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I think marriage is a beautiful thing. Having seen a perfect example of my parent’s marriage hasn’t changed that thought either. However, I've always been scared of marrying the wrong husband or better yet marrying someone else’s husband. This probably has to do with the stories I've heard both from other people and seen on social media. And these days there seems to be a total disregard for the entire institution.

It’s interesting to see that I've come from a point of looking for a good looking man with a great style (all superficial things that were a priority back then) to wanting someone on fire for God (Praying seriously guys)

And yet here in my country there is this pressure that comes once a woman has "reached the age of marriage". After all, you’re done with school and working, what are you waiting for? I always laugh at this because I feel the union is not by force. A lot of dysfunctional marriages these days, I feel were birthed from the various societal pressures to embark on a journey one has not fully grasped the concept of. 

I sometimes wonder, is marriage everything really? I mean it is a commandment from God and beautiful thing as I've said but is it necessary for one to be truly fulfilled? And no I’m not saying I’m not thinking of this, I’ve already planned the wedding in my head just waiting patiently till I’m ready.

What are your thoughts on marriage? The pressures of society? Is there an age for marriage? Does one really need to be ready before entering the institution?

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Hey Beautiful people!
So it’s not exactly Wednesday as promised but better late than never right?
Moving on, have you ever felt that you were not good enough? You wanted to do something so bad but you knew you didn’t meet all the requirements or perhaps you didn’t have all the tools you needed. You know that feeling of not being qualified? Now I've been there several times and it sucks when uncertainty or self-doubt holds one back from pursing a goal. 

Now after mediating and looking through the bible, I've realised the God is not looking for the qualified. All he’s looking for is a willing heart. King Saul of the bible was from the smallest tribe in Israel, King David was the youngest and least regarded, Joshua was a coward, Deborah, the warrior was a woman, Queen Esther was a Jew but yet God used them to do great things. So you see, it's not what you can do but what God can do through you. God qualifies the unqualified for his purpose, so yes you are good enough and can be even better, only if you're willing to be led. Are you willing?

Photography by Ruth Audu

Today's outfit is remix of the Lavince shift dress/top styled in the look book earlier this week. As mentioned in my last post featuring a shift dress (here), I find shift dresses to be the mostly flattering dress for the different body types.

In styling, I simply paired it with my Gafa sandals previously styled here and here. I love these sandals but I find them quite tricky to style as I feel it only really works with shorter items which I rarely ever wear. I was able to make it work with a midi skirt in the past (here).  

If interested, you can get a 10% discount on this Lavince dress and any other purchase by simply saying Princess Audu sent you. 

Shift Dress: Lavince Here || Sandals: Gafasandals || Necklace: H&M

How do you like to style your gladiator sandals? Where would you rock this look to? How would you style this dress differently? 

See you tomorrow for Sarah Speaks!
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 Hey beautiful people!

Now if there’s one good thing about the current economy crisis in Nigeria, it is the push to buy made in Nigeria goods as opposed to imported items. And our local designers have really stepped up to the plate. One of such designers is Lavince, which is based in Abuja but ships nationwide.

 Seeing the affordability and timelessness of their items, I thought I'd reach out to them and style some of their pieces. Now by affordable, I mean clothing items that one can easily pick up without having to starve. Because in this economy I find it hard to justify spending large amounts on one pieces of clothing, my thoughts and pocket though.

Today, I'll be styling in two ways, this high waist pin stripe trousers which costs less than 5k and the material and fit feel so good.  And for my tall ladies out there these trousers are very long, I had to fold it in for this shoot, so you’re covered.

This is not a sponsored post by the way but you get a 10% discount on any purchase by simply saying Princess Audu sent you.

 For this first look, I paired the trousers with a delicate lace crop top previously styled here and here. I also added a pop of red with my Zara sandals and a pop of print with this polka dot clutch. I think this look would be great for perhaps a date night, party or even church as the trousers are loose fitting.

Now trousers are one of closet staple I can't live without, especially high waist trousers. In the past, I've styled my two favourite pairs in lookbooks (here and here). 

 For this second look I styled a royal blue shift dress also from Lavince over the trousers. I've been seeing the dress over pants trend for a while now and thought these two pieces actually pair well together. I then added a belt to define my waist and give the look more character. 

