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My obsession for belts is no hidden thing. Funny enough I never noticed it until someone pointed it out (hey Grace). I honestly don't know when it started but I just love my belts. Why? Well they give that perfect finishing touch to any look. 

Now a lot of people ask where I buy my belts from. Honestly, I thrift some and purchase some, but in today's post I've got you covered on where you too can get a chic statement belt. And I'll also be talking why you need one, in case you aren't already convinced.

 Belts are great for tying two separate pieces together and making them look like one. Like in the outfit below which appears to be a jumpsuit but in actuality is a dress and pair of culottes paired together, see what I did there?

Full outfit post Here

Statement belts are also great for cinching in your waist, leaving you with that perfect snatched waist at times, depending on the belt that is. And a cinched waist is key in adding balance to an outfit.

Full outfit post Here

 Statement belts as I mentioned above also give your outfits that perfect finishing touch, you know that wow factor. They can easily transform an outfit from basic to glamorous. Don't believe me? Well try it out on a basic jeans and T-shirt pairing and see what I mean.

Outfit post here 

1. Asos Here  || 2. Asos Here ||  3. Jumia Here || 4. Shein Here  || 5. Jumia Here || Shein Here 

Do you believe in the power of a statement belt? Why? How do you take your outfits from basic to wow? What other closet items do you think are essentials? What style items are you obsessed with?


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Now besides thrifting one of the ways to stay stylish on a budget is to make your own clothes or employ the services of an affordable and reliable (emphasis on reliable) tailor. While this is no easy feat especially in Nigeria, she who finds a good tailor finds favour before God and man lol.

Today's posts featuring this multi colour trench jacket was custom made by my tailor, mommy Clara who made this flared top set. I got this piece made all under 3,000 Naira including the fabric. I just purchased basic sample material, chose a style and this was the finished product. This jacket was actually supposed to be a kimono but my tailor mixes it up. Hence this piece is not as versatile as I'd like. Thankfully, all things work together for our good. 

For styling I just paired it with all black in a pleated midi skirt with a stunning lace detailed hemline styled here. Finally, I added some cat eye frames to complete the look. In the future I'd probably style this trench jacket with blue jeans or my pink high waist trousers. 

Now if you follow my instastories especially over the weekend, you would have seen the behind the scenes process of this look right from the shoot to the editing of the photos. Blogging really isn't easy or as glamorous as it seems but we do it for the love. 

Photography by Victor Audu

And Happy Democracy Day to all my Nigerians out there. Now I know the country is not all that great right now but let's focus on the positives, we have come a long way after all.

How are you all doing? How do you stay stylish on a budget? What tips would you give to a fashionista on a budget? How would you style this trench?

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I don’t know about you but one item you’d never find me without especially when I’m wearing heels is a pair of flats or slippers. Although, I am honestly not a fan of open toed anything, I can however make exemptions when it comes to heels like single soled ones
 And when the Lord blesses you with wide feet, you can trust that finding slides or slippers that fit or look right can’t be a bit of challenge.  But when you walk a lot and don’t have a car or better yet, haven’t mastered driving, owning a cute chic pair of slippers cannot be over stressed especially when moving about.

Now these slides sent to me by Edward Mills Lagos having been helping me stay practical and still make my feet look cute and today I’ll be giving you guys a quick review.
Slides and fringe are one of the hottest trends at the moment, now I know I say this about trends all the time but when I received these slides I was excited to finally be part of the gang.

Things I love
I love the fringe detailing most of all and the fact that it flaps while I walk is a plus. These slides are also easy to style. I like that the slides was tailored to fit my feet and that the flap covers my toes (remember not a fan of my feet)

Things to consider
While these slides were not exactly made for comfort they are not uncomfortable either. And oh they hate dust too as the fringe detail is made of suede. I know these slides look more of a burgundy or maroon colour shade but in actuality they are more of a soft purple/maroon colour which has grown on me.

Shipping: The slides came neatly packaged through Peace Transport under the allotted shipping time frame. They are based in Lagos and shipping prices range from 1,500 – 2,000 Naira Nationwide. They also ship worldwide so my international readers you can get in on this too!

Price: These slides are not necessarily affordable but reasonably priced. The prices of products range from products to prodcuts but this pair retails at 5,000 Naira

You can purchase the slides here

I look forward to rocking these slides as often as I can. Stay tuned for a full casual outfit post featuring my Edward Mills Lagos Slides. Based on Feedback from my Instagram, I’m leaning towards a relaxed look maybe a little black dress with a kimono or an oversize/graphic shirt with a pair of skinny jeans, thoughts?

