The older I get, the more I believe that we're as good as the company we keep. Having been brought up with a great support system, my family, made me realise the importance of healthy association. 

I'm one of those quiet talkative sorts though most people think I'm shy but really in most situations I like to observe and study people around before deciding who I interact with. Now this has been of both my benefit and detriment in life. A benefit in the sense that I have a great support system, trustworthy and reliable people around me. A detriment because often times I'm seen as either uptight, proud or shy, which is quite sad.

But I believe in this life, we are actually not supposed to connect with everyone we meet and that's okay, perfectly fine and good even. And I don't think we should have to force friendships or relationships either. "Friendship is a choice, it really isn't by force"as Dr Paul Enenche said and further reiterated the need "to love liberally but relate carefully"

Growing up as children everyone was our friend just by simply running around together. But the older I've gotten the more I realise when it comes to friendship its not about the quantity but the quality. Because it really isn't about how many people you have around you but how much impact those people have in your life.

And when I talk about impact, I mean good impact. People who push you to do better, be better. People who pull you up rather than push you down. Now you might not talk always especially with Long distance friendships or relationships but when you need them, you know they've got your back.

My thoughts, nothing good comes easy, so we've got to take our time to form healthy connections

What are your thoughts on this? Should friendships be forced in any case?  Can you relate with this? How do you deal with this?

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chapman, winnys meals, abuja, chinese food
winnysmeals, Abuja Nigeria, Chinese food

Hey Beautiful people!
I'm not sure if you know this but I love food. While it might not always show due to my high metabolism rate, stress at times and the fact that I love walking, I am actually your ultimate foodie. Now, as much as I love food, I actually don't eat out as much as I'd like. I'm one of those people who likes to see my money either hanging in my closet or sitting in my account. Plus you all know the state of the economy so yeah.

So of course I jumped on the offer for free food and Chinese food at that. As mentioned in my last post, I was invited to a Bloggers taster’s event organised by the Blogger Point Nigeria at Winny's Meals Abuja. I actually lived in Asia for over seven years, Thailand to be exact (see here and here). Hence I was excited to get a similar taste to some of my favourite food. Now while Chinese food and Thai food vary especially in the spices, this was a close taste to food from my second home, Thailand. 

vintage shirt, retro shirt

Since the event started in usual Nigerian fashion, an hour or so later than slated, we had time to take tons of pictures and explore the restaurant. I loved the ambience and definitely saw the Chinese influence in the lights and wall decor. 

We had a vast array of food which I can't remember all the names now. The fried rice was good; I loved it combined with the beef sauce and shrimp sauce below. It was also my first time finally trying Chapman. I really liked the spring rolls too but wasn't a big fan of the big shrimp tempura and the noodles. I'd say for the most part most dishes served to us had a slight Nigerian influence in them.

winnys meals, Abuja Nigeria, Chinese food
winnysmeals, Abuja Nigeria, Chinese food
winnysmeals, Abuja Nigeria, Chinese food, minced beef
Winnys meals, Abuja Nigeria, Chinese food

 Grace of Gafashion was the host and guys she’s so down to earth, funny too and has a way with people. It was nice seeing her again and catching up, it had been so long, remember our collaboration here and meet up here too. Also my girl Larisa of Larisas Diary, came through with my outfit pictures, it was nice to see a familiar face. The theme was Think China hence I opted for an oversized vintage shirt from my store The Vintage Connection NG and belted it over to give the look of a Kimono, thoughts?

Related: Kanga Fashion Festival

Larisa of Larisas Diary

I actually had a good time sharing thoughts about blogging, discussing with my peers in the industry and of course enjoying some Chinese food. Really wish I had eaten more but I got distracted.

A few other bloggers and familiar faces at the event were:
Etty and Mife of Maniera by Dale, Hadiza of Hadiza French,  Emmanuel of Ekpo, Lilian a You-tuber here, Toyin a You-tuber here, Maureen of Styled Colorfully and Precious Styles

Salmah of Dear Salmah

Thank you to the Blogger Point Nigeria, the event was well put together, I look forward to more. Looking at this post, this is actually my first food/review post, perhaps there will be more if I go out. I'll also be re-shooting this look so stay tuned.

