How about a Galentines Valentine's day for all my ladies! Valentine's Day for so long has always been just for lovers, for all my people with boo's and baes. And I never got to celebrate with boo lol. While I wasn't bothered about the whole thing I always thought "aww, it would be nice to get a rose (even though I don't like flowers) or chocolate and even a little note".
  Valentine's day is so much more than just a day to be romantic though . And today I'm celebrating it Galentines style with my fellow abuja bloggers Bella of and Esther of Thepetite. Valentine's day is a day to show more love . You could go to an orphanage and show love to the less privileged.  Also a day/night out with the girls is perfect too. 

As per fashion bloggers, we all went with a touch of red. Bella stole the show with a simple Ankara dress (I  love that hemlime detail too) and strappy shoes which I recommended (girl I was right). Esther kept it simple and classic in a black and white outfit which she made herself (I'm blown away). Loved her pop of red too.
Bella of
  Esther of Thepetite
 I opted for burgundy and nude in a monochrome outfit. This look for me is comfy and free with a turtle neck crop to show of your shoulders and a nice pair of Palazzo trousers for comfort. If you're going out and are still not sure what to wear then I got you!

Last Minute Style Guide 
1. Think basics
2. Opt for black and white with a pop of red just like Esther. You can never go wrong with monochrome 
3. A little black dress (LBD) is as easy as it gets.
4. A pair of jeans with a classy top. Think sequins, lace or patterns.
5. Opt for Strappy sandals like Bella, it's a great way to spice up any look
6. An off shoulder top paired with a body-con skirt or flared trousers. 
6. Lastly a pink or red dress of course!

Hope you found these tips helpful 

Head over to Bella and Esther's blog for their take on what Valentines Day means to them plus some tips on how to celebrate too. 
Credits to our photographer Valentine of Wayt Fashion for these amazing shots.  Ironic huh, a valentines day shot with Valentine. 

Top: Bershka || Trousers: Rayhz for 4k|| Shoes: Zaful 

What's your take on Valentines day? Would you go Galentines style or nah? How are you celebrating too?


Hungwa Esther said...

I love the line, A valentine shoot with Valentine. Thanks a lot for putting this together. I’m glad to be part of. Love you

ShugasDiary said...

I love Bella's dress but girrrrl, you beat them to it. I'm in love with your combo style. And nope! I've never really gotten a gift from boo or spent time with him on valentine.

Collins Badewa said...

Bella indeed stole the show. You Ladies all look really beautiful in your outfits. Your pants are really amazing! So breezy. I'm just here waiting for the year someone will finally show me love on Valentine's day. Till then, I'll just continue living my life. I'm not so much of a Valentine's day person though. I'll be buried in my books on V day as my exams start In a week. 😭😭

Shasha Rshan said...

I Love the different styles. The dress is my favorite, the details are gorgeous.

Ife Ojo said...

This is really great. I really Iove your pants.

PTYSIA said...

Wow! Really great :)
Have a good day!

Grace Alex said...

I love everything about this collaboration, y'all look beautiful. The photographer did an amazing job

Jointy&Croissanty said...

All of you look beautiful and chic! Wonderful outfits!


gatsycakes said...

I love your outfit but you girls all look amazing. I just love your blog and this collaboration. Keep up the good work.

Favour Ndukwe said...

You guys look so good. I love all your combos... Been drooling over the pictures since I saw them on IG.

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