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Hey Beautiful people! 
Remember when thrifting or buying second hand items was a thing of shame? Oh that’s right, that is not really the case anymore. These days it’s now a thing of pride to snag amazing pieces at a steal price. At least I knew I felt all happy and proud when I thrifted my favourite pair of culottes for just 400 Naira ($1).

 However, we can all agree that thrifting in general can be stressful. As stated in my post on thrifting tips (here) it also takes a lot of patience and a good eye which some of us don’t have and that is perfectly okay. Now with the advent of the internet we can not only shop online but can also thrift; even here in Nigeria. Hence I will be listing out some of my favourite online vintage/thrift stores in Nigeria.

Click on the titles for a link to each store

I came across this brand when I was introduced by their CEO, Nedu. I immediately loved the selection of their retro pieces. Based in Lagos, Soul Orange Vintage offers a wide selection of  retro dress, skirts and some pretty dope blazers and bombers. Although a Tad bit more expensive than your average retro shop, we can agree that their selection is first grade. They also have pop up shops where you can get a lot of their items at a discounted rate, I really wish I was in Lagos so I could stop by but you guys should definitely stop by if you can.

I have actually had the pleasure of personally collaborating with and shopping from The Vintage Closet and let me tell you the customer service is amazing. The awesome part is they are based in Abuja and you all know we don’t have enough online vintage stores over here. They stock mom jeans (styled here and here), which is a closet must have. They’ve also got you covered on beautiful retro shirts and scarfs too.

This store is actually owned by Fellow blogger Wumi Tuase. Now this store is your stop for lovely vintage purses and Thrifted shoes which are mostly under 5k. Based in Lagos as well, she also stocks denim skirts and other vintage items too.

As the name implies, this store stocks all shades of denim literally. Now I’m talking mom jeans, denim jackets, denim skirts, you name it. The maximum price I’ve seen so far is 5k. They are also based in Lagos.
 I believe I first stumbled on this store on Cassie Dave’s blog. They are based in Enugu and offer lovely vintage accessories including earrings, scarfs, shades and hats among other vintage items. I will be taking over their Instagram page tomorrow and dishing more tips on styling retro pieces. Don’t miss out.

Last but not least is my store the Vintage Closet Nigeria. You all know how much I love my vintage and retro items. So when I’m not thrifting for myself, I’m thrifting for you guys. And the items are super affordable too, usually under 2k. Plus I offer free styling tips on request. I stock vintage shirts, and my favourite high waist trousers which included culottes and palazzo. You can check out a review of my store by fellow bloggers Ilamosi and Subomi.  So show your girl some support, I’ll be restocking this week too.  

Subomi Salami in the Vintage Connection Palazzo trousers here 
Now to get the most out of your thrifiting experience, I suggest actually going to the market as items are so much cheaper. But for convenience, that's why we’re here for you guys.

What are some of you favourite online thrift stores? Do you prefer to thrift in the market or online? Have you shopped with any of these brands before? What are some of your proudest thrift purchases and at what cost?

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Евгения Ковалевская said...

cool stylish outfits!


ANON said...

No shade / disrespect but Me thinks Wunmi tuase of thriftstoreng can do better. i love her pieces but please she should repackage her products on instagram. how can you place beautiful bags you are selling on the bare floor.

Wunmi pls take those bags off the damn tiled floor. they would be better off on a table or chair covered with fabric. my 2cents.

Nice blog post Btw.

Sandra Kozłowska said...

love all !

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Hmm interesting suggestion, not misplaced however but I believe its best to tell her directly. I do hope you've suggested it to her because he bag selection is indeed lovely.

AJIA CROFT said...

loved the second jeans look bbz! btw i was reading your about me page... do you speak thai or any other languages? and if so are u fluent in any? am asking because i love languages though my brain is too small to keep up #life

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Hi Ajia, yes I do speak Thai. However, due to a lack of practice, I am slowly loosing my fluency. I also speak my local dialect and I learnt Hebrew while living in Israel but I have lost most of it. Although I do still know how to still sing happy birthday, funny enough. And lol at your brain being too small, I feel you, I'd really like to learn more languages.

Jointy&Croissanty said...

I really like vintage fashion and these stores have amazing stuff!
I adore your outfit on the third picture!:)


Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Vintage fashion at its best truly. Thank you

Oreoluwa A. said...

I think online Nigerian thrift stores are actually expensive. I maybe wrong anyway. Will check out the listed stores, thank you for sharing!

Oréoluwa’s blog

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I agree with you to some extent because as mentioned at the end if the post, thrifting at the market is more beneficial. Now as someone who runs a vintage/thrift store the slightly hiked up prices are understandable given that we are providing convenience and unique items for people. I do see where you're coming from, some vintage store prices can be over the top but then some people out there don't mind. Thanks for stopping by

Nicole said...

I love thrifting! I alway find one of kind piece that I would not find at my regular stores. I will follow your instructions before going to next thrifting.

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