Our society has a way of painting certain things as undesirable and in this day and age there seems to be some sort of plaque surrounding the idea of being single, so much so that one with seemingly good prospects is prodded at or even questioned for being or choosing to stay single. And when one possesses the mentality of dating with a purpose, its worse. Dating for dating sake has become the new normal I guess. 

Although, what's wrong with being single or choosing to remain single until you meet the one worth your time? I've had friends and even known people who can't stay single, moving from one relationship to the next. Now I don't judge but I believe it is important to spend time with yourself, get to know yourself better and even develop yourself in your period of waiting. 
We all have our criteria in dating but you can't attract what you're not. You might say you want a successful Godly man with a six pac and toned legs (lol) but are you working on those dreams? What's your relationship with God like? And do you even go to the gym?

Now call me old fashioned but I feel dating should lead to something bigger like marriage. No, one doesn't have to marry immediately but that should be at the back of a persons mind, hence you date someone that you'd most likely marry. 

Now I understand that people date for different reasons and with sex (Sarah Speaks for another day) coming into the mix, it just makes things more complicated. But even without dating for the purpose of marriage, what about dating someone that would add value to you. Time is really too precious to waste hanging around someone that adds nothing positive to you.  Besides, relationship although great most times, can be stressful too. So why date for the sake of dating?

What are your thoughts on dating? What are your thoughts on dating for dating sake or dating with a purpose? 

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Nora Gouma said...

Love your great post, love your beautiful outfit as well. Thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!


konyinsola daramola said...

Love your outfit babe. Yassss to everything you wrote. The purpose of any relationship with is marriage....I always say if I am going to spend about 50 years with one guy then I have to get God's best version and not settle. If that means I am single till then so be it. Great post again babe ❤❤

WanShyGirl Blog said...

Sarah I agree with you on every count. Tbh sometimes in the past I've dated someone just because I wanted the company and attention, but the key is if you don't see a future with someone don't waste each other's time. Being single isn't easy yet the wait is always worth it.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thank you for stopping by.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Yes girl, it won't be easy but when its Gods plan we will find Mr right.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I've been single for most of my life so for me its no big deal but I will admit that the attention on a relationship is great and I often have aww moments when I see couple. But truthfully relationships are a lot of work so I'd say why not wait for the one who'd be worth all the work. And prayerfully the wait will be worth it. Thanks for reading and commenting Ebun.

Dominika Goodness said...

I believe that when a young lady/young man have reached the maturity level of dating, he/she should date either for marriage (ultimately) or for other values that can affect her life positively. If these two things are out of the context, I call it mere flings. Great post Sarah.


Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Valid point Dominika, we all have our reasons for dating actually and I like that you noted the other values of dating. Thanks you for always stopping by and dropping a comment.

The Beautiful Eagle said...

Well, for me I'd agree that dating with marriage in mind is very important.
And if you ever feel lonely, call out a few friends for a drink and sit out.
I am still working on myself... I have to become to attract. So becoming good to attract good is my goal.
"Good" could mean anything.
Nice post

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I love that girl, we have to become good to attract good. Awesome suggestions too. I'm working on building myself to attract what I want.

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