Photography by Ruth Audu

 This is an item I'd definitely rock over and over again. I could style it with a basic T-shirt or pair it with my burgundy crop top (here) for a more night time appropiate look. I could also go for a mixed print look with floral prints like (this) or a stripe top as seen (here)

Trousers: Lavince Here || Lace Top: Thrift || Shoes: Zara || Shift Dress: Lavince Here

Hope you all had a productive weekend. I spent part of mine meeting up with fellow content creators in Abuja and it was so much fun. Shout out to all the bloggers out there doing their thing, we are actually a lot more than most people think. 

Again, you get a 10% discount on any purchase by simply saying Princess Audu sent you. 

What was your favourite look? How would you style these trousers differently? What's one closet staple that you can’t live without? What are some of your current favourite affordable Nigerian designers.
Catch more of my trousers obsession here and here

See you on Wednesday, I will be restyling the blue shift dress, stay tuned!

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headwrap, leopard print, culottes jumpsuit, mustard, pop of colour, zara strappy sandals

Hey guys so can we talk about something?
While I was away, the internet was buzzing with the “no means no campaign following the behaviour of a contestant on one of Nigeria’s hottest TV shows.

Now for my foreign readers, the show is called Big Brother Nigeria and this recent development brought major scrutiny to the show. I actually don’t watch the show as growing up the TV channel was always banned in my house. And then once I got older and was informed of the basic idea of the show my first thought was ''Are you serious? So people actually sit down to watch this on TV?"

Watch what you might ask? Well in my opinion and based on what I’ve heard, the show basically involves adults misbehaving for the sole purpose of entertainment and eventually money.
Now this post is not about the show but about the issue of consent raised during the course of the show. Apparently one of the female contestants was fondled by another male contestant without her consent as she was apparently sleeping. The truth came out once the footage was released and the male contestant was eliminated.

It is unfortunate that in this day and age, consent is still a foreign concept. The interesting and shocking aspect of this entire showdown for me was what various people had to say on this matter. The advent of social/ digital media has really given us a peek into the minds of others.

The above scenarios, I’m sure is just a snippet of what goes on a daily basis in this part of the world. Women or men are sometimes abused and raped without consent. In most rape cases we've seen that the most common question asked of the females is "why were you in his place" or "why did you dress seductively?" Rather than the question of "where is your self-control" or "why did you force yourself on him or her".

headwrap, leopard print, culottes jumpsuit, mustard, pop of colour, zara strappy sandals
This brings me to my next point, ladies please be aware of the people and places that you hang around and how you dress. Now, I am not saying it’s the woman’s fault for how she dresses or where she goes, but we don’t live in a perfect world. In a perfect world, a woman could walk around naked and nothing would happen but that’s not the case here. And again, I’m not saying our mode of dressing offers security as I’ve heard of cases of fully clothed women who were abused and raped. And sometimes even from close family and friends.

 I’m not even encouraging the abusers, who must learn the concept of self-control but please let us learn to pay more attention and be cautious.

It’s sad really, the society we live in today. However, as enlightened human beings we must continually speak up. We must continually let people know that “no means no.” If the person is not feeling it they are not feeling it!

What are your thoughts on this matter? Does no, always mean no? In your opinion, what other factors come into play in the issue of consent?

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90's fashion trends, knitwear crop top, choker trend, mom jeans, block heels dark lip
90's fashion trends, knitwear crop top, choker trend, boyfriend jeans, dark lip
90's fashion trends, knitwear crop top, choker trend, boyfriend jeans, dark lip

I've always wished that I was a teen or young adult during the 90s. Looking back at some of my favourite shows and songs, I somehow feel growing up at that time would have been so cool.
Having spent my 90s as a child, I was underexposed to lots of cool 90s stuff but at least I got into a lot of the shows and songs.

Now growing up, we watched 90s sitcoms like Moesha (Brandy was such a role model serving us braids inspiration back to back), Family Matters (Steve Urkel was such a classic character), The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Saved by the Bell, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Mary Kate and Ashley and Friends. What happened to shows that made us laugh while still teaching us moral values, I miss those days.

Funny enough for some reason, I never watched the Cosby Show, however when I was much older, I delved into old school music and shows. I adore shows like Martin, A different World, My Wife and Kids, Girlfriends, Sister Sister, among others; they are too many to list. So you see why I feel the 90's should have been my time? 

