I'm not necessarily one to rock trends but check me out this year. And today I'm back again incorporating the trendy embroidered applique rose as well as the flared sleeve trend in this basic white shift dress, three in one I guess you could say.
flared sleeves, rose applique embroidered shift dress
flared sleeves, rose applique embroidered shift dress, red pumps
flared sleeves, rose applique embroidered shift dress
The shift dress is such an important closet basic. It's that easy breezy dress, perfect for when one wants to be comfortable and also when one is struggling to keep of the weight like me. It's not necessarily body hugging hence it is very versatile. This dress in particular is by Ora Ocollective a Made in Nigeria brand by blogger Ada of Adagirl.com. I had ordered the dress to wear to the Blogger Point Bloggers Brunch but didn't wear it eventually.

Now with the holiday or should I say Christmas season right around the corner, this dress will make a great outfit for a Christmas/holiday party. I love how the dress incorporates the flared sleeve trend (one of my favorites) and that floral embroidery trend too.

My thoughts on the dress: A beautiful design with great quality material, I was impressed!. Love the  embroidered flower detail and flared sleeves. There could be more improvement in the finishing, packaging and presentation though. The price is affordable for 5k ($16) excluding shipping. Overall I say a 7/10. 
flared sleeves, rose applique embroidered shift dress
flared sleeves, rose applique embroidered shift dress
flared sleeves, rose applique embroidered shift dress

Moving on, I've been thinking a lot about social media and oversharing. A while back, one of my favorite You-tubers, Peakmill shared with us in a video that she got married and had a baby. It was so shocking at the time because no one knew, I couldn't help but admire her. In our world of Social media it's hard to draw the line between one's private life and personal life. 

I wonder,  why we care so much about what practical strangers think of us. Why do we share so much to people we barely know? What is it with all this satisfaction that comes with likes and comments. Where does one draw the line really? In my earlier days I had a tendency to overshare. Now while this blog is personal, hence oversharing can not be avoided at times, I'm learning to keep more things private. Hey the whole world doesn't need to know where we poop lol, we never know who is reading, watching or hating on the other side. Not everyone is a friend, ask Joseph of the Bible. 

What are your thoughts on over-sharing and social media?
flared sleeves, rose applique embroidered shift dress
flared sleeves, rose applique embroidered shift dress
flared sleeves, rose applique embroidered shift dress
Photography by Blessing Audu

How are you guys doing?  How are those last minute 2017 goals going? Ticked any off yet?
One of mine is to lose weight and so far so good, I wont say it has been easy but we're still pushing! What about you?

Let's catch up!


Jointy&Croissanty said...

First of all I have to say that you look wonderful in that dress! I adore the embroidery detail and combination with red heels. Beautiful look!

About social medias and online sharing you are totally right, I have even heard about situation when someone shared too much on facebook and these shared informations helped the burglars to rob his apartment.


Ifunanya Dibiaezue said...

Mahn. I always panic at the thought that I might be oversharing on social media. Although I tend to be okay with it sometimes but I still think it's a bad idea still.

Love your outfit...xxx


The Beautiful Eagle said...

i think "oversharing is the reason why many people suffer writer's block especially those who blog about their personal lives.
Wisdom is needed here though. we all must be careful.

On the outfit:I love the neck line detail and flared sleeves.

Paulo Makalinao said...

I'm loving that shirt dress and flower on it! I also like how it matches your shoes! Fabulous outfit! And yes, you're very right. We do tend to focus on the likes and comments but they're just numbers from people we barely know.

Paulo Paradox | www.pauloparadox.com

Paulo Paradox | www.pauloparadox.com

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Jointy&Croissanty Aww thanks, the embroidery trend is one of my current favorites. I almost laughed at your last statement but it's really not funny. I've even heard of people who got kidnapped due to this, just a reminder to be a little more private for our own security

@Ifunanya exactly how I feel, I wonder at times if I'm oversharing. Sometimes I feel it's okay especially as a personal blogger but sometimes not so much.

@The Beautiful Eagle, interesting take there, I never thought of it that way. What do you mean exactly? Writers bloc from oversharing? Wisdom is key in everything we do. And thank you, I love the neckline too.

@Paulo, thank you. Exactly, from people we don't know but it sill feels good, I wont lie.

Demilade Aina said...

That's a very beautiful dress! I love your style Sarah, always so ladylike. // Peakmill is the queen of dropping bombshells and I love it haha. I've definitely overshared on my blog in the past but it's something that I'm mindful of now. I want to share enough that my readers can relate to me and feel like they know me but at the same time I don't want to share every single detail about my life. It's a balancing act to be honest. xx

Coco Bella Blog

WanShyGirl Blog said...

I totally admire shift dresses but from afar because I'm not certain they'll flatter my body type. You look good though, simple and chic! On to social media sharing, in this age and time it totally requires self control not to share every little detail. I'm not all for sharing every detail as I'm a pretty secretive person yet sometimes its amazing when we share the little moments in our lives and the "whole world" rejoices with you.

SELF CONTROL is indeed the key word anyway. So long as we do not rely on accolades and likes to feel good about ourselves then we're good to go!

Jane Michael Ekanem said...

Good day,
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Giulia Malano said...

Stunning dress, beautiful outfit and pics! Wanna follow each other?:)


Grace Alex said...

I love the outfit, it suits you so well. Now the thing with oversharing on social media, I do not really mind... It's the world we live in, private or not, people will be people and respected or bashed for it. Some are inspired, some hate and life continues online or offline.

Kashia Turner said...

First off, I didn't know she got married and had a baby! Wow! I agree but writing is somewhat therapeutic to me. It's my own space apart from life if that makes sense. I completely understand both sides. Love your blog and I'm a new follower!


Oluwakemi Loriade said...

This is such a pretty dress and you look great in all these photos! I discovered you on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and like your style. I like especially that you always support Nigerian brands - you have inspired me to be (much) more supportive of the #BuyNaija movement so thanks! || www.lorikemi.com

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