If you ever want to try Chinese food, contact Winny's Meals here, they are based in Lagos and Abuja.  Also you can read up on Grace's review here  for more details as well.

Have you guys ever been to Winny's Meals? What are your thoughts on Chinese or Asian food?
 What are some of your favourite restaurants or Cafes in Abuja?
 Do you think I thought Chinese in my outfit? Would you like to see more food posts like this?

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Hey you guys!
If there's one item an average fashionista should not do without, its the white shirt. This simple closet basic essential goes with everything obviously. My only issue however is the immense attraction of a white shirt to dirt. While its a love hate relationship its a must have for every closet.

Today I collaborated with Alma of the Style cheapskate to show you guys two ways of styling a white shirt. I came across Alma's blog some time during my early blog days, I read her feature on Fashion Bomb Daily and when I discovered she was based in Abuja, Nigeria I quickly followed. Alma slays back to back with her beauty looks featuring affordable items and her budget friendly style too. We had a fun time doing this shoot and Alma turned out to be friendlier and more free spirited than expected which was awesome. And shout out to her hubby because as bloggers a good support system can not be overemphasized.

While I went for a more corporate outfit with an Ankara vest which I made and my favourite high waist trousers styled here and here, Alma went for a casual chic look. She opted for denim jeans, a button up white shirt and I love how the accessories just complete the look. Head over to Alma's blog for more pictures and outfit details 

Photography by Blessing Audu and Alma's Hubby, Jesse

 High waist Trousers: Thrifted || Ankara Vest: DIY || White shirt: TMart, Calabar || Shoes: Zara || Necklace: H&M

How was everybody's weekend by the way. I spent mine shooting this collaboration and I satisfied my food cravings at a bloggers meet up courtesy the Blogger Point, stay tuned for a more detailed post coming up later this week.

How do you like to style your white shirts? Which look would you rock and to where? What blogger would you like me to collaborate with next? 

Be sure to visit Alma's blog for her outfit details and more, you won't regret it. 

Looking forward to more collabs this year. See the links below for my most recent blogger collaborations

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I've been blogging for a while now, actually a long while really, over three years to be exact.
Honestly I always wish that when I started out, I knew all that I now know about blogging. I probably would have monetised this little space a long time ago and would also have more page views but we learn something new every day. 

 I'm no professional and most of what I've learnt as a blogger is from experience, trial and error while others, I read and learnt online. Having been at this for a while, I will say it’s not how long you blog but how well you blog. Now I've seen a lot of posts dishing tips on blogging, some of which have been great while other pointless but my goal in writing this is to share a few blog mistakes I made and link some of the other helpful posts I've read.

1. Large blog pictures
Have you ever been to a blog which took forever to load, well I've been there and I basically exit after waiting. As a blogger you don't want to loose your readers so to avoid this, it is important to resize your pictures which will help in reducing the load time of your blog. An ideal blog picture size is under 700 pixels. However your ideal picture size is subject to the width and layout of your blog, find what works for you. Now I keep my picture size around 1000x 1200 due to social media as facebook has a way or resizing pictures thereby making it loose quality. Eventually, I’d like to have two sets of pictures edited, one for blog content and another for social media.

2. Improperly named images
I see this mistake a lot especially when downloading pictures from other blogs. In fact I was making this same mistake until I learnt better last year. Renaming your pictures improves your SEO optimisation, which simply means, making it easier for search engines to find your content which translates to more traffic. For example if I'm looking for Ankara skirts outfit inspirations, a picture saved as IMG232 will most likely not pop up. Hence save your photos according to what you think people might search for.