90's fashion trends, knitwear crop top, choker trend, boyfriend jeans, dark lip
90's fashion trends, knitwear crop top, choker trend, dark lip

Moving to trends, 90's fashion trends like mom jeans, knit wear crops tops, block heels, chokers and dark lipsticks inspired today's outfit. And the whole time this shoot was going on I kept singing the 90's classic, That Boy Is Mine by Brandy and Monica.

In the spirit of old school fashion trends can we talk style icons too? Whitely Gilbert from A Different World has to by my all-time favourite; this look here was actually inspired by her. And Hilary Banks from Fresh Prince gave style inspiration for the corporate chic. Till this day each time I watch old school shows, I look out for their fashion trends and I'm always inspired. And how can I forget Rachel Berry from friends. 

90's fashion trends, knitwear crop top, choker trend,mom jeans, chunky heels, black heels, dark lip
90's fashion trends, knitwear crop top, choker trend, boyfriend jeans, dark lip
Photography by Ruth Audu

So today's look features a sheer knitwear crop top and mom jeans previously styled here. I added my DIY choker from here and here, remember our secret (wink, wink)? 

Jeans:Vintage Closet 9ja  ||  Top: The Vintage Connection Ng ||  Shoes: Stradivarius || Choker: DIY (here)

How would you style this look differently, how do you like to style mom jeans? What were your favourite 90 shows, style icons and fashion trends?  Where would you rock this look to?

See you soon!
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Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,
Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend, pencil dress
Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,

Hey beautiful people! 
Now I know you didn’t think I'd be gone for too long. I just needed some time to regroup hence the break. Thank you all for understanding but your girl is back. Just one week of inconsistency and I can already see the effects so I'm back to three posts a week guys. How are we all doing by the way?

Today I'm bringing to you this simple ankara co-ord set which has the appearance of a flared sleeve pencil dress. I like the option of two piece sets rather than a seperates as it offers more styling options. For example, I could pair the flared sleeve top with some flared high waist bell bottom jeans. Or style the pencil skirt with a white crisp shirt.  

Flared sleeves which (I've styled here and here) are all the rage right now so I thought why not incorporate this trend into Ankara African fabrics and boy oh boy, do I love how it turned out. In styling I opted for my brown obi belt and my blue ankle strap court shoes. 

Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,
Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,
Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,

I'm quite excited about today's post as if you refer to my 2017 style goals, one of them was to invest in more ankara fabrics. And we all know, Nigerian tailors can be so unfaithful hence my trust issues and lack of ankara outfits despite my love for them. You know I have an aunt that knows how to sew (She made these dope trousers here) but she takes forever. Several years ago, my mom gave her one of her prized materials and till this point, it’s still missing.  

Then there was this other time that a tailor promised me heaven and earth with my design, acted like she knew what do, messed up the style, my fabric and produced a dress that I could not even struggle to fit into. And then she had the audacity to say you young people and your styles can be so difficult. 

But shoutout to Mummy Clara, who though not on social media, did a decent job with this one.

Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,
Ankara flared sleeve top, bell sleeves, african print fashion, 2016 fashion trend,
Photography by Ruth Audu

In all honesty I think the best way to avoid tailor horror stories is to learn how to sew and 360creativehub offers sewing tools as well as creative spaces for all the dope designers and faithful tailors out there. If you are one, please leave a comment down below.

Now, working with Ankara can be quite tricky sometimes as the prints can be quite daring but this post featuring 5 ways to rock ankara pieces has got you covered. Also see here and here for more ways on how I style ankara co-ord sets in the past.

How would you style this dress or co-ord set differently? Any horror stories at the hands of Nigerian tailors? Please share them below. What trends are you currently incorporating into your ankara or African print fabrics?

See you on Wednesday for another outfit post.
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styling cold shoulder tops, fringe, culottes

Hey Beautiful people, how’s everybody doing?

So it’s been a while since we actually had a good chat so I thought it was high time to do another taking stock post.
 I actually planned on not doing one of these again because they can be quite personal lol. It's hard to find that balance in how personal one can get on the internet especially since we don't actually know who is reading. 
However, I thought it would be nice to break out of the usual fashion posts, so let's jump into this shall we?

