Every lady wants to find that perfect dress that's best suited to flatter one's body but to do this one must first of all understand what works best for your body type, the do's and don't's so we can all kill it! 
pencil dress, orange, midi dress, body con dress, cinched waist
pencil dress, orange, midi dress, body con dress, cinched waist
pencil dress, orange, midi dress, body con dress, cinched waist
While there are different body types when it comes to fashion as we have the pear shaped, square shaped, rectangle, the hour glass, inverted triangle body type, I won't be focusing on this as a lot of people tend to get confused. I actually will be going further to break it down by the specific traits. Though, Tee of Dive in to Mauve has a perfect post on dressing for your body type which I highly recommend. 

Broad Shoulders
Opt for dresses with drama at the bottom to draw attention away and create an equalizing effect for your upper and lower body. So that would mean flared peplum hem dresses, flared/pleated or even A-line dress. Also if you must go for off shoulder tops, go for something that has drama at the top so think ruffles too. The goal is to distract from those shoulders. You can always opt for dresses that fit looser at the top too just like mine in this look.

Small Boobs
If you're not blessed up there, no biggie. Opt for clothes that have lots of drama at the top. Think ruffles and all that good stuff. You could always invest in a good push up bra or better yet opt for turtle neck dresses.

Petite Ladies
For my small ladies, it’s important to choose dresses that will elongate your body. Hence avoid awkward lengths like maxi dresses which could make you look shorter. You'd want a dress that is a couple inches below the knee or mid knee length.  Anything a few inches above your ankle will make you super short too. A classic waterfall length dress would work amazingly well. 

pencil dress, orange, midi dress, body con dress, cinched waist
pencil dress, orange, midi dress, body con dress, cinched waist

Tummy/ Food Baby crew
If you're like me and you have a little tummy here are a few tips. Opt for dresses that draw attention away from your waist. So think shift dresses which are perfect for all body types, A-line and Flared dresses too. Ruched dresses and peplum dresses are your best bet too, trust me. And also dresses that are slightly looser at the waist. Finally, any dress with a belt detail is perfect because it draws attention to the belt which covers your tummy, makes sense?

Straight/Less curvy
If you're not as curvy, no problem. Stick to fits that define your waist and go with lots of drama too. You'd want to try flared or A-line dresses. Also anything oversize like a shift dress will be super flattering on you. A nice peplum dress will also give you the appearance of more curves too.

Curvy Ladies
For my ladies who want to display those curves, pencil dresses are just that for you. However if you're trying to draw attention away from them, then opt for a shift dress, A-line dress or Flared dress. Also peplum dresses are great for covering your bum. If you have bigger breasts and want to hide them (like me) then stay away from turtle neck dresses because it’ll draw more attention to them, v-necklines or round necklines are your thing in this case.

That's not to say all these tips must be followed. Go with what works for you and what you feel more comfortable with.
pencil dress, orange, midi dress, body con dress, cinched waist
pencil dress, orange, midi dress, body con dress, cinched waist
Now, lets talk about this outfit and the deception of online shopping. I'm a big advocate of shopping online due to the stress saving factor especially in Nigeria where markets are filled with men either pulling your hand, trying to flirt or business men/women (mostly men) trying to force you to purchase from them (it's by force O).

However, as pretty as this dress looks in pictures, it's a total disappointment to what was advertised online and the reality. I actually purchased it on Konga Fashion during the black Friday Sale. Having realized my lack of formal dresses thanks to my mom who keeps pointing it out,  I thought to get more but boy was I disappointed. The orange turned out to be an awful neon shade which looked even worse as per the poor quality fabric. Being that as it may though, I love the style/fit of the dress which I actually wore backwards. I'm honestly not a big fan of body-con or pencil dresses but the loose sleeves and belt which cinch in my waist sold me. 

The order came days later than excepted and the return process was stressful hence I kept the dress and figured why not get an outfit post out of it. I also plan to use the dress as a sample, purchase different fabrics and give to me tailor to replicate the design. Oh well, this is exactly one of my problems with some Made in Nigeria products hence my rant here. The last photo explains the look on face when I saw the dress (sigh).

Did you find this post helpful? Have you ever shopped online and been dissapointed? Please share you're experience, let's all learn together.

Dress: Konga here (if interested) || Shoes: Zalora Thailand

This top is currently on sale for 2,000 Naira get it here I'm thinking of getting it in pink, thoughts?

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Dive Into Mauve ( said...

Great post Sarah and such a lovely dress in picture. It's sad that it falls short of expectations. We Nigerians really need to step up our game so we can compete in global markets.

Collins Badewa said...

Wow! The picture must have really made the dress look really good because it looks so great on you! Never have i shopped on a Nigerian online store. Doubt i ever will. I'll stick to my abroad stores abeg. This tips are great! Would like to add that petite people should wear more of vertical stripes.


Amanda Paige said...

What a gorgeous dress! Orange looks so pretty on you!!!

Collins Badewa said...

If the dress is indeed bad, then you really really uped it! It looks so amazing on you. Good job dear. The tips will definitely come in handy on my styling jobs.


Lade Ibikunle said...

Hi darling. This dress really looks good on you. But I totally understand something not looking fine in real life and super gorgeous in pictures. Great tips too!

The Value Adder said...

Wow! You really made me want the dress. Creative styling and poses. Thanks for the tips, peplums have always come in handy any day I'm not ready to suck in my tummy,lol.

Akingboye Deborah said...

The dress really look good but I understand what you meant with the poor choice of fabric and color as compared to what wa son the site. I’ve experienced this quite a numbe rof time which is why I’m always careful with online shopping.

I’m just here wondering how the front really looks like

Bennymakachi said...

Orange is your color, Miss! You look so beautiful and the dress accentuates your body shape. Hands on tips. I hope people read this, make use of the tips and use their mirrors before leaving home.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Dive Into Mauve, thank you so much Tee. I’ve been working to improve my blog photography so your comment means a lot. Unfortunately appearances can be deceiving and you can definitely say that again. Most of our designers have a long way to go before they can compete in the global market.

@Collins Badewa, thank you so much. And sadly you’re better off sticking to foreign online brands, infact that’s the direction I’m header after being disappointed countless times. Great tips on the stripes, didn’t think of that. Never knew you were a stylist, pretty cool.

@Amanda Paige, thank you so much, so I’ve been told.

@Lade Ibikunle, thank you for stopping by. Unfortunately pictures can be deceiving. The dress would have been so much better in a better quality fabric or more muted colour.
@The Value Adder, I guess that makes me a good marketer/model if you considered buy the dress lol. Thank you for reading and trust peplum to save one’s life and make that tummy look good lol.

@Akingboye Deborah, but how careful does one have to be though, I just feel our designers really need to step up though. Thank you so much for reading, stopping by and understand. And the front is looks like a v-neck with a slit at the hem of the dress.

@Bennymakachi, thank you Benny, now I truly believe it really is my colour lol and I see the shade there lol but you are absolutely right!

Shasha Rshan said...

Looking super gorgeous. The colors look beautiful on you.

Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

@Shasha thank you so much for stopping by and leaving feedback.

Antel Muça said...

Great inspirations :)


LoriKemi said...

I'm not sure about my shape/ body type is (I can recognize myself in three of the types you mentioned lolol) but I find this post very helpful - thanks. Also: stunning dress and beautiful photos! ||

ARAMIDE said...

Thank you for those tips, super helpful!
Girl! You sure know how to do justice to a dress, I can totally relate with your ordering something and getting something below your expectations, but you killed this look. Welldone!

Dominika said...

The dress and the color fits you perfectly. you definitely slayed the look despite the disappointments.

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