If you'd like to see more options contact, Edward Mills here

*These slides were sponsored by Edward Mills Lagos, thank you for trusting me

How would you style these flats? What’s that one item that you’re always found with? What things do you take into consideration before purchasing footwear?

If you'd like me to review your product, shoot me a mail at princessaudu@gmail.com, lets work together.

Till next time!

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How are we all doing? How was your weekend? And how has the month of May been treating you? 
I went for an exam over the weekend which went well thankfully, felt like a student all over again which was weird. Also met an interesting person and had a surprisingly good conversation but then we went our separate ways which was such a shame. Ever been in this position?

Moving on to today's post, now I'm a big fan of remixing and making the most of one's wardrobe. I believe it is not always about having so many clothes but making the most of them. In my shopaholic days which I talked about here, I had so many clothes but struggled to find what to wear. However, now that I shop with purpose, understand my style and have the right basics its easy to mix and match pieces. And today's post is a compilation of how I styled this simple off shoulder stripe top from Zaful.

*Click on HERE for the full outfit post

Look 1
For this first look I kept it easy and simple by pairing the top with a beige skater skirt, remember I talked all about my love for such skirts here. I love how blue and beige pair together. I also opted for this cute statement purse to add a nice pop of colour. 

 Look 2
In this next look, I opted for a pair of palazzo trousers and a statement obi belt to tie everything together. You all know I can't do without belts which is why later this week I'll have a full post guiding you on where to get statement belts, stay tuned!

 Look 3
I find that blue and red look great together hence I opted for this red pencil skirt and again tied everything in with my favourite brown vintage belt. When I say I cant do without belts, you best believe it.

 Look 4
For this final look I opted for a more layered fit with this pencil dress previously styled here. Also note how I reached for the same pair of nude sandals in almost all the looks and also this cute colour block bag, it really is about making the most of what you've got guys

When remixing pieces don't be shy to play around with textures, layers and colours. Also make sure you invest in the right basics once you've identified your style because this is key. Hope you enjoyed this post.

What is your favourite look?

Till next time!
This post is coming a little later than expected and I apologize. Had so much on my mind and was actually going to postpone this particular Sarah Speaks till next week but I'd like to get this out there.

In my younger days I felt a curiosity for the whole idea of clubbing. I once even told my mom that I'd like to go and see what it's all about to which she questioned me asking "why" and then cautioned me against it, as she pointed out the fact that I'm a Christian and have no business going to a club.

There just always seemed to be a wonder in the whole concept of going to the club. Looking from the outside I felt it was so fun and now from experience, I wonder what was I thinking?

Now, the idea of clubbing in the Christian world is one that has sparked so much debate and varying opinions. One might argue that clubbing is morally right or wrong based on ones intentions for going. Some would say, they just want to unwind and let loose which is totally understandable I guess, but looking at it from the christian point of view, what does the Bible say about clubbing? Does the Bible even say any thing? 

As Christians when we give our lives to Christ we become new creatures and as such are not to live or be controlled by our flesh. Now, Romans 13: 13-14 blatantly says

"Because we belong to the day, we must live decent lives for all to see. Don't participate in the darkness of wild parties and drunkenness or in sexual promiscuity and immoral living or in quarrelling and jealousy..."

In addition to the above scripture 1 Peter 4:3-5, Galatians 5: 19-21 among other scriptures listed out here, strongly discourages clubbing. As Christians our Bible should be our base which is why studying it is so important. We can't please God really or make it in this race if we don't know what we are actually supposed to do. I mean, how do you pass an exam you didn't prepare for at all.

Have you ever observed the atmosphere of a club environment? What goes on there and how do people dress? You'd find that women dress and dance provocatively and there's a lot of reckless behaviour all which the bible condemns, case in point the above Bible scriptures. 

Being in such an atmosphere can also tempt one or cause one to fall and as I said in my post We Call Ourselves Christians? We are not fooling ourselves really,  the spirit is willing but the flesh is indeed weak so we've got to help ourselves. Also, what about the fact that we're not supposed to conform but be a light to this world? (Rom 12:2, Matt 5:14)

Finally clubbing puts a dent on our credibility as Christians. Our lives are our greatest testimony of our salvation and in the words of Mathew of By Faith, " by socialising in such places, you do not bring people up to your level, they bring you down to their level. A person cannot respect someone who is not fully committed to that which they profess to believe in". 

