Ankara Dresses with Mayrush + the Truth about Blogger Friendships

Abuja blogger style ankara dresses
Abuja blogger style ankara dresses
Abuja blogger style ankara dresses
Abuja blogger style ankara dresses
Look who's back on the blog again, that's right Opeyemi's Diary. Opeyemi is no stranger on here recall our previous collaborations below.

This time we got together to style ankara dresses from Mayrush, a made in Nigeria ready-to-wear brand that specializes in more affordable ankara pieces. For example, both our dresses are below N10,000 which is way more affordable compared to others. I love the fact that we both opted for slingback pointed pumps when styling our ankara dresses too.
Abuja blogger style ankara dresses
Abuja blogger style ankara dresses
Abuja blogger style ankara dresses
Abuja blogger style ankara dresses
Abuja blogger style ankara dresses
Photography by Ruth Audu

 The term "blogger friend" is often used loosely in the industry to refer to a person's friend who is a blogger or a content creator. So here's the thing about blogger friendships:

1. Your Network is your Networth
The importance of having friends in the industry cannot be overemphasized. For one thing, it exposes to you several opportunities. Personally, I have been privileged to have met some amazing people who have connected me with amazing opportunities like working with brands. Sometimes it's the people you know or people that know you that make the difference. Having great content is good but not always enough. 

2. They Understand the struggle
The truth is it's much easier for a person in the industry to understand some of the issues you face and even offer solutions. It's hard out there so having people you can consult or learn from makes life easier. For example, when not sure of how much to charge a brand, I reach out to people in the industry who have more knowledge or prior experience.

3. They inspire
Certain people can inspire you to work harder, or even bring concepts to life. What's that saying," two heads are better than one".

4. However
One has to be careful oh. The industry is quite saturated but small in a sense. Some people are not genuine and just want to gumbody or have ulterior motives, I have met some amazing people in this blogging thing but previous experiences have taught me to be cautious. 

My brother asked me why I always work with Opeyemi and I basically said, we work well together, vibe well and I like her genuineness. And as you can tell from our collaborations, it's always fun times, good laughs and great talks. A pleasure doing this with you girl, let's do it again. 

What are your thoughts on blogger friendships?

Head over to Opeyemi's blog, she wrote an inciteful post on going beyond the hashtag or catchphrase of Women Supporting women 

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  1. I totally agree with all your points Sarah and I truly get cautious as well. Some people actually just want to use you and move on to the next person.

    And I always love your collaborations with Ope. Looks like you guys are sisters and you made her laugh, lols. I hardly see her smile in pictures. Let me race to her blog to see more pictures.

    1. Exactly girl but thank God for genuine people. Yay, we have to do more lol. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.