3. Neglecting Comments and Replies
As bloggers we love comments, it’s that one thing that shows that people are actually reading and care. Sure there’s the traffic but comments show real people. However as much as we love comments, most of us either don’t reply to the comments on our blogs or comment on other blogs. When I started blogging, I commented on other blogs quite well but failed to reply to comments on my blog. Eventually the comments declined and I learnt the hard way. So guys reply to comments, I even sometimes go back to blogs to check if they replied to my comment. Also be sure to visit the blogs of your commenters and leave proper comments not spam ones like '' nice stuff" (rolls eyes, then deletes comment). Leaving comments even helps with traffic and gets other people to visit your blog.

4. Social media over blog
Social media is important to the success of blogs these days. However some of us have neglected our blogs while putting all our focus on social media. While this has worked for others, I find that when it comes to making money from blogging, your actual blog is needed and even preferred over social media. I mean sure you can get paid for sponsored posts on social media, Instagram especially. But you can make so much more from, affiliate links and ad banners among others. 

Now I could go on and on but I feel there are quite a few posts by fellow bloggers which I felt were helpful. So in order not to keep repeating what’s already been said, please see the links below for some of those posts.

Cassie Daves Reasons your blog traffic is not growing and So you want to be a blogger?

Kachee Tee's 5 quick ways to improve your blog

Sisiyemmie has a whole section of helpful posts here, check them all out

I hope you found this post helpful and maybe learnt something new or better yet found a link that was helpful.

What mistakes did you make when you started blogging? What tips did you learn along your blog journey? What’s one thing you wish we bloggers did more? What’s one mistake you've made? What tip would you give?

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Wow two posts in one day! What can I say blogging duty calls.

So Summer is around the corner, no wait let me come again because technically we don't have summer in Nigeria, only hot and dry season. But in the fashion world and other parts of the world summer is near which means light weight materials, more colours and more exposed skin but ladies nudity is not the new normal, alright.

Today in collaboration with Shein, I am sharing some of my favourite summer trends along with links to each item featured in the post.

1. Lace
This is one of my favourite trends, I rock it all year round even. I just love the lightweight material and understated sexiness of it all. It also pairs nicely with midi skirts, who am I kidding, it pairs nicely with everything. And don't you love this cool lace t-shirt below, I know I do.

here here

2. Flared Sleeves/Billow Sleeves
This trend has been so overexposed lately but I for one am not complaining as I have rocked it here, here and here. It's definitely not going anywhere and will perhaps even be bigger this summer.

3. Floral
Nothing says summer than flowers so of course floral prints must make a comeback. I love how it is often incorporated in Kimonos which you will find me rocking 24/7.


4. Pleats
Pleats are such a classic texture, its high time I restock my wardrobe with a pleated skirt really. This summer I see pastels being incorporated into pleats as well. And Shein has this lovely skirt in several colours, check it out.


Thealohababe & Classy-inthecity

Finally you get a discount code as stated below

So visit Shein to get your Pre-Summer Feels on point guys 

* Disclaimer: Princess Audu receives a commission for sales through the blog

What trends will you be rocking this summer? What are your favourite summer trends? What trend would you add to this list?

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Hey beautiful people!
So we're a little bit off schedule as this post was supposed to be up yesterday but I got distracted and you know how the rest goes, we move still though.

I've always stayed away from mixing prints and all things colourful in general, but in keeping to my style goals I'm actually stepping out more and so far so good.

Now styling mixed prints is one of those trends that's quite tricky to pull off. If done right, it can upgrade your entire style game but if done wrong, one could look like a walking mess of prints, which can be disastrous. This where I come in because nailing mixed prints is easier than it seems and these tips should help simplify everything.

 1. Stripes are your best bet
For beginners or those in doubt, stick with stripes. They are the safest option and pair nicely with all prints, whether prints in black and white or coloured ones.

2. Monochrome/ Black and white
When in doubt stick to monochrome, it always works, especially in mixed prints. The truth is no matter how busy the prints are, black and white has a way or toning things down.

