Hey guys, this post has been sitting in my drafts for a while as I struggled with the perfect intro. I've been blogging for a while now. On some days I just want to quit because I'm not exactly where I want to be but then on most days I can't imagine life without this blog. After all I have invested so much into this and this little space has helped me in ways I can’t even begin to mention. However, in the blogging world, I have come across and discovered several things. Having met various types of people and worked with quite a few brands, I believe there are quite a few misconceptions and which I will address today.

palazzo trousers, off shoulder top, stripes, statement belt

1. It is easy
On the surface, you’d think that blogging is easy appearances can be deceiving. Putting together a blog post is far from easy. For an outfit post, you first of all have to plan the outfit, and then scout for locations and for some of us, find a photographer. Let’s not forget the hassle with locations especially in Nigeria. Either the security men prove difficult due to their limited knowledge of blogging or certain places just don’t allow and expect you to pay. And God forbid it rains or the sun decides to mess with you. 
Then there’s the process of writing down a post which involves, editing pictures, writing and finally sharing the post, because those posts are not going to read themselves. And the most unfortunate thing is when you receive poor feedback from those posts that took so much time to put together.

2. Blogging is a Waste of time
“Oh you blog, isn’t there something better you can do with your time?” One of the usual replies I receive when I say I run a blog. It’s really not people’s fault though as I believe is has something to do with the location and society. In this part of the world anything not following the status quo is condemned. 
 However, the blog world can expose one to several opportunities. Beside working with brands and doing something great with your skills, you get to meet various people and also inspire others. Blogging also helps one to grow. Also it’s a great resume booster; my blog helped me in getting my first and current job.

palazzo trousers, off shoulder top, stripes, statement belt

3. Money
Either people believe that bloggers are rich or that bloggers make a lot of money. The thought that bloggers are rich is understandable. After all you only see us at our best. Usually wearing beautiful clothes all decked out in makeup with our hair looking on point. But let’s not forget that there is always more to the story, people usually only show the world their best side. While there are several socially economically placed bloggers, we should not always generalize.

Now the point about bloggers making a lot of money all depends on a person’s blog. While blogs do make money and several bloggers have made a career out of this, maintaining a blog also costs money. For us fashion bloggers, we spend on clothes, makeup, hair and internet bundles (which are expensive in Nigeria), amongst other things. 
And the frustrating thing is when brands want you to promote them free of charge, only offering “exposure”. So for those people who are in this blogging thing for the sole purpose of making money, you might want to think again. 

Yet what keeps us bloggers going? Well, I can't answer for others but for me it’s that passion to create and inspire. Just that feeling of knowing that someone out there is actually being impacted by 'my work' is just so fulfilling. On days when I just don't feel up to it, I like to reread words of encouragement and look at how far I've come. So to all my awesome readers, keep sharing the posts and your awesome feedback because it goes a long way.

What misconceptions have you observed about blogging? As a blogger what keeps you going? If you're a reader what are some conceptions that you've has about blogging?

Outfit Details
I received this palazzo trousers from Sammydress for $11, which is such a great find. I love trousers that look like skirts dont you?

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Kachee Tee said...

Interesting that I had a similar post to write. I'll still get to it this weekend. But yeah, these are some of the misconceptions. It's definitely far from easy!

Damie Alabi said...

Its sad how people think blogging is a waste of time and they still think people who blog are rich. Before the big break of blogging and before people stated to see it as a big thing, I had course mates telling me I was jobless and should do better things its funny how now they are struggling to start a blog.

You look amazing as always.

Olaa Bobade said...

I think the most annoying and most rampant is the one about being rich. I hardly get that it's easy and is a waste of time which I really appreciate. I also really wish people who would know the difference between being a writer and being a blogger. It's so different. Enjoyed reading this.
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Mwarianesu Mutsaka said...

So real! I can totally relate, its not easy and most times you struggle with finding a photographer!
Great post!

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Great minds think alike, I'm looking forward to your post

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Don't mind them and see now these days the competition is realer than ever. As for the being rich part let's just claim it lol and thank you. Been a while I saw you hear Damie,welcome back, how you been

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

The rich part can be annoying but understandable especially in Nigeria, to run a blog here especially a fashion blog, is not easy. One has to be a little bit well off or average. What's the difference between a writer and blogger though? All bloggers are writers afterall, no? Glad you enjoyed it.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

It's not easy at all, thankfully I don't have to deal with the photographer hustle, thanks to my siblings. Though I know the struggle is real. Thanks for stopping by.

