chapman, winnys meals, abuja, chinese food
winnysmeals, Abuja Nigeria, Chinese food

Hey Beautiful people!
I'm not sure if you know this but I love food. While it might not always show due to my high metabolism rate, stress at times and the fact that I love walking, I am actually your ultimate foodie. Now, as much as I love food, I actually don't eat out as much as I'd like. I'm one of those people who likes to see my money either hanging in my closet or sitting in my account. Plus you all know the state of the economy so yeah.

So of course I jumped on the offer for free food and Chinese food at that. As mentioned in my last post, I was invited to a Bloggers taster’s event organised by the Blogger Point Nigeria at Winny's Meals Abuja. I actually lived in Asia for over seven years, Thailand to be exact (see here and here). Hence I was excited to get a similar taste to some of my favourite food. Now while Chinese food and Thai food vary especially in the spices, this was a close taste to food from my second home, Thailand. 

vintage shirt, retro shirt

Since the event started in usual Nigerian fashion, an hour or so later than slated, we had time to take tons of pictures and explore the restaurant. I loved the ambience and definitely saw the Chinese influence in the lights and wall decor. 

We had a vast array of food which I can't remember all the names now. The fried rice was good; I loved it combined with the beef sauce and shrimp sauce below. It was also my first time finally trying Chapman. I really liked the spring rolls too but wasn't a big fan of the big shrimp tempura and the noodles. I'd say for the most part most dishes served to us had a slight Nigerian influence in them.

winnys meals, Abuja Nigeria, Chinese food
winnysmeals, Abuja Nigeria, Chinese food
winnysmeals, Abuja Nigeria, Chinese food, minced beef
Winnys meals, Abuja Nigeria, Chinese food

 Grace of Gafashion was the host and guys she’s so down to earth, funny too and has a way with people. It was nice seeing her again and catching up, it had been so long, remember our collaboration here and meet up here too. Also my girl Larisa of Larisas Diary, came through with my outfit pictures, it was nice to see a familiar face. The theme was Think China hence I opted for an oversized vintage shirt from my store The Vintage Connection NG and belted it over to give the look of a Kimono, thoughts?

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Larisa of Larisas Diary

I actually had a good time sharing thoughts about blogging, discussing with my peers in the industry and of course enjoying some Chinese food. Really wish I had eaten more but I got distracted.

A few other bloggers and familiar faces at the event were:
Etty and Mife of Maniera by Dale, Hadiza of Hadiza French,  Emmanuel of Ekpo, Lilian a You-tuber here, Toyin a You-tuber here, Maureen of Styled Colorfully and Precious Styles

Salmah of Dear Salmah

Thank you to the Blogger Point Nigeria, the event was well put together, I look forward to more. Looking at this post, this is actually my first food/review post, perhaps there will be more if I go out. I'll also be re-shooting this look so stay tuned.

If you ever want to try Chinese food, contact Winny's Meals here, they are based in Lagos and Abuja.  Also you can read up on Grace's review here  for more details as well.

Have you guys ever been to Winny's Meals? What are your thoughts on Chinese or Asian food?
 What are some of your favourite restaurants or Cafes in Abuja?
 Do you think I thought Chinese in my outfit? Would you like to see more food posts like this?

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amely rose said...

this is such a lovely place
and the Food Looks so tasty :D

with love your AMELY ROSE

Lippie 143 said...

enjoyed reading the post. it looks like an amazing event and ur outfit is super fab.
lippie x

ARAMIDE said...

Sarah Sarah, why would you torture me this evening?😢😢 The food looks so good and you look amazing as well! Glad you had fun.😊


The Style Cheapskate said...

How did I not get invited to this? Lol! You guys had a ton of fun ��

Winifred Atusue said...

Glad you guys had a nice time, finally Abuja bloggers are mingling! Wait Sarah! How have you never had chapman? So confused!

salmah abdulsalam said...

Please my exact same question, how have you never had chapman? Ans yep, you definitely thought Chinese in your outfit. So glad i met you.

Hadiza French said...

Oh Wow! The review is amazing���� The pictures are...��

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

The food was really tasty and the place indeed nice.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thank you, I'm glad you could stop by

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Lol sorry girl, even I got hungry when putting this post together, I kept wishing I could go back. Thank you

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Right Alma, I'm sure the next one will host different bloggers as well.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Yes oh, we're tired of sitting back, time to network with other bloggers. And well I believe Chapman is usually served at events or restaurants right. So don't be confused lol I'm not exactly the going our type.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Yay, it was nice to meet you. And well I cant say but I just never had it probably because I rarely attend chapman worthy events

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks Hadiza

Missy May said...

I love when bloggers connect. This looks and sounds like a great event and everyone looks great. I love the 70s vibe of your top. Wonderful! :)


Benny Makachi said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! That shirt is the ultimate wear for events like this. Loads of room for after effect of loads of eating.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I love when we meet up too. It was a great one. Thank you so much, I wasn't exactly going for the 70s vibe though.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Right,I loved the loose fit too though I really wish I had eaten more but I got distracted with the talking.

Vincent Desmond said...

I kept up with the blogger point snapchat. That point where you guys where arguing with that guy about blogging about social change and issues was fun. I have a hate love thing with Chinese,and I've also never ever had a Chapman lol. I love what you wore sooo nice, and really got the Chinese vibe



larisa gbubemi Ejuts said...

It was so much fun, nice meeting you love 💕 You looked amazing.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks so much dear, nice catching up again.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks hun, we've got to keep things real over here. I hope so too.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Yes finally someone who can relate, I'd love to know your thoughts when you finally try chapman though. I actually enjoyed the argument, though it was more like a conversation, he had a point though. Blogging can be quite superficial at times, so I like what he said. Chinese food is great what is the hate with it lol?

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