mixing prints, abuja, ankara midi skirt, how to style prints, stripes
mixing prints, abuja, ankara midi skirt, how to style prints, stripes

Hey Beautiful people, my sister actually finds this phrase quite annoying but all of you guys are beautiful for taking the time to read this little space of mine. So how are my beautiful people doing this new week? I still can't believe there’s only one day left in the month of February, wow. This month was both fast and slow but it was definitely filled with lots of good stuff, a big shout out to God, he is too faithful.

 Moving on to today’s outfit. I’m a big fan of anything Ankara but unfortunately in the past Nigerian tailors have shown me a tough time but hopefully this year, my 2017 style goal of stocking more Ankara pieces will be accomplished. Now this lovely Ankara skirt previously styled here was made by blogger Ugo, who also made my ankara coordinates set. The print is quite eye catching and so affordable. I love pleated skirts and think it makes for a simple basic style for Ankara African print fabrics as I noted in this post  on five ankara styles to try.

mixing prints, abuja, ankara midi skirt, how to style prints, stripes mixing prints, abuja, ankara midi skirt, how to style prints, stripes

 I decided to go all out with prints this time around hence I opted for this mustard blue stripe top. Now styling prints can be tricky but definitely doable.

  •  A few tips when it comes to styling prints and making them work is to opt for neutral colour palettes. 
  • Also stick to stripes as it’s easier to mix. Finally, stick to colours in the same family. 
  • In this look I used mustard yellow as a common colours palette. 
  • Still looking for more tips on styling prints? Then this post is for you.

mixing prints, abuja, ankara midi skirt, how to style prints, stripes
mixing prints, abuja, ankara midi skirt, how to style prints, stripes
Photography by Victor Audu

I do hope you all had an awesome weekend. If you follow me on my Instagram page here and Twitter page here you would know that I attended the Kanga Fashion Festival which I've been raving about on social media for a while now. Now besides the Pandora Store launch, this is the only other fashion/blogging related event that I’ve ever attended. I actually had a good time as I got to finally meet a lot of familiar faces from the blogosphere, stay tuned for a full post later in the week guys.

For those wondering these shots were taken at the Abuja Arts and Crafts Village blogged about here
Skirt: Ugo || Shoes: Zara || Top: Bangkok 

How do you like to style prints? How do you make them work?

On another note thank you to all those who entered my giveway here. I honestly did'nt realize there were so many small feet ladies out there. Congrats to tallestblack36@gmail.com, I see you girl. Please contact me to claim your new shoes. 

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rocking all white, white jeans, white tshirt, closet basics, white pumps

I once had a side cut, have I told you guys about that before? Well it was during my experimental phase where I tried new things. Thankfully I didn’t go too far and came back to my sense quickly. So I shaved a side of my hair and even went as far as carving two lines in my shaved half. At some point I also had a noise piercing, though I'm not quite sure if was before or after that side cut.
For some reason people are always so shocked when I tell them this, as according to them it doesn’t sound like me or suit my character.

My thinking then was, its just hair! But unfortunately we live in a society that judges a book by its cover, always. A society that does not take time to look beyond the surface but makes decisions based on what they see immediately. To me and some of my friends, that haircut and piercing was cool and edgy but to others it was a sign of irresponsibility.

rocking all white, white jeans, white tshirt, closet basics, white pumps

A friend of mine once told me, before I got to know you I actually thought you were a wild child based on that haircut. At another point I met one of my Nigerian friends’ parents and the look and expressions they gave me was just sad and so judgemental.

 I've always said we can’t please everyone hence it’s important to do what makes us happy. But then when it comes to modes of dressing, habits and behaviours that are not aligned with our personality then what? 

side cut hairstyle, hairstyle for black women, short hair-dos
 A toned down version of my then side cut 

So am I saying we should always listen to what people say? No, but our outer behaviours should reflect who we are as individuals. First impressions are all we have, after all and once lost, cannot be fixed. Of course people will always judge but I believe we should present ourselves properly to avoid negative perceptions about who we are. I mean how would you perceive your banker or president if they showed up to an official meeting dressed in jeans and a T-shirt.

