Some of you might already know that I put this post up sometime last week. I however took it down shortly as I felt the topic was a bit delicate and the post was missing something. 

Now after getting inspired from a thread on Twitter I decided to come back and discuss this because it has to be said. So let's talk about sex guys!

Sex is like the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. A lot of people seem to be engaging in sex ( willingly or unwillingly), more so than I think but no one likes to ever talk about it. There has always been a certain hush hush surrounding this particular topic.

Yes we live in an over sexualized world but the nitty gritty aspects of it are ignored. The fear I believe is that knowledge of sex will spark an increase in the practice. But with the way the world is going I can't help but think perhaps we need to get over that fear. Because there is a major problem in our society when it comes to this issue.

My heart breaks everyday when I read or hear of new cases of sexual assault, mostly on minors. A three year old rapped to death by a forty something year old and a young teenage girl gang raped, new case to case everyday. What's wrong with the world these days?

One has to wonder has the avoidance of the sex talk fixed any of the present problems? We look at the outcome rather then the cause. knowledge they say is key. If there was more talk on sex, would it prevent assault? If more young men and women were given sex education in the right context, would it make a difference. Now I'm not even talking about an in depth talk but rather a brief on the expectations of sex. A run down  basically like this "Sex is supposed to be between two consenting adults, not minors or family.
Don't you think this sort of structure would perhaps help people stand up in cases of abuse. Can you imagine someone being sexually abused for years by a relative and not saying anything? Well I feel it's probably because the standard was not set. Because a lot of victims of sexual abuse never knew they were abused until much later in life.

Growing up, the closest to sex education I ever got was my mom saying "Sarah men are bad, when they get what they want they leave so keep yourself until marriage". I remember being quite puzzled and of course uncomfortable about the topic of sex. My initial thoughts of how a woman gets pregnant is still ludicrous. I used to think that the sperm flies out and gets a woman pregnant just by the fact that they both lie in the same bed. What was I thinking lol.

We might say the sex talk encourages sex but seeing all the things happening today, is it perhaps time to reconsider? Shouldn't we consider formal sex education even in schools. Why hush something that's a part of us. Plus these days with the internet there is a lot of exposure to sex (porn), if the younger ones are not taught from home don't you think they'd find it somewhere else and God forbid even learn from bad friends? So why not work in building the right knowledge from home. Charity begins at home doesn't it.

This is a tricky topic to say the least and my intent in writing this post is not to encourage people to have sex but to encourage more of an awareness of what it entails with the intention of hoping to curb abuse/assault through more knowledge.

As a Christian my stance on sex is that one should wait till marriage. It sure isn't easy but I believe with self discipline and conscious efforts, it can be done. Now on a moral point of view, I say save it for some one worth it but what do I know. 

Should there be more talk on sex? What do you think of sex education in schools, would this help or provide an adverse effect? What are your general thoughts on this topic? 

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  1. I totally get how you thought sperm flies 😭😭 my mom used to say if you get close to a boy you will get pregnant.

    I think sex education should be encouraged in schools at all level because it's going to reduce the lack of understanding around sexual assault.