 3. Common colour
Before opting to pair two different prints together, identify a common colour. The more common colours between the prints, the more cohesive the entire outfit looks, makes sense? In the first look below you can see that the common colours are yellow and blue which is why the outfit worked.

4.Similar prints in contrasting colours
  In my opinion another option is to style the same prints in contrasting colour. This gives a daring yet simple look and also incorporates colour-blocking if you opt for contrasting colours.

5. Incorporating through accessories
 Lastly, you can always rock the mixed print trend in your accessories. For example, you can pair a printed head wrap with a stripe top or skirt (like in this look here). It’s a safe way to nail the trend without looking too busy.

What tips would you give in rocking mixed prints? What are you favourite ways to mix prints? What is your favourite mixed print look above?

By the way, I recently restocked my vintage store TheVintage Closet Ng, I've got you covered on high-waist trousers, culottes, skirts and vintage shirts all under three thousand Naira so don't miss out!

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off shoulder trend, stripes, flared sleeves, colour blocking
off shoulder trend, stripes, flared sleeves, colour blocking

I  was once a major shopaholic guys. I remember it being so bad that I shopped with every money I got and I couldn't pass up on sales or a good deal. I never saved or really spent my money on anything else. Its funny to think that I was that one person who had so many clothes to wear out but no money to actually go out. In fact as stated in my about me page, it was one of the reasons I decided to start a blog.

I'm so glad I grew out if it after praying it out, so thank God. Now looking back at that time, despite having so many clothes, I never had anything to wear. I would sit in front of my wardrobe struggling and then finally sticking to the usual choice.
I've found that having less clothes makes dressing up easier at times. Plus you get more money for your clothes when you invest in closet essentials rather than trends.

off shoulder trend, stripes, flared sleeves, colour blocking
off shoulder trend, stripes, flared sleeves, colour blocking

Case in point, I have styled this Zaful off shoulder stripe top hereherehere and can still think of more ways to rock this top, so stay tuned! Also the red pencil skirt was previously styled in my collab with Tee of Diveintomauve (here).
I've been rocking my vintage belt back to back because it just goes with everything, it can't be helped. 

off shoulder trend, stripes, flared sleeves, colour blocking
off shoulder trend, stripes, flared sleeves, colour blocking
Photography by Blessing Audu

Skirt(Similar on Salehere too), Belt: Thrift || Top: Zaful (Similar)|| Sandals: Zara (Similar Sale

Happy Easter beautiful people, what did you get up to?
I attended service and the usual rice plus got special treat from daddy, shout out to all the awesome parents out there. Also loved resting, I wish the break would last forever but work calls tomorrow.

Let's not forget the point if Easter as state in my last Sarah Speaks

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We're supposed to be different right? Our lives should be testimonies of his greatness right? Why isn't that the case though?

We claim to be Christians, people saved by faith and grace. A people redeemed by our saviour. Yet why do we still act the same way we always did? We still dress the same, showing off our bodies, leading people to sin and claiming God looks at the heart and not the outer appearance. True, but have we forgotten "that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" (Matt 12:34).

We still associate with the same people, joining them to do the same things our bible, our base, condemns. We forget that we're supposed to be a light to the world ( Matt 5:14) and "not conform to the standards of it" (Rom 12:2).

We like to use the phrases "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" and "grace covers a multitude of sin" as excuses to justify our short comings when we know we can do so much better. But then, "shall we go on doing the wrong thing so that grace may abound" (Rom 6:1)?

We place ourselves in situations that will make us fall yet we still ask for Gods grace to overcome the temptations. We've forgotten that the same bible that tells us "Jesus gave us power over sin" (Rom 6:4-6) also "tells us to resist temptation and flee from the devil" (James 4:7)

We make rash decisions on our own, thinking we've got this, yet we blame God when things go wrong (Prov 19:2). We're actually supposed to "commit our ways to God for direction" but do we (Prov 3:6)? So why do we expect him to direct when we didn't ask.