The quote "dress the way you want to be addressed says it all". In the same vein, I think we should live in a manner that speaks well of who we are.

What are your thoughts on this? Should we conform to the rules of society to save our reputation and image? Is it important to sometimes listen to the feedback of others?
See ya next time! I appreciate you guys for reading always as this segment takes a lot of thought. And thank you guys for the awesome feedback in my last Sarah Speaks on the point of life.

On another note, I'm hosting a giveaways on my Instagram page here and Facebook page here. Don't miss out guys.

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Hey beautiful people!

So last year I did a closet overhaul and my closet thanks me everyday. I'm also thinking of doing it again, very soon. Because the truth is, having a proper wardrobe will not only make dressing up easier but also, help with the "so many clothes but nothing to  wear" dilemma. 

Now while this post was actually supposed to go up early this year to get us prepared for the new year, 2017 has just begun so it's definitely not too late.

This post right here, will guide you on five quick ways to transform and refresh your wardrobe to polish your style game and leave you slaying twenty four seven. Now who doesn’t want that?

how to revamp your closet

 1. Take inventory
First things first, take stock of your wardrobe. This basically means going through you closet, finding out what you have what you need and what you need to get rid of. The truth is a lot of us don’t really know what we have in our wardrobe because we have way too many clothes. So this new year, please go through your collection.

2. De-clutter
Once you know what you have ask yourself questions like, when was the last time I wore this? Is this easy to style? Is this item aligned with my personal style? Can I still wear this? Let go of all your unworn and unused clothes. If you haven’t worn in in two-three months then let it go. If it doesn’t fit anymore give it away, well unless you plan to be a part of the fitfam this year. 

If clothes are too old throw them away or look for ways to revamp them. This might be your chance to fray those jeans and rock the frayed hem denim trend, who knows. You could also organize a closet sale and use the money to reinvest in your collection like I did.

3. Make a list
So now that your closet is all de-cluttered and organized, sit down and compile a list. Make a list of all the items you need, suit your lifestyle and match your style. Start with the basics and work your way up to statement pieces. Also make a list of items you have to avoid multiple and unnecessary purchases.

4. Set Style Goals
This next step is all about how you go about rebuilding your collection. I’m sure we’d all like a completely new wardrobe but who really has the money especially in this recession. Invest in the appropriate closet basics. Just start small and work your way towards achieving your dream wardrobe. For example if you’re styled is geared toward afro inspired, and then collect more prints or African inspired pieces. Or like me you can decide to purchase a made in Nigeria item every month. 
What tips would you give? Was this post helpful?
Now I've already listed my style goals here, what's yours? And how has it been going so far?

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flared sleeve, bell sleeve, blush, pink, leopard print, pink highwaist trousers
flared sleeve, bell sleeve, blush, pink, leopard print, pink highwaist trousers

Hey guys, how was your weekend? Mine was hella busy. 
It's funny how weekends are supposed to be for rest but nope especially with one being an adult. I miss being a child most times. Over the weekend, I actually went to my tailor to pick up some of my items and was disappointed to see that she didn’t meet my expectation. Standing there,I felt like crying as I had imagined how I would style it and blog it. Though we move still, once I get my sewing machine, this will be over. 

Looking back at 2016 fashion trends ranging from chokers to off-shoulders, the flared sleeve trend has to be one my favourites. I love the added drama to a basic top which just changes everything up. Today I paired this nude flared sleeve top previously styled here with one of my favourite clothing items, these high waist pink trousers. I then opted for nude single sole sandals to complement the top so as to keep everything minimal and centred on the blouse. And little pop of leopard print in my purse added a little extra spice to the outfit. 

flared sleeve, bell sleeve, blush, pink, leopard print, pink highwaist trousers
flared sleeve, bell sleeve, blush, pink, leopard print, pink highwaist trousers

Now if there is one thing I regret about my Bangkok days here and here, is the fact that I did not hop on the thrift bandwagon earlier. These pants bought for about $1 almost three years ago,has to be one of my proudest thrift finds along with this purple high-waist pants (styled lookbook here and here)
 And each time I rock it, I receive compliments with people proceeding to ask where I shop. At the end of the day it’s not about the brand or how much money you spend but about how you rock it. Because trust me some of my favourite items are almost always thrifted like this flared sleeve blouse styled here.

flared sleeve, bell sleeve, blush, pink, leopard print, pink highwaist trousers
flared sleeve, bell sleeve, blush, pink, leopard print, pink highwaist trousers
Photography by Blessing Audu

Trousers: Thrift || Blouse: The Vintage Connection Ng(Instagram) Similar here and here
 || Purse: F&F (Similar)

Have an awesome week everyone!