One of my pastors once said, "when you place yourself in the devils territory you're a susceptible to all he has to offer" Finally, I say this also coming from my personal point of view and I understand that our convictions are different hence as the Bible says, look to Christ as the Author and finisher of your faith.

What are your thoughts on this? As Christians should we go clubbing? Do you go clubbing as a Christian, why? I'd genuinely like to know.

Till next time!

Hey beautiful people! I hope you're all doing well.
Today's look-book is a little different from the usual. I thought I'd show you guys three ways of styling a basic blouse. This stripe blouse from Shein feature one of the hottest trends of the year, the floral embroidery trend. Shein is also giving away a free outfit to one lucky winner in their Back to School Giveaway so stick around till the end for the giveaway details.

So thinking about school has got me feeling nostalgic. It's still weird to think that I finished University almost three years ago. I often wish I could go back in time and relive my school days, especially my University days. Don't get it twisted though, I'd like to relieve the fun moments which exclude exams, tests and classes especially those ones with the boring teachers that makes one sleep.

 One of my fondest memories of those days is chilling with my girls at the school canteen or eating spicy Thai food after class. This was our go-to spots especially on those broke days which were more often than not .We would order food, sit and chat, in fact we had some of our best  conversations during those hangouts

Now that I’ve talked your ear off let’s move to the look-book

Look 1: Colour block chic
When it comes to school fashion, I to be comfortable but still stylish. For this first look, I incorporated the colour block trend with a corduroy button skirt, a striped flower embroidered shirt and a mustard satchel. I also opted for these nude Rhinestone flats to balance things out and these cute frames for a nerdy smart look.

Back to School Outfit Inspiration

 Back to School Outfit Inspiration by sarah-audu featuring striped tops

ShirtHere || SkirtHere || BagHere || ShoesHere || GlassesHere

Look 2: Mixed Prints
You all know how much I love mixed prints, so I thought it would be fun to pair the shirt with a striped flared midi skirt. Since we're still talking comfort I opted for these blue loafers and added a pop of colour with the orange purse, this has to be my favourite look.

Mixed prints
Shirt: Here || Skirt: Here || Purse: Here || loafers: Here 

Look 3: Men's Inspired
Taking a little inspiration from the men, I decided to pair the shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans for a slightly slouchy relaxed fit. As with the other looks I opted for a pop of colour with this cute backpack. Still on comfort I went for white sneakers with a floral embroidery detail as well. 

Everyday chic
Shirt: Here ||Boyfriend Jeans: Here || Backpack: Here || Sneakers: Here || GlassesHere

Giveaway Rules
1. Register and sign up with Shein here and Student Beans here 
2. Create a school inspired outfit using items from Shein
3. Email your outfit to me before the 29th of May. I will pick the best one and submit it to Shein. The winner will be announced by Shein and I'll post the winner on the blog. Be sure to subscribe on the right side of the blog so you don't miss out.

The winner of the Giveaway will win a free outfit (skirt and shirt) from Shein, they have lovely items, so don't miss out.

What's you're favourite outfit? Which look would you rock? What do you miss about school? Do you have any fond memories from your school days? Please share

Till next time!
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How's everybody doing? 
As an advocate for modest and comfortable fashion I tend to gravitate towards longer and less fitted pieces hence my obsession with midi skirts. Especially skater and pleated skirts.

I like the no stress factor with skater skirts simply because they are flattering on most body types, you don't have to worry about panty lines, it offers you comfort and it can easily be taken from work, to church to every day errands.

And we all know pleats are one of the hottest trends this season. Hence looking back at my style posts, I thought I'd do a compilation of some of my favourite ways that I've rocked this staple.

1. Monochromatic


I love the idea of working with neutral colours mostly. And whether sticking to one colour palette or pairing black and white together, we all know it never fails.


2. Mixed prints
For those brave enough, mixing prints is one way to spice up what would be an otherwise predictable or boring piece. If you're still unsure of how to, then  my guide on mixing prints has got you covered.

Related: 5 Easy Ways to Mix Prints 


3. Ankara/African prints
Now while it might be true that we Africans borrowed Ankara prints from the Dutch, it is also true that we have taken it over and we sure do own it now. I love making skater skirts with Ankara, stay tuned for a basic tutorial.

Related: 5 African Print Styles to Try


Prints just make everything more fun and interesting so rather then stick to plain skirts why not opt for printed ones.



