How to Find the Right Jumpsuit For Your Body Type

While I'm of the opinion that two-piece clothing is way more versatile than one piece clothing, I have to admit that once piece clothing like jumpsuits and playsuits are a lot less of a hassle. Jumpsuits are perfect because one does not need to stress over mixing and matching or combining pieces. However, as great as a jumpsuit is, finding the perfect one to suit your body type can be a bit tricky because you could end up looking a bit tacky, if not done right. Here are five simple tips. 

1. The Right Fit
 Once you understand your body type and what works for you, getting the right fit should be pretty simple. Follow this guide by Tee of Dive into Mauve to get more understanding. You want to make sure you get the right fit to avoid looking shapeless, frumpy or odd. So this means staying especially away from camel toe (focus in the crotch region) or as Patricia Birhgt would say, fanny to the wind. Also for my petite girls, the length of your trousers is essential! This jumpsuit has a longer length so when paired with heels it gives me the appearance of seeming taller.  

2. Display Your Assets, Hide Your Flaws
 I'm a Square Shaped body type with a little tummy pooch, so the goal is to make sure my waist is defined. Hence my go-to would be a belt or rope like with this jumpsuit which helps to define the waist and cover up my little tummy. Now I opted for a looser fit both on the top and bottom with puff sleeves and flared trousers so as to create an appearance of a curvier or fuller figure. If you have a bit of a bigger tummy, you might want to go for a jumpsuit which fits a little loose in the waist region. 

3. Colour
When in doubt stick to solid colours like neutrals (black, Navy Blue, Grey etc). I, however, opted for red which I've been told is very flattering on me.

4. Material
The fabric of your jumpsuit can make or break your entire look. Flimsy fabric could expose your flaws especially. My safe bet is cotton or chiffon (only on loosely fitted jumpsuits though). My advice, stay away from spandex materials or anything that would overly hug your body, especially if you have a few flaws (nobody is perfect). 

5. Most Importantly
Jumpsuits are cute until you have to take them off. This pair, in particular, was a struggle to take off. I was about to wear it to an event but reconsidered once I thought of how it would come off when I need to use the restroom. Hence, I advise that you opt for a wrap jumpsuit (here), loose or baggier fit or a jumpsuit with a zip at the back rather than the side (like mine). Check out posts by Style Around the Clock and Love Brown Sugar for more tips!

My jumpsuit is made in Nigeria from Green and Co Fashion. I loved the fit, design and colour. The button detail was perfect though if given a choice, I'd change the buttons. The fabric quality could be better but I guess it's reasonable for the price. I got this for 10,000 ($30) but my cheapskate mind feels, 8,000 would have been more suitable for the jumpsuit (affordability is subjective!). I also wish rope was a bit longer too, I struggled with getting the perfect knot tie. Overall, am I mad about this purchase? No, I'm simply satisfied!

These pictures were taken at Kalakut Cafe in Abuja, read my review here?

Would you rock a jumpsuit? What's your favourite fit? Any tips to help fellow fashionistas out? Would you pick a one piece or two pieces outfit? Did you find this post helpful? What do you think of my how-to posts?


  1. Honestly its a struggle for me to find the right jumpsuit! I have a short torso! You got this red number at a great styling here...
    IG @grace_njio

  2. sepatuholig-Grace Njio, thank you! I can understand a bit of the struggle. Generally ladies with shorter torsos look much better in skirts especially mini ones. I say try a drop waist jumpsuit, that might give the appearance of a longer torso while making your legs a little less longer. Ever tried drop crotch jumpsuits? Finally, you might want to get tailored pieces instead.

  3. I'm speechless Sarah. Honezzly this jumpsuit Issa winner. So classy and chic.
    The points you've raised are pretty useful. I have only 2 jumpsuits ATM which I rarely wear anyways but I'm definitely going to be adding more pieces to the collection using your tips so I can get stuff I'll actually wear.
    You look so 🔥
    Red/Burgundy really looks amazing on you.
    Come and be my older sister so I can be borrowing the Jumpsuit occasionally. Don't worry about our size differences we'll work something out

  4. for some weird reason all i can say is you look so rich in these picures. red is definetly your colour, it does wonders to you. and your tips are on point

  5. I absolutely love jumpsuits! One of my goals this year is to acquire many more in different colours and fits. This colour is too stunning on you!!! Amazing pictures

  6. I'm a big fan of jumpsuits but I always find it difficult getting my full length because of my long legs. This jumpsuit suits you and with these photos, you're going to make me visit kalakut sooner than I planned.

    I love everything in these photos, you look really great, you should buy more of this color.
    Modavracha | Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  7. this colour is perfect on you and everything bout this jumpsuit looks amazing on you. I only own two jumpsuits and they are both same style, wide legged cos I've noticed that looks good on me


  8. Wow! This looks so good on you. I will have these tips in mind for when next I want to go shopping because they are so helpful.


  9. Awwwn. This is so beautiful! And thanks for the referral.