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 Now we all know fashion trends come and go, while some last longer than others, there are certain trends that just stay with us. The year 2017 and the end of 2016 has brought us a lot of interesting trends some of which I either love or question. Today I'll basically be looking at some of those trends from floral embroidery to mules, fishnet, pleats and the corset trend.

1. Floral Embroidery Trend
This is one trend that I'm totally on board with and rocked here. I love how embroidery spices up basic pieces. Now we have seen this trend on shirts, denim which is a rebirth of a popular 90's trend and of course in footwear like mules and sneakers. 

stripes, embroidery 2017 trend,
Floral embroidery mules, footwear, 2017 fashion trends
denim jeans, embroidered denim, high waist, 90s trend

2. Mules 
You ever see something and like it on other people but would not rock yourself? Well this is how I honestly feel about mules. There's just something about them that I've disliked since its comeback in 2014 where I wrote a list of trends that should be left behind here. Perhaps I might change my mind in the future because these Chanel pearl mules have got me thinking.

Mules foot wear, chanel, pearl
mules, low heeled, denim

3. Fishnet Trend
The fishnet socks trend is another one that makes me think hmm. There's just something a bit risque or overly sexy about it but I will agree that this trend is a great way to spice up a basic look and the two bloggers below have shown us how it's done.

Fishnet socks, pink suit, metallics
distressed denim jeans, fishnet socks

4. The Corset Trend 
I can’t say I’m a big fan of this trend as with this trend if not worn or styled properly the corset trend can make you look quite questionable. However styling a corset without looking questionable can be done and Hafsah is proof of that. Now with this trend, I will make an exception for corset belts because you all know how much I love those.

corset trend, 2017 fashion
how to style a corset top

5. Pleats
This is one trend that I'm happy to see making a comeback. The only thing that saddens me is that I sold one of my very stylish white pleated skirt which I had stopped wearing at some point but now that the style inspirations keep coming the item is no longer in my collection. Anyways, I have previously styled it here and here.

pleated metallic skirt, velvet jacket

Bell sleeve ruffle blouse, white blouse, 2017 trends

Now I was gong to include the off shoulder trend, choker trend, ruffles and the exaggerated sleeve trend but I somehow feel that on this blog I have over flogged them. But you all know how I feel about the exaggerated sleeve  or flared sleeve trend which I styled here, here and here

What are your thoughts on these trends? Hot or Hmm. What are some of your current favourite trends?

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Dive Into Mauve ( said...

I love the embroidery trend. I'm just worried that once I get on it I might go over board. Another trend I love is the fish net trend. I don't know however If I can pull it off. It's too sexy for me. Mules, Yes!!!! Still saving to get the perfect pair.. Great post!!!!!

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I love the embroidery trend too girl and don't worry as long as its in style you can definitely go over board, you won't be alone, trust me. I think the fishnets trend is too sexy too, I'd probably not pull it off but maybe the smaller fishnets might be less eye catching or what about nude fishnets. I look forward to seeing you rock those mules girl. Thanks Tee

Blogoratti said...

Not feeling the fishnet, corset and embroidery on jeans trend, but hey what do I know. Greetings!

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Lol but you're entitled to your opinion and I can relate with you on the first two. And guys know more than we think and most times, we respect their opinion's. Thank you for stopping by.

Ada said...

That's a good alternative, smaller fishnets will be easier to rock. Great post xx

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Right, thanks girl.

Dominika Goodness said...

I love all these trends. They turn out beautiful if properly styled.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Its all subjective I guess, emphasis on "properly styled"

ChicStyleCheck said...

I love the corset trend though I've not really been into it.. Love the mules too

DLeonaLife said...

I love all this trend,really really loves mules probably because I am yet to get one (crying) I am not so sure about the corset trend tho, I love the way Hafmo is wearing it but I don't think I am here for it but then again I never say never.

Natalia G said...

Trends are always changing but I love trend of fishnet socks <3 My blog:

Iyesogie Ogieriakhi said...

Have to be really careful with the corset trend cos a little jolt and you are looking like a bowl of mess lol. I think floral embroidery is nice but I'm not crazy for it, admire from afar, all for fishnets takes an outfit from basic to chic instantly. Yay to mules and pleats

Sera Brand said...

I love the floral embroidery + fishnet trends <3


Oreoluwa A. said...

I am definitely a fan of all the trends apart from the corset trend simply because it can not be rocked by me.

Ugh! Thank you for reminding me that I need to get mules.

Oréoluwa’s blog

Keelie M said...

i'm loving the fish net tights under the jeans look + i use to hate embroidery but now it come back strong and i'm for it! .. great post!

Keelie x

Vincent Desmond said...

Love love these trends and I'm with you on the fishnet bit. Like there's this sexual tinge to it but I love how the cocopolitan and carcheey styled theirs. And hafymo's modest style is wow

Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde said...

I love all these trends!!! My favorites will have to be the floral embroidery and the mules but i still can't find me a pair that doesn't make my feet look awkward, sigh

SincerelyMissJ said...

I am not a fan of the fish nets or the corset trend, but I am loving all the other trends.

Omolade Ibikunle said...

Love all the trends, everything

Onyinye Ujunwa said...

love all the trends apart from the corset trend.

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