5. Sneaker up
Last but not least, one of my favourite ways to style midi skirts especially for everyday errands is with sneakers. I feel like opting for sneakers in most outfits instantly makes one look out of the box stylish and trendy, what do you think? 

What is one closet staple that your obsessed with? How do you like to style your midi skirts/skater skirts? What was you're favourite look?

Have an awesome week guys! 

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Its quite sad what our world is turning to these days. 

Each time I read about sexual, physical and emotional violence,  I can't help wonder what indeed is happening to our world, to our women, to our men especially. It breaks my heart really that men, who are supposed to be the head and protect, are the major people inflicting all forms of abuse on we, the women.

In most cases of sexual and physical violence people like to blame the women. It is either the woman dressed provocatively or maybe made the man angry. Now while I believe we women should always dress modestly, as I mentioned in my Sarah speaks titled No Means No, But, I believe this is no excuse for abuse. And as someone on Twitter pointed out

"a violent person (regardless of gender) will hurt you if they think they can get away with it".

  I mean how can one explain a 17 year old boy rapping a 6 year old girl. Will we then say it was because she dressed provocatively? I think rather than play the blame game, we need to look deeper and find ways to stop this. 

It's sad to hear and see women suffer so much at the hands of men and yet I wonder why they just don't leave. I've never understood but I don't judge. I can't imagine what a lot of women are going through.

But if you're a woman in this situation, can you imagine yourself being free from all the pain and hurt, because it is possible. I want you to know that you are loved, and that there is so much more to this life for you. God has a great plan for you if you could only see it and just trust him.

I want you to know that you have the strength to walk away from any man, women, person, thing or situation that is hurting you and making you sad. You do not have to suffer in silence either.

It really isn't easy being a woman most times. Always having to be on guard but I know that there are still good  men in this  world and I pray we find them. I pray our eyes are opened to differentiate the angels from the demons.
Now this post may be directed to women but that is not to take away from the fact that men go through abuse too, its just that often times due to society they don't always talk about it. 

I honestly don't know if talking really helps but I'd like to think for people in such situations it gives them the courage to leave. I guess we just having to keep saying it, keep talking it even. No to all forms of abuse, it is not okay and it is enough, it must stop. And the victim must not be blamed.

What is your stance on this issue? Do you think talking about abuse helps? Is it ever the women's fault? Can a victim ever be blamed for being abused? What's it like being a woman in today's world? 

Talk to me

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Looking at the life of Joseph in the bible (Gen 37-50), I feel for both Christians and non-Christians we have a lot of life lessons to learn from him. One of the things I greatly admire about him was his ability to stay true to his values and not compromise. Particularly when the wife of his boss, Potiphar asked him to sleep with her but he adamantly refused and stayed away from her (Gen 39: 7-10), Two things to take away from this:

1. He stuck to his values in the face of temptation and the risk of loosing his job.
2. He knew his weak points and worked to stay away from anything that would make him compromise.

The older we get, the more we understand ourselves and our weakness, we know the points that will make us compromise yet do we work hard to stay away from such things? What is that thing, habit, or even person that’s pulling us back from achieving our goals and purposes? We've got to identify them and stay away from them. Nothing is worth us missing out on Gods plan for our lives or worse missing out on heaven. For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul (Mark 8:36)
Because the truth is these days in our world, the wrong things have become such a norm that it begins to seem right. 

Now, how far can you go to stay true to yourself and values?

Moving on to today's outfit post, there is no greater combination than ankara and a midi skirt. Now I know I say this about a lot of combinations but comm on guys, midi skirts are my favourite ways to rock our African prints. Funny thing is I recently learnt that Ankara was borrowed from the Dutch but hey that wont stop me from rocking it. I am more than determined to add more ankara items to my closet as stated as one of my 2017 Style Resolutions

I made this skirt sometime ago and I've styled it here. And trust me when I say these type of skirts are so easy, it makes me wonder why tailors charge so much for something so basic. Would you guys like a tutorial? Today I paired it with my neck tie blouse (here) and my trusted Nude pumps which have been too faithful over the years. 

Photography by David Audu

Skirt: DIY || Blouse: Vintage (Similar) || Shoes: Forever 21 (Similar)

Have an awesome weeks guys!
Thank you all for the awesome comments on Last week's Sarah Speaks titled "Whats the Rush?", I always look forward to your comments so keep them coming.

How would you style this skirt differently? Would you like a tutorial on how to make this skirt? When it comes to ankara whats your perfect style combination?