Gail J said...

I think it all happens to us, the day we feel like giving up. However, it needs time to sit and think if what we do is what we want :)

Keshia Langevillier said...

Love your look!

Anne Macachor said...

You managed to get every single point and I couldn't agree more. Blogging is never easy and it even costs more expenses that income for a lot of us but its ability to connect, inspire and encourage to create will always be worth it. :) | Bloglovin' | Instagram

Stephylately said...

Hey Sarah, I have enjoyed reading this post. There are a lot of misconceptions out there and some can be annoying. I really hate when people assume that bloggers have it all easy. Little do they know that its harder than it looks. With the blogging industry being saturated and populated on daily basis with fresh bloggers with even better ideas to share, its tough to stay on top of the game and actually try to make a living out of it. Personally, I don't blog for the money but girl the hustle is still real. From planning looks, budgeting for outfit, emailing potential brands to work with, scheduling the list goes on. And then someone comes to say, you bloggers just pose in outfits. It makes my blood boil.

mide coker said...

I can totally relate to the money thing.
The only blogger Nigerians know is Linda Ikeji and its hard for them to grasp that there are other types of blogs.
They believe that if you are not trying to be like her,then what are you blogging for?
It gets tiring

Ebun Bello said...

What Mide said tbh. Plus people keep asking me to put up stuff not related to Fashion on my blog and I'm like DUDE! DO YOU EVEN READ MY BLOG AT ALL??! It's just asad, slowly but surely people will understand. Good Post Sarah.

Rachel said...

Love the whole look! Great styling!

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Agreed Gail, its important to analyze and understand what we want always.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

It definitely costs more but then again with time, hopefully our investments will pan out. And as you said its the desire to inspire that motivates.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Glad you enjoyed it Stephy.The competition is real we need to learn to not lose focus keep coming up with fresh conten, its a job on its own. Even without the intention to make money, as you listed is not easy at all and it obivously matter to us so I feel you girl. People need to stop undermining us. Thank you for your comment, I loved reading it.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

It is indeed tiring Mide. What annoys me is when they refer one to Linda Ikeji forgetting that not everyone wants to be like her like her and then there are other successful bloggers in different niches, see Sisiyemmie.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Dont mind them, I remember a friend of mine once asked me to put up a post on a cause relating to dogs and their safety. I was so confused and shocked but trust me I was direct as ever. This whole blogging thing might seeem silly and inconsequential to them but hey its not to me. This is a brand, my brand. Thank you for stopping by girl.

Ogunyemi Bukola said...

Nice post. Blogging is not easy at all.. Sometimes I just want to give up since I got back to Nigeria. The struggle has been real. I have a camera but no one to take pictures and when i get someone to, I shoot shoot ahead. Blogging is not a waste of time if you have a vision for your blog. I really enjoy blogging which makes me want to give in my best irrespective of whatever situation i find myself. For the internet bundle, thank God for provision.
As a Medical Doctor and blogger, I think another misconception is that we are unserious since medicine has to do with lives and we should dedicate all our time to it also forgetting that there is time for everything. Smh

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Yeah that adjustment coming back home was not easy. I now spend more money running this blog than I did in Bangkok. I agree, if one has a vision, it is indeed not a waste. As for struggling with a photographer have you considered a tripod? Also there's nothing wrong with combining both.


The one that gets the most is "You must have a lot of money" Lol Where??

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Lol well of course with all those nice clothes.

Sheyla said...

Great post Sarah! Nowadays most bloggers truly blog because they want to and enjoy the connection they create with their community through blogging. If one goes into blogging with the mentality of only getting free clothes and making some money blogging will most likely be a failure.

I now blog and do youtube and let me tell you I put a lot of work between planning, creating and editing my work as well and most of the time a make a dime for all the work I put in. So my point is if a blogger wants to put out content only to monetize that content his/her blog will not grow for the most part. You must enjoy the process of blogging/recording or else you will lose interest quickly.

Like you, I hope that my content is inspiring someone out there. If I reach at least one person I believe I'm doing something right and keep on going. Of course motivation to post isn't always there and sometimes I take breaks but my commitment to post something is still always there.

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