its not uncomfortable though, espcially when scarfs are used in place. Thanks you

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