We seek God for what he can give us, what he can do for us but we forget that he gives his conditions too. We want to be blessed, but fail to follow his rules (Deut 28: 1-2). Yet we expect him to bless us.

We often say, "all things work together for good". Well they do, but we forget the part that further says "to those that love him and are called according to his purpose" (Rom 8:28). Do we really love him? Are we called according to his purpose? So why should all things work together for our good?

We really aren't fooling God, in fact we aren't fooling anybody.

If we wanted to lose weight and be fit, would we go to the gym with an unhealthy over weight person? Or if we wanted to pass an exam would we study with the laziest person? In the same way how do we expect do be a light that will draw others when we still act the same and do the same things as everyone else 

As we celebrate the death and resurrection of our savior, its important to look back, reflect and work towards being better; knowing him better and serving him.

I admit it's not easy but we press on towards the upward calling and that's what keeps me going.

Now I'm not trying to condemn anyone as I've been in most of these situations but sometimes we've got to be real with ourselves and ask the right questions.

What questions should we be asking ourselves as Christians?

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Hey Beautiful people! 
Remember when thrifting or buying second hand items was a thing of shame? Oh that’s right, that is not really the case anymore. These days it’s now a thing of pride to snag amazing pieces at a steal price. At least I knew I felt all happy and proud when I thrifted my favourite pair of culottes for just 400 Naira ($1).

 However, we can all agree that thrifting in general can be stressful. As stated in my post on thrifting tips (here) it also takes a lot of patience and a good eye which some of us don’t have and that is perfectly okay. Now with the advent of the internet we can not only shop online but can also thrift; even here in Nigeria. Hence I will be listing out some of my favourite online vintage/thrift stores in Nigeria.

Click on the titles for a link to each store

I came across this brand when I was introduced by their CEO, Nedu. I immediately loved the selection of their retro pieces. Based in Lagos, Soul Orange Vintage offers a wide selection of  retro dress, skirts and some pretty dope blazers and bombers. Although a Tad bit more expensive than your average retro shop, we can agree that their selection is first grade. They also have pop up shops where you can get a lot of their items at a discounted rate, I really wish I was in Lagos so I could stop by but you guys should definitely stop by if you can.

I have actually had the pleasure of personally collaborating with and shopping from The Vintage Closet and let me tell you the customer service is amazing. The awesome part is they are based in Abuja and you all know we don’t have enough online vintage stores over here. They stock mom jeans (styled here and here), which is a closet must have. They’ve also got you covered on beautiful retro shirts and scarfs too.

This store is actually owned by Fellow blogger Wumi Tuase. Now this store is your stop for lovely vintage purses and Thrifted shoes which are mostly under 5k. Based in Lagos as well, she also stocks denim skirts and other vintage items too.

As the name implies, this store stocks all shades of denim literally. Now I’m talking mom jeans, denim jackets, denim skirts, you name it. The maximum price I’ve seen so far is 5k. They are also based in Lagos.
 I believe I first stumbled on this store on Cassie Dave’s blog. They are based in Enugu and offer lovely vintage accessories including earrings, scarfs, shades and hats among other vintage items. I will be taking over their Instagram page tomorrow and dishing more tips on styling retro pieces. Don’t miss out.

Last but not least is my store the Vintage Closet Nigeria. You all know how much I love my vintage and retro items. So when I’m not thrifting for myself, I’m thrifting for you guys. And the items are super affordable too, usually under 2k. Plus I offer free styling tips on request. I stock vintage shirts, and my favourite high waist trousers which included culottes and palazzo. You can check out a review of my store by fellow bloggers Ilamosi and Subomi.  So show your girl some support, I’ll be restocking this week too.  

Subomi Salami in the Vintage Connection Palazzo trousers here 
Now to get the most out of your thrifiting experience, I suggest actually going to the market as items are so much cheaper. But for convenience, that's why we’re here for you guys.

What are some of you favourite online thrift stores? Do you prefer to thrift in the market or online? Have you shopped with any of these brands before? What are some of your proudest thrift purchases and at what cost?

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