Where would you rock this look to?

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lekki, lagos, tourism nigeria

 Ever wondered what would have happened if Benjamin franklin never discovered the light bulb? What if Rosa parks had moved to the back of the bus? Or more relatable what would have happened if Bill Gates had never discovered Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg never created Facebook?

All the above people are examples of men and women who knew what they were meant to do on this earth. The truth is in the life, every human being has a purpose for being created.  Now in the words of Dr Paul Enenche, "a life without purpose is meaningless."
Meaningless how you might wonder? Well if we have no idea what on earth we were created to do then what would be the whole point of life really.

 I remember in the University days, my goal and purpose basically was to finish in three year. Because of this aim I worked hard to make sure I was able to take as many credit courses as possible and I also attended every summer semester for a long as I could. Because I knew what I was there to do and I was able to achieve my goals.

Coming back to my post on New Year Resolutions Why Bother, without goals or purpose how does one achieve? And without an accurate aim how can an archer fire an arrow and be successful at it. Knowing the purpose of life will guide our choices and detemine the people we hang around.
Discovering our purpose or reason for living will not only lead to a more productive life but also a life that positively impacts others. Because a man’s life is measured by the people he impacted.

It has always and will always be my prayer that God shows us our purpose so we can make the most of life.  

I could write a whole book on my thoughts regarding this but I’ll leave it at this. What are your thoughts regarding the meaning of life and discovering purpose?

Photo Credit: A big shout to @Enefaa for letting me use his dope photographs 

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monochrome, black and white, stripes, pleats, lace
monochrome, black and white, stripes, pleats, lace

So the much anticipated Valentine’s Day is over and well everybody wants to know how everyone spent theirs. Well for me I attended a program that really challenged my mind and Got me thinking about certain things which I will be talking about in this week's Sarah Speaks. It really is interesting to see that something that was raved about so much is already over, just like that. 

Moving on, today I am coming back to you guys with another bloggers collaboration featuring Stephanie of Stephylately. She's from Zambia but based in the UK. We've actually been following each other for a while now, I remember Stephanie from those early blog days and I'm proud to see how far we've both come. She recently rebranded and has been giving us hits back to back.

monochrome, black and white, stripes, pleats, lace

Choosing a theme was quite challenging hence we settled on black and white, which quite frankly, one can't go wrong with. The monochromatic trend as it applies to black and white is always a good idea and quite versatile since it works for any occasion. Whether one decides to stick to neutral colours like black and white or with a pop of colour, one can't fail with this classic look and trend. It's interesting to observe that while I stuck with plain colours, Stephanie opted for a pop of pink and both looks worked just right.

monochrome, black and white, stripes, pleats, lace

monochrome, black and white, stripes, pleats, lacePhotography by Blessing Audu

However, as trustworthy as this trend is, it can be quite boring or too safe at times. So how does one upgrade or change this neutral look?

Related: 5 Quick Ways to Upgrade an Outfit

1. Add a pop of colour either in your accessories, makeup or clothing just like Stephanie
2. Play with textures to make things more interesting. As you can observe, I combined lace and pleats which changed things up. Also Stephanie opted for a little layering which just took the look to another level.
3. Do not be scared to try prints like I did with the stripe blazer. You can also try mixing prints like I did here
4. Opt for statement outwear. You might want to add a printed blazer like I did or go for a statement coat like Stephanie which automatically dresses up the look.
5. Finally statement jewellery will add a nice touch too. 