Plans to get my research done and stick to one of my pressing goals.
We have got to make those moves to get to the next level, no time to waste.

A lot more Bible scriptures. I've given up a bit on my two books a month goal to focus now on studying up on his word.

styling cold shoulder tops, fringe, culottes

How to use Adobe Photoshop again. I actually learnt the basics for the sole purpose of editing my blog pictures but best believe its helping me in my new job. Oh did I mention I'm back to the 9-5 working class but this time as a social media and web content editor. Blogging has really impacted my life in so many ways. 

Old skool music from the 90's and early 2000's. In all honesty those days of Brandy, Monica, Aailaya, Neyo, Usher, and Old Mariah amongst others were simply the best. I miss them

For more fashion related events like the Kanga Fashion Festival blogged here. I'd love to network with more creatives and content creators.

Mangoes, mom does not understand my obesseion with them lol but it is my favourite fruit.

That I no longer take my blog pictures by myself. I took these pictures of my outfit myself during my work break. If anything it just made me extremely thankful for my siblings who are always willing to help

styling cold shoulder tops, fringe, culottes

At the awesomeness of my mother, she did something today that although to her seemed inconsequential, really made such an impact.

About the various ways God speaks. I know he speaks to us through his word, songs and sermons from Men/Women of God. How does God speak to you?

Sad about having to let certain people go from our lives especially when they were such a big part of it for so long.

Abuja FCT, kubwa express, Nigerian roads

Of doing more lifestyle posts and doing more lifestyle related photography like the below pictures and my post on  5 things to do in CalabarAbuja Arts and Crafts Center and 5 best places to visit in Lagos
 I'd also like to start a series centred on Abuja probably featuring places to eat, shop and 
basically hangout, thoughts?

street vendors, abuja, dates, hawking

My new thrifted shoes in the above outfit. I never get lucky when thrifting shoes which is why I never bother but I stumbled across these babies in Wuse Market, Abuja and got them for a bargain of less than 2k Naira. At times like this I like to say these shoes were God's will. I'm also rocking more cold shoulder tops like in this outfit. 

My recent weight loss, I guess I haven't really been eating as much, oh well

New items to my vintage store @The Vintage Connection Ngitems are super affordable, don't miss out guys. 

A short break from blogging guys. I have a lot on my mind right now so I'll see you all very soon.

Photography by me, wondering how I go about my blog photography? Check this post out
What have you guys been up to lately? What do you think of posts like this?

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polkadots, palazzo trousers, mixing prints, crop top polkadots, palazzo trousers, mixing prints, crop top

Hey beautiful people. So sorry to disappear on you guys, I've been in a bit of a funk but I'm pulling through. My goal to stay consistent is still a priority.

Now I've been thinking a lot about life lol, yes life. When did things get so complicated or difficult. I miss those days as a child where everyone was your friend, where everyone could be part of your life.
Its hard really but sometimes we've got to let people go out of our lives as we work towards fulfilling Gods plan and purpose for us.

polkadots, palazzo trousers, mixing prints, crop top
 polkadots, palazzo trousers, mixing prints, crop top

Moving on to today's post, I decided to again opt for mixed prints. If you missed my tips on how to style prints in the last post, then check it out. I previously styled this top polka dot top here and here.
While these palazzo Trousers were previously styled here  back when I was chubbier. I honestly loved the fit on me then, I do miss those chubby days at times.

polkadots, palazzo trousers, mixing prints, crop top

polkadots, palazzo trousers, mixing prints, crop top

I just love the idea of a good pair of palazzo trousers don't you? I mean talk about a pair if trousers that looks like a skirt. And this pair was thrifted a couple of years ago for just 300 Naira about $1.50 then. On another note praise God for answering our prayers concerning Nigeria.

polkadots, palazzo trousers, mixing prints, crop top
polkadots, palazzo trousers, mixing prints, crop top
polkadots, palazzo trousers, mixing prints, crop top
Photography by Victor Audu

Top:VintageCloset || Palazzo Trousers: Thrift || Shoes: Zara || Shades: Street Buy 

Still looking for tips on rocking prints, then this post is for you.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great week. 

By the way I just recently restocked my store, The Vintage Connection Ng ,so check it our for peices ranging from vintage shirts, culottes and palazzo trousers. 

Let’s stay in touch