Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,
Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend, pencil dress
Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,

Hey beautiful people! 
Now I know you didn’t think I'd be gone for too long. I just needed some time to regroup hence the break. Thank you all for understanding but your girl is back. Just one week of inconsistency and I can already see the effects so I'm back to three posts a week guys. How are we all doing by the way?

Today I'm bringing to you this simple ankara co-ord set which has the appearance of a flared sleeve pencil dress. I like the option of two piece sets rather than a seperates as it offers more styling options. For example, I could pair the flared sleeve top with some flared high waist bell bottom jeans. Or style the pencil skirt with a white crisp shirt.  

Flared sleeves which (I've styled here and here) are all the rage right now so I thought why not incorporate this trend into Ankara African fabrics and boy oh boy, do I love how it turned out. In styling I opted for my brown obi belt and my blue ankle strap court shoes. 

Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,
Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,
Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,

I'm quite excited about today's post as if you refer to my 2017 style goals, one of them was to invest in more ankara fabrics. And we all know, Nigerian tailors can be so unfaithful hence my trust issues and lack of ankara outfits despite my love for them. You know I have an aunt that knows how to sew (She made these dope trousers here) but she takes forever. Several years ago, my mom gave her one of her prized materials and till this point, it’s still missing.  

Then there was this other time that a tailor promised me heaven and earth with my design, acted like she knew what do, messed up the style, my fabric and produced a dress that I could not even struggle to fit into. And then she had the audacity to say you young people and your styles can be so difficult. 

But shoutout to Mummy Clara, who though not on social media, did a decent job with this one.

Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,
Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,
Photography by Ruth Audu

In all honesty I think the best way to avoid tailor horror stories is to learn how to sew and 360creativehub offers sewing tools as well as creative spaces for all the dope designers and faithful tailors out there. If you are one, please leave a comment down below.

Now, working with Ankara can be quite tricky sometimes as the prints can be quite daring but this post featuring 5 ways to rock ankara pieces has got you covered. Also see here and here for more ways on how I style ankara co-ord sets in the past.

How would you style this dress or co-ord set differently? Any horror stories at the hands of Nigerian tailors? Please share them below. What trends are you currently incorporating into your ankara or African print fabrics?

See you on Wednesday for another outfit post.
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Omolade Ibikunle said...

Love the sleeve!!!

Berry Dakara said...

FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE! I love it. And I'm all about separates, myself. It just gives me more value if I can wear them in multiple ways.

Berry Dakara Blog

Iyesogie Ogieriakhi said...

Mummy Clara did an amazing job, when you find a good tailor hold her close cos they are hard to find oh.
I love the addition of the belt made the look.
Girl did you change your camera the pictures look so good.

Dive Into Mauve ( said...

Love, love, love. Love the fabric and the style.

I would need an entire month to talk about my experience at the hands of Nigerian tailors. From outfits that looked nothing like we agreed on, to fabrics that just plan got missing.

What annoys me the most isn't even the fact that they get the styles wrong, but that some of them dare to insist that the style they have made is what we agreed on. Some would even say it's not possible to achieve what we agreed on and I'm just there wondering why they didn't just say so from the get go. Rather than use my fabric to do a a gamble. Tailors and mechanics. All of them are not well. lol.

Now, I've learnt that its a risk. 50/50 if you may. It might just come out well or not. lol.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks hun, flared sleeves are my favourite at the moment.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Right, multiples offer more styling options. Thanks Berry

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I know girl, felt the pain when I left my good tailor in Calabar. Mommy Clara understands me, my main issue with her is her finishing. Thanks, I initially unsure of the addition but I'm glad it worked out. And, no I did not change my camera, I'm finally learning how to use it better and Photoshop editing is helping too.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks Tee, coming from the Ankara queen, it means a lot. I feel you girl, it’s sad we should catch up on those stories one of these days. Yeah girl it’s frustrating when they do not get your vision. Honestly all these Nigerian Artisans are the same; they will never tell you they can't. They'd rather do trial and error than loose a customer. And yes it's a risk even with good tailors. They might sew nice stuff for your friends but then when it comes to you they mess up. I think the best thing to do though is to learn how to sew and forget them.

Benita James said...

This Ankara outfit is perfect, love the color it's really attractive. If I were to style it, I'd do away with the belt. I actually don't have any horror story from Nigerian Tailors, my mum sews my Ankara outfits.

Bernie, xx
The Style Fanatic

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I love the colour too girl. And honestly since its a two piece and not a dress, I doubt it would work without a belt. And lucky you, I wish I had a close relative who could sew. Thank you for stopping by hun.

Dominika Goodness said...

Sarah I remember vividly well when a tailor disappointed me. she changed my butterfly sleeves top to a somewhat bat sleeves top. I was infuriated.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Lol sorry hun, this imagery is cracking me up for some reason but I can relate. Oh the disappointment!

Vincent Desmond said...

This look has been giving me. Soooo much life, like you won't believe!!!! I'm definitely doing something Ankara related soon. Love this post

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks so much Vincent, I look forward to reading your post.

TANG said...

I have had so many issues with tailors that if I start you'd be reading an essay but let's just say I've learned how to deal with my current tailor and she has been good. I am a big fan of two-pieces myself and all because of the endless styling as separates. Love this print and that belt too.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Lol perhaps you would condsider writing that essay someday lol. Thanks God for faithful tailors. And yes to Seperate peices, thank you.

MJ Junior said...

This is hot!

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