Hey beautiful people! 
It's been a short while you saw me, how's everybody doing?

Today's look will be the second outfit (see first look) in my work wear series which should help to guide you on simple and easy corporate attires for the workplace but before we get into today's outfit I've been thinking a lot about consistency in terms of blogging. Is consistency really or always key?

blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
pearl earring, Nigerian fashion blogger

This year will make it four years on this blogging journey. Sometimes it feels like I'm moving at a snail speed but I remember why and how I started and truly we have come a long way. Of course, there is still a lot to accomplish and improve but can we remember some of my earlier posts herehere and here?

Now the term "consistency is key" in regards to blogging has been so over-flogged that I wonder if it really is. In my earlier blogging days I would have agreed with this but looking at my journey and that of others that inspire me, I will say its not how long but how well one does things. The same can relate to life too if I might add. We might be consistent at something but at the same time are we consistently bad or mediocre?

I'd rather say consistent quality is key and this is something I aim to work on as I go forward both in blogging and life. After all anything worth doing is worth doing well, don't you think?

blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames

Moving on to today's outfit, the little black dress or black blazer are two essentials in every ladies wardrobe but what happens when they are combined together in one piece? I say perfection happens and for me that's exactly what this black blazer dress is. This piece was a thrift find (talked about here) which I am quite proud of as I rarely ever get lucky with pieces like this. I feel everything is better with buttons and that's what sealed the deal for me. I only wish this was a bit longer to make for a more appropriate church look or more conformable work look.

In styling, I paired it with a white flared sleeve blouse styled (here) and cinched in my waist with a studded belt. When it comes to upgrading a black dress, layering a crisp shirt underneath is a quick way to transform a basic piece. I then opted for my snakeskin pointed pumps, a statement black purse and a pair of cat eye frames to complete the look.

black bag, snake skin court pumps
blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
blazer dress, flared sleeves, bell sleeves, white blouse, work wear. cat eye frames
  Photography by Wayt Fashion

Blazer dress, Blouse: Thrift || Bag: Mom's closet || Court Shoes: Footin Thailand|| Cat Eye Frame: Street Buy

What are your thoughts on this look? How do you like to upgrade your little black dress or vests? When it comes to life or blogging do you think consistency is always key? 

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Berry Dakara said...

I think with blogging, for most people, consistency is key - this is coming from someone who hasn't been consistent lately (but I have the best excuse ever!). For the odd blogger here and there, the quality of their posts is what shines through - and even if they disappear for months, when they come back, the engagement (aka comments and shares) is very high.

I like this look btw. Black and white outfits will always be a fave of mine. And yes, pairing with a white shirt is always an instant upgrade.

Berry Dakara Blog

Blogoratti said...

A fitting outfit for the super confident.

Omolade Ibikunle said...

Let's take a minute to talk about your photography these day. So peng!
I really need a black vest like this in my life, been on the lookout for it for a while now.
Yes consistency is key coupled with relevant content cos if you are consistent about what people are not interested in then what's the point!

You look really good Sarah, keep it up

Jointy&Croissanty said...

Classy and stylish look but also feminine at the same time! You look gorgeous and that blouse is so lovely!


Nora Gouma said...

Love your amazing outfit, thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!


Oreoluwa A. said...

Hmmm... I have never thought about consistency being good or bad in blogging. Had to re-read and re-read the four paragraph of this post for it to digest.

Also, your blog keeps reminding me to get a black blazer! Ugh.

Love your shoes babe!

Oréoluwa’s blog

Dive Into Mauve ( said...

I'm of the thought that quality trumps consistency. But I don't know anymore. It's pretty difficult to build an engaging community.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Well you definitely have the best excuse ever, congrats! Looking forward to more pictures of baby cocoa. I actually agree with your point, I guess for everyone consistency depends. Like you said there are those odd bloggers who can get away with being inconsistent. We just have to identify what works best for us. Thanks for reading, black and white is Bae.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...


Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks Lade, been working with a photographer so thank God for progress. I hope you find that black vest, I know I got lucky with this one. Valid point you raised there about posting what readers like, never thought of it that way thought what's the point as you said. Thanks for stopping by hun.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks girl, for always stopping by and leaving a comment too.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks you for stopping by

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Really? Consistency has generally been talked about in a positive light when it comes to blogging though we all blog for different reasons so yeah. Lol well I hope you get one soon because the power and necessity of a black blazer can not be over stressed. Love those shoes too, they are actually my older and first pumps.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I think the same too girl but I wonder these days with the huge number of bloggers. One has to work to stay relevant and stand out to actually even build the community you talked about. Because sometimes it's so easy to forget about a blogger or people in this fast paced age of digital media.

Jennifer Amani said...

Firstly I love the whole outfit from head to toe ����������������. I love what you said about consistent quality is key and I believe that too. It's hard to choose between both so there definitely need to be a balance and wow you've been doing this for 4 years ���������������� Well done for keeping it up you are amazing.

Olga Federico said...

Such a lovely outfit!Love your style:-)

Collins Badewa said...

You know how I feel about layering! But this is just another level. I love the suit jacket cum LBD it's really chic. Good job, girrrlll!


PTYSIA said...

Amazing outfit! Love your style!
Have a good day!

Benita James said...

Hi Sarah, even if you feel you are moving at a snail speed progress is still progress no matter how small or slow it is. Loving this work wear outfit, now this is something I'd actually wear to work. BTW will try the tip you mentioned about adding a belt to a wide leg trousers to cinch the waist. Thanks for that.

Bernie, xx
The Style Fanatic

Jennifer Amani said...

Hey Sarah!!! Well done on this amazing post I loved it ��������. And loool it's not funny when u have to go to the restroom �������� sighs !!! Love the touch of pink on the outfit as well �������� I really made the outfit pop.

Demilade Aina said...

Sarah, I love how you layered with a shirt beneath, such a cute look! I agree, consistent quality is key. It's something I'm working on. I want to be consistent with my blogging but I also want to ensure that I love what I put out you know? xx
Coco Bella Blog

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I agree, there has to be some sort of balance to achieve a success or accomplishment. And thank you, it hasn't been easy, but we're still pushing.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thanks so much Collins.

Paulo Makalinao said...

I don't see blazer dresses quite often, but this looks really awesome on you. You rock that! It's a nice mix of a formal and fun vibe. Great post!

Paulo Paradox |

Karolina Antosik said...

so so perfect office outfit- you look great

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I agree girl, progress no matter how small can not be discounted. Yay I look forward to seeing it girl.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Lol it isn't though, in the past I laughed at my friends who had to deal with the hassle.I live the pop of pink too, thank you for stopping by but lol this comment is in the wrong post. Thanks still girl.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I know girl, that's where I am right now so I can relate. And thank you for stopping by.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Never thought of that but that's true a mix of formal but fun. I love a good blazer dress. Thank you for reading.

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