Skirt: Thailand || Shoes: Zara || Blazer: Thrift || Necklace: H&M

blush coat, styling monochrome

Hope these tips were helpful, how do you upgrade black and white? How do you like to rock monochrome? If you missed my first 2017 collaboration with Tee (here) then check that out.

Be sure to head over to Stephanie blog for more great posts and further details on this look.

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styling neutrals, nude, safari dress, earth tones, khaki

Hey Beautiful people!  
I've always loved earth tones and pretty much anything in nude shades. Now with the Military trend constantly incorporated in the fashion industry it's interesting to note that Khaki was inspired by the military and their uniforms. As an advocate of separate pieces due to their versatility, this beige khaki set right here which has the appearance of  a Safari dress is  actually a combination of a skater skirt styled here and a shirt. I actually purchased the blouse with the skater skirt in mind and my attraction to both pieces was the button detailing.
Ideally when styling nudes or neutral colours, I love loud bursts of colours or prints. Now while I opted for my nude Zara sandals in styling this nude  set, another option would have been olive green booties, brown sandals or perhaps a burst of cameo print for an edgier look. 

styling neutrals, nude, safari dress, earth tones, khaki
styling neutrals, nude, safari dress, earth tones, khaki

So Valentine's Day is tomorrow as we all know and the hype is crazy.
As always with our generation, holidays such as this are slowly losing their true meaning. 
A day which was supposedly set aside for people to show love and appreciation has become a commercialized day for us to show our materialistic tendencies while growing the pockets of the many compaines out there. It's a shame though, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is slowly turning into something else.
Now for all my single ladies, this is not a day to feel sad or pathetic. 
For all my ladies with that special someone, take advantage of this day to appreciate those special people. However my two cents on this issue, it's not by force, it really isn’t a do or die affair.
styling neutrals, nude, safari dress, earth tones, khaki
styling neutrals, nude, safari dress, earth tones, khaki
Photography by Victor Audu 

 And speaking of love, why stress ourselves chasing all these inconsequential things when Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for us in one of the biggest acts of love in this world. In case you may be feeling a little unloved, never forget that God loves us (John 3:16), Jesus loves you. 

Now for those of us looking for last minute V-day outfit inspiration, then this post is for you.

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? What are your thoughts on the whole buzz with Valentine’s Day? How would you style this look differently?

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Hey you guys, hope you all had an awesome week. Am I the only one excited that it's Friday?
So today we're incorporating a lifestyle post by Sandra on the best places to visit Lagos.
Now I've never actually been to Lagos, well that is if you count the time I had an exchange flight en route Bangkok. Though one of these days hopefully soon, I hope to visit because you guys seem to have all the fun especially in the fashion scene. Let's proceed shall we?

The hustling and bustling associated with our daily lives may deprive us of that special time with our families, friends or loved ones. Besides Lagos being the busiest state in Nigeria, it also has some of the best places, restaurants, movie centers and what have you. There is a wide variety of places in Lagos to choose from such as cheap and affordable hotels, ice cream factories, beautiful beaches as well as exquisite hotels. If you are based in Lagos, or planning a trip to Lagos very soon, here is a list of the five best places to visit with your friends and loved ones:

1. Terra Kulture
Terra Culture, Nigeria’s foremost cultural center is one of the best places to visit in Lagos. It is located in the buzzing business district at the heart of Victoria Island, and serves as a cultural and recreational hub in Lagos. It attracts a large number of crowds from far and near places. Here, you can appreciate beautiful pieces of artwork with your spouse, enjoy tasty delicacies at the restaurants situated in the premises, or even take in the beautiful view of the surroundings.

things to do in Lagos Nigeria

2. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is one of the best places in Lagos where you can enjoy a romantic getaway with your spouse. With its beautiful and serene environment, couples are bound to forget their worries while enjoying each other’s company. The beach resort is intertwined in the core freshness of nature amongst virgin trees and the beautiful view of the alluring romantic reflection of the setting sun upon the calm surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

beaches in Lagos,Nigeria, things to do in Lagos

3. Bheerhugz Cafe
If you are looking to go hangout with your friends, then Bheerhugz Cafe is one of the best places to visit for that purpose. It is a stylish lounge perfect for personal, corporate, group and social hangout. Situated in the highbrow areas of Lagos State, Bheerhugz Cafe is a one-stop place for people looking to relax, unwind and enjoy delicious sumptuous meals prepared by some of the best chefs in town. The cozy lounge at Bheerhugz Cafe will give your friends and you an interesting experience whilst you enjoy the thrill and comfort it give.

things to do in Lagos

4. Eko Hotels and Suites
Eko Hotels and Suites is a perfect location for a romantic get away with your spouse. It is one of the luxury hotels in Nigeria. Located at the center of Victoria Island away from the hustle and bustle of the Lagos metropolis, they offer their walk in guests as well as corporate clients a perfect blend of African delicacies, intercontinental dishes, relaxation and so many fun activities. Overlooking the Eko Atlantic Ocean and City, the hotel is designed for the comfort and convenience of the guest. The hotel prides itself with having banqueting and conference facility that are world class. Eko Hotels and Suites organize the best themed buffet held every Friday evening where guests are treated to specialties across the globe. You can attend the special themed buffet with your spouse on a quiet Friday night.

things to do in Lagos

5. Ikeja City Mall
Your exploration of the city of Lagos will not be complete if you do not visit Ikeja City Mall. Ikeja City Mall is one of the best places to visit in Lagos. It is a major shopping center and home to cool hangout spots in Lagos. It is a good place to visit with your spouse. There is a wide variety of things you can do in Ikeja City Mall. They vary from seeing the latest blockbuster movie to trying new international cuisines, shopping for groceries at lower prices, buying original make-up or even buying the latest designer outfit.
lagos lifestyle

Have you been to Lagos before? Would you agree with Sandra that these are the best places in Lagos? What other places would you include on this list? Please share in the comments below. See you next time and have an awesome weekend.

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Hey beautiful people. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner with six more days to go. Now I’m sure for some of us, all our outfits are planned down right to the hair and makeup. However seeing as a lot of us either thrive on last minute plans or either had no time to plan earlier, I thought I’d create a few last minute outfit ideas to help you all out.

 These outfit ideas include items that most of us already have in our closet. So this Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration post is all about making the most of what you have with your basic wardrobe essentials. 

Look 1

leopard print pumps, styling jeans, trapeze purse

This look featuring a flared sleeve top, which is one of my current favourite trends, is perfect for a casual outing, perhaps a movie date or brunch with the girls. I opted for leopard print pumps to take this look from casual to smart casual. For a more relaxed and comfortable look, either opt for sneakers, pointed flats or loafers. 

Look 2

flared sleeve shirt, white trousers, fringe purse, red stappy sandals  

We should all have a crisp white shirt and black trousers or pencil skirt in our wardrobe. Now you can’t go wrong with monochrome, hence if you’re not exactly sure of the Valentine’s Day plan, why not stick to something safe. However spice up your black and white look with accessories. Opt for a pop of colour, statement shoes like these lace-up sandals and add some sass in your purse with a fringe bag. Given the simplicity of this outfit, how you wear it will make the difference. Go for a half tucked in shirt look and pop the top two or three buttons opens. Now don’t forget to add a bold lip and a statement necklace if you're feeling up to it.

Look 3

snakeskin skirt, single sole heels 
 For all my ladies with boos and baes, this might be your go-to look. This outfit would work for a fancy dinner date or basically a fancy valentine’s day outing. So opt for your printed pencil skirts, a sleek tank top, pair it with some minimalist beautiful shoes and you’re good to go. Given the daring look of the snakeskin skirt, I'd rock this look with no jewellery and a bold makeup look.

Look 4

fringe heels, lbd, leather jacket, all black look

This final look is for all my edgy ladies out there. Upgrade your basic black dress, LBD with a leather jacket, fringe sandals, and gold accessories. This daring all black look is safe but bold at the same time. This would work for a concert or maybe drinks or fancy food in a lounge.

If you'd like to shop these items follow my polyvore account hereI'd most likely rock look 1 and 4 but then again it's not like I'll be doing anything glamorous. Hope this post was helpful. Would you like to see more posts like this?

What is your favourite look? What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Which look would you most likely rock?

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