The discussion of money or prosperity preaching in the church is one that has been on my mind for a while now. I kept delaying this post due to the constant issues or opinions surrounding this but after a recent message I heard, what the hay. This is Sarah speaks after all

This segment is not necessarily supposed to be centered on religion or Christianity. However, I believe our faith and values play a big role in the way we address things. Hence my reason for generally addressing issues from a moral point of view.

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Moving on, it's weird to think that there was a time when wealth or a show of prosperity in the church, was considered world and sinful. Christians or children of God were generally associated with poverty and wretchedness which is a far cry from the Christians or men of God of today.

The topic of money in the church will always raise eyebrows. Some might argue that the church has now become a business which is deviating to a lifestyle of materialism while others question the necessity of all these things. Money answers all things doesn't it?

Now, I'll admit that its easy to get materialistic at times, I sometimes get carried away and struggle with this honestly (recovering shopaholic speaking) The same bible did say that the love of money is the root of all evil after all. So while money is necessary and important, when we focus on it too much it can lead to something else entirely. 

Though we've got to look at this critically. How can we Christians say God is awesome, and serving him works yet you see no difference in our lives. Let's look at this way. You sign up with a fitness trainer to loose weight but a year later you still look the same but then you recommend the person to me and expect me to go with you? In the same vein how can we as Christian draw people to Christ if our lives speak nothing of praise or manifest Gods glory.

We Christians may not be of this world as our bible tells us. This world may not be our home but we have to live in it. And since this world quantifies wealth and development as a sign of success, we have to work to get there so we can draw people to God. There's a reason why the movers and shakers of this world have to know God and its all for his glory. And hey it takes money to build churches and reach out to multitudes doesn't it?

 It is my prayer that God's grace will keep us from getting carried away with the love of money and that we would focus on building God's kingdom as we turn away from materialism.

I'll end it with this thought, "Riches are for the glorification of Gods name but any prosperity that does not bring God glory, will end in calamity " (Dr Paul Enenche)

What are your thoughts on this?

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Tayo Owoeye said...

I am in awe of this post. Simple yet captivating. Straight to the point and yet the point makes sense. How can we tell the world of the God that owns everything if we do not attain to the peak of success as ordained by God. If we make Jesus at the center of everything then materialism will not be found among God's people. Thank you for sharing

The Beautiful Eagle said...

When our hearts are in sync with God's, he is sure you'd use wisely his resources he releases in abundance to us.
How do they unbelievers do it?
How do they end up with so much wealth?
Because they don't see wealth as a sin/bad thing. They apply principles and this same principles are in the bible for us to work out.
My need for JESUS is not based on money but I already have a mindset that God loves the finest things.... hence I should also have the fine things too, just following bible principles and money won't be an issue.
Seek first his kingdom (heart ) ALL other things would come

Okonkwo Stella said...

Interesting is true we humans get easily carried away by money...But it is only God's grace which can be attained through prayers and meditation that can help us overcome our materialism(the church is also not left out )

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks for reading Tayo and for stopping by. I agree with you about making Jesus the center but it is only through grace that we can shun materialism because it seems the more one has, the more one wants. And in the bible, we saw tragic cases of such. Praying for his grace to be good managers of the resources that he gives us.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

That's the thing girl, when writing this I kept thinking of the parable where the master give talents to three people and the ones who managed well it got more. My desire is just to be a good steward of the resources he gives because at times I fail and get carried away. I agree with all you said really. Now while we shouldn't only serve God for what he can give us, when we are faithful,the blessings are released upon us. And while God will supply all our needs, we've still got to work hard after all there is seed time and harvest time. Thanks for this insightful comment by the way, I'm thinking another post can come out of this.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Amen to that, may we not fall victim to the lust after money and things because it won't end well

ShugasDiary said...

The gospel today has gone beyond preaching and convincing people to follow Christ. An armed robber will be convinced, not by your preaching, but by seeing you live a life of financial freedom and so on.

I would feel too ashamed to be dressed very poorly and stand to talk to anyone who has "baffed up" about Christ.

It's just what it is.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I agree, people want to see proof that it works. Evidence they say is the end of argument. There has to be that difference or thing that makes one ask, what are they doing that we are missing? Thanks for stopping by hun.

yevandy o said...

I love the last quote by Dr Paul there...
Christians need to do a lot of thinking, praying and listening to the Holy Spirit concerning the area of money cos its a very tricky topic.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

That's the thing girl, the bible said it better, the love of it is the root of all evil.

Evita O. Enwefah said...

Hi Sarah. I love the fact that you voiced your opinion about this issue. Its something I always ponder on and here are my thoughts;

Firstly, the 10 commandments in summary is all about love of God and the love of our neighbours. These days, I feel the modern Christians are forgetting this. Preachers seem to be more concerned about prosperity and financial freedom which is a good thing, but has become so overemphasized in the gospel they preach.

Of course, money is needed to propagate the word/work of God but then, it is not the basis of our faith. Money answereth all and at the same time is the root of all evil. I know you've heard cases of "pastors" and "churches" who've had disputes because of money matters and it is indeed shameful. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of humility and lowliness and as Christians, it's something we are to emulate.

Finally, I'm not saying we should be wretched in order to preach the gospel and appear as good Christians, but rather, we should strive for humility and do things in MODERATION.

Thanks for sharing.

Evita In Progress

Collins Badewa said...

The last sentence really had me thinking. Most churches these days only preach about prosperity and wealth which is very disturbing. Not like those things are not good. But there are tons of other important things to talk about. Most of them don't even bother about winning souls anymore. They don't preach about God's love for us which misleads people these days. I actually see this as a little 'part' of the reasons for the increased crime rate. May God continually lead us to the right path. Thank you for this, Sarah.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Very thought provoking point girl. The Bible said it better, the love for money is the root of evil. This explains all the disagreements and issues stemmed from it but it is indeed shameful. I often ponder on this too and I feel that a lot of Christians (I've been guilty) serve God for what they can get which is probably why money is so overemphasized in the church because in a materialistic world like ours, the topic of having riches seems like a sure way to draw people. But let's not forget that the bible said we should seek him first before all the other things will be added. And yo are right we should strive for a lifestyle of humility and wealth has a way of making one too proud. Thank you for leaving your thoughts.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Amen Collins though the church will always be good for the society. However, its people that make a church and no one is perfect which is why we often see a lot if mess. And honestly I worry about the way we practice Christianity especially in Nigeria here. Serving God for what we can get is what leads to this overemphasis of money. May God help us though.

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