Hey beautiful people! How's everybody? I love white as a colour, it always gives that angelic fresh glow whenever worn. However when it comes to rocking a full blown white on white look, I have a few qualms.

One, it gets dirty so easily. Two, it can quickly make one appear bigger, which is not flattering. 

Now last week, I attended a bloggers brunch organized by the Blogger Point at the Laguna Lounge Abuja. The dress code was all white. 

People came dressed to kill and I drew so much inspiration from the various white on white looks I saw. All sorts of trends were sported, ranging from the flared trousers, flared sleeve trend, billow sleeves, off shoulder and cold shoulder looks as well. 

This post will not necessarily be about the event but a quick guide on 10 ways to style white on white. You can however catch up on what went down at the event on Deola's blog and The Blogger Point

As a lover of all things high waisted trousers, I was pleased to see quite a few bloggers incorporating this into their all white outfits. Tonye over here used the power of a statement belt to make us think that her outfit is actually a jumpsuit. It is rather a cold shoulder ruffle top paired with trousers. I was a bit taken a back when I found out but then I remembered the power of a statement belt and my makeshift jumpsuits rocked here and here

Jasmine added a touch of sexiness to this jumpsuit by opting for a one sleeve and it definitely worked, I mean look at her toned arms and shoulders. I love the addition of the flared sleeves and the little detail of the pom poms on the sleeves.

Vanessa is giving us all bohemian vibes with these fun flared/bell button trousers paired with a raffia bag.  And guess what she made the trousers and bag by herself! She also has a tutorial of the bag here, so check that out 

Love how Lemma and Larisa opted for flared sleeves paired with a high waist trousers. And of course Lemma shows us that one can be modest and covered while still slaying. Love that she knotted the maxi shirt too. Also it doesn't show in the pictures but Larisa sported a really lovely retro beaded purse which added the perfect pop of red to her outfit. 
Leemlarh and Larisa Le Fleur 

Mabel is giving old school retro vibes which I just love. I loved how cohesive her all white outfit is. The billow sleeves, lace embroidery details on the dress, raffia bag plus afro hair were perfect touches. 
 Mabel Ozumba

Oroma shows us simplicity is key with this basic shirt/shift dress. Although a tad bit too short for me but very flattering on her as it goes perfectly with her body type. The gold details in her frames, bag and block sandals were a plus too.

 This look had to be one of my favourites. I loved how all the details came together to spice up and transform this look. Right from the hijab which added a lovely pop of colour to her leopard print pumps and structured purse. The amazing thing is that this lovely lady is the designer of this outfit. Her outfit made such an impression that I just had to say hi. Where are all my Muslim sisters at, this could serve as a perfect Eid/Sallah outfit. This look was one of my best dressed.

The billow sleeves were perfect in adding that extra touch to Thelma's outfit. I loved everything about her all white look right from her high bun, to the on point makeup and fringe lace up sandals. As per modest fashionista, I wouldn't rock this but it worked so well for her. This just goes to show how important it is to understand how to dress for one's body type. Thelma is one of my best dressed actually. 

Finally, this stunning lady kept is simple yet classy with a one shoulder ruffle dress. Loved the pop of red too and the loose fit if the dress. 

As I said earlier all the bloggers came out dressed to the nines but these are some of my favourite looks and those that made an impact and inspired. Of course there are a lot more but since I didn't take my camera, I was unable to get good pictures of everyone's outfit.

Here are a few pictures of the event. 
I'm with Deola of Portable Is The New Hot and Alexandra of Lily of Nigeria
Loved Mabel's raffia bag
I'm with Alma of The Style Cheapskate and DVF Style Collective, the only make blogger who showed too.
  Dancing with Alma of The Style Cheapskate, Portia of Just Porsh and Oluchi of Dleona

I hope you enjoyed this post and drew some inspiration on how to style white on white

Photo credit goes to  Larisa Fleur (thank you for always helping out with lovely shots girl, I appreciate),  Thelumik and the Various bloggers featured.

Did you attend the event? What were your favourite looks? Which ones would you most likely wear? Who was your best dressed? How do you feel about rocking white on white? 

Don't be a stranger, talk to me!


Ilamosi said...

Great post SarahπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Abuja bloggers brought the heat with their style game. I actually got a glimpse of most of the action that day on my snapchat. I loved all the outfits but I have to give it to Vanessa, her pants and bag is giving be serious bohemian chic vibe and I love that she made it herself.
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Paulo Makalinao said...

All white looks are so perfect for this season! Super fabulous ladies in these photos!

Paulo Paradox | www.pauloparadox.com

B Ramida said...

You guys look amazing!


Love Ajagbe said...

Nice post! I love Vanessa's look! The white T-shirt, flared pants and the raffia mini bag! I just love it. Unfortunately best dressed wasn't mention. BROWNIE'S look was on point. The net thing gave the whole look another dimension of creativity. You all looked gorgeous.

Dive Into Mauve (anthoniaokokon@gmail.com) said...

I feel so bad that I missed this. Very nicely curated post, Sarah. Well done.

Collins Badewa said...

Abuja bloggers really turned the heat up! I mean they dressed to impress and proved to be what they are. Very nice post, Sarah!


ARAMIDE said...

This list is just about right, I really loved Tonye's dress and umeeta was a sight to behold with that outfit, I didnt even know she designed it. Great list and it was very nice to meet up with fellow creatives. Thanks for the referral girl! 😚😚


Oreoluwa Aremo said...

All the women looked so gorgeous! Ohaha's outfit is something that I could wear and I also love what Oroma wore... infact, I love all the outfits. Thank you for this creative post!

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Favour Ndukwe said...

I heard about this a day before the tickets were sold out. Really felt bad cos I wanted to attend, just for the fun of it. But next year's there tho. You all are looking lovely in all-white.


Hungwa Esther said...

I feel so honored to be featured on yours as one of your favorite looks ❤️️❤️️. Unlike you, without season I wear white oftentimes. You listed majority on my list of favorites Yonye, Umeeta, Indiana,Jasmin and Oroma are definitely outfits I would rock. Brownie however killed me with her creativity. Thanks a lot for the mention. Love your article.

Anniedora Etiobi said...

I love Vanessa's pants and Jasmine's outfit. I also get terrified to wear white. I love all the outfits. Thank you for this post, it's so nice...looks like a lot of funπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


larisa Ejuts said...

I really had fun that on sunday night, I dreamt about the event loll πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Thanks for the feature love. I loved everyone outfits and pll were just glowing.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Thank you girl. Abuja bloggers definitely came to slay, even more so than the Lagos bloggers if I might add. Glad you were able to follow up. You gotta love Vanessa, always serving us boho vibes. I too love that she made it herself, yes to DIY's.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I agree, so flattering for the summer especially and my bloggers girls brought the heat, no jokes!

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I loved Vanessa's look too, it was the creativity and of course the fact that she made almost everything all by herself. Well as mentioned this is more of a personal post hence the subjective view as these are looks I drew inspiration from. I have to agree though, Bella's net addition really added something extra to her look. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

There is always next year Tee and more blogging events coming up too. Thank you for reading.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Yes oh, Abuja bloggers did not come to play, they made me proud. Glad you enjoyed the post, thank you for reading and leaving your feedback.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

I was amazed too and even more taken aback when I saw how big her brand it, though it really shouldn't be a surprise. It was nice to meet everyone, yes. And of course, don't mention it.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

You can say that again, I'm glad you were able to relate to Vanessa's look. Thank you for reading.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Oh that's too bad girl but I'm sure you'll make it next year too. Thank you.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

You are most welcome Esther. White is a color I avoid but it's no wonder you rocked it since it's one of your favorite go-to colors. Bella's tulle addition was indeed very creative. Thank you for stopping by.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Glad I'm not alone in that fear of white, it just gets dirty so easily which is one of major problems with it. The event was indeed fun. Thank you reading, and leaving your thoughts.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

Lol girl this is serious oh. I can relate though, I didn't want it to end. And of course, thank you for the pictures, this post wouldn't have been possible without your help.

Oluchee said...

White is pretty daring and